Quiz: Cricket World Cup, 1992

Pakistan defeated England to lift its maiden World Cup trophy. How much do you know about the fifth edition of the showpiece tournament?

Pakistan players celebrate after clinching the World Cup by defeating England in the final at Melbourne.   -  V. V. Krishnan

1.Eventual champion Pakistan desperately needed circumstances to be in its favour to make it to the knockout stages. Which of these did it not require in the final round of the round-robin stage?
2.In the 1992 World Cup semifinal between New Zealand and Pakistan, the top-scorers from both teams were dismissed in the same manner. How?
3.Which umpire officiated in the first of five consecutive World Cup finals in 1992?
4.What innovative tactic did New Zealand not use successfully during the 1992 World Cup?
5.After one rain delay, South Africa required 22 runs off seven balls to beat England in the 1992 World Cup semifinals. After the second rain delay, the target was revised to...?
6.Zimbabwe beat the Netherlands for the second time in a row in the final of the ICC Trophy to qualify for the 1992 World Cup. Where did the qualifying tournament take place?
7.New Zealand’s Martin Crowe was named Man of the Tournament at the 1992 World Cup. What was unique about the award?
8.Six batsmen scored eight centuries at the 1992 World Cup. Two batsmen scored two each. Who wasn’t one of them?