Quiz: Premier League over the years

Today's quiz takes you through the English Premier League. How well can you crack the trivia?

Manchester City is only the second team to win three titles in a row, with neighbour United being the first to do so.   -  Getty Images

1.Which club holds the records for the smallest Premier League title-winning margin and the biggest PL title-winning margin both?
2.When Blackburn won the league in 1994-95, who was the league’s top goal scorer?
3.Name the club with the most consecutive PL home wins?
4.Sir Alex Ferguson’s last Premier League game in charge of Manchester United finished 5-5. Who did they play?
5.Which defender holds the unwanted record for most own goals conceded during the Premier League era?
6.At which stadium did Hull City manager Phil Brown deliver his infamous half-time team talk on the pitch?
7.During their invincible season in 2003-04, Arsenal won the league with how many games to spare?
8.Who scored the Premier League’s first ever goal?