Football quiz: La-Liga over the years

Today's quiz takes you through the La-Liga. How well can you crack the trivia?

How well do you know La-Liga history?   -  AFP

1.Who among these players has not won the La Liga with both Real Madrid and Barcelona?
2.Who was Deportivo La Coruña’s top goalscorer when they won the La Liga title in 1999-00?
3.Which is the only club, other than Real Madrid and Barcelona, never to have played outside the Spanish top division?
4.Who is the only African footballer to win the La Liga Pichichi (also known as Golden Boot) award?
5.Which La Liga club has finished runners-up in the league the most number of times?
6.Who holds the record for the most hat-tricks in La Liga history?
7.Who has made the most appearances in La Liga history?
8.Which Spanish player has won the most La Liga titles?