Quiz: Teenage prodigies and record-setters

Over the years, several youngsters have made an indelible impression in their respective sports. Do you know them all?

Lionel Messi made his debut for Barcelona aged just 16.   -  GETTY IMAGES

1.At 15 years and 285 days, who was the youngest winner of a Grand Slam singles title in tennis?
2.Who was the youngest footballer to score a goal in a men's World Cup final?
3.Who is the youngest bowler to take a hat-trick in Test cricket?
4.Who was the youngest Formula One World Drivers' Champion?
5.Who was the youngest 100m champion at the Olympic Games?
6.Who was the youngest person to reach the peak of Mt Everest?
7.Who was the youngest winner of the men's singles title at the All England Championships badminton?
8.Who was the youngest centurion and double centurion across formats in international cricket?