Quiz: Multi-discipline sportspersons

Over the years, several athletes have played multiple sports and some have even excelled at those. Can you identify them?

Indian cricketer Yuzvendra Chahal has also represented the country internationally in chess.   -  Getty Images

1.Which of these cricketers represented England in both cricket and football and equalled the then-world record in the long jump?
2.All these three pairs of brothers played cricket for England. But one pair also played football for Arsenal. Which?
3.Only one man has been world champion in the top class of both four-wheel as well as two-well motor racing. Who?
4.Which of these sportspersons won five gold medals in swimming as well as a bronze in water polo at the Olympics?
5.Which of these disgraced athletes won Olympic gold medals as well as a US NCAA basketball championship?
6.Which of these Indian international footballers also played first-class cricket for Bengal?
7.Which of these sportspersons won a silver medal in archery at the Olympics, represented her country in hockey, won multiple tennis Grand Slam titles and was an amateur golf champion?
8.Which of these athletes was part of both the NBA and NFL drafts the same year he won his first medal at the Olympics?