Vogel revels in 'crazy' cycling sprint victory

Kristina Vogel won the track cycling sprint despite riding without a seat in the final stretch.

KristinaVogel - Cropped

Kristina Vogel is ecstatic after winning the track cycling sprint.

Kristina Vogel revelled in her victory in the women's track cycling sprint at Rio 2016, which she achieved despite crossing the line in the second race without a seat.

After claiming victory in the opening race of the final against Great Britain's Rebecca James, the German made sure there was no need for a decider by winning race two by just four thousandths of a second, losing her seat on the final stretch.

"I rode without a saddle - I rode without a saddle. Did you see it? It was crazy," an elated Vogel said.

"I had some problems with the bike before, and we tried to fix it, but obviously not enough. I had a problem with the seat post, and the saddle fell off. 

"I have a special place in my home for a medal and a saddle."

Elaborating on her issues, she said: "We were having some trouble with the bike the past few days and, during the race, I could sense something was wrong. 

"When I stood out of the pedals, I could feel the saddle was missing. I thought, what do I do now? It was difficult not to crash, and I had a bad feeling in the sprint.

"I did not know if it was enough to win, and I only realised I had won after seeing my coach and trainer jumping up and down in celebration."

James took home the silver medal, followed by compatriot Katy Merchant who secured bronze. 

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