All India Surendra Singh shooting c’ship: Anish Bhanwala wins golf in rapid fire pistol

Bhanwala beat Olympic silver medallist Vijay Kumar and Olympian Gurpreet Singh.

Anish Bhanwala also won the junior gold.   -  S. Mahinsha (Representative Image)

Anish Bhanwala, who had affixed his stamp of class in the recent World junior championship with a bunch of medals including the standard pistol gold with a world record, grew in stature as he beat Olympic silver medallist Vijay Kumar and Olympian Gurpreet Singh to the gold in men’s rapid fire pistol in the 17th All India Kumar Surendra Singh shooting championship at the Dr. Karni Singh Range, Tughlakabad, here.

Anish had given a hint of his prowess in the qualification stage itself by topping a field of 46 shooters with a score of 582. He had earlier won the junior gold. He pipped Vijay Kumar in a brilliant fashion in a nerve wracking climax with a perfect round of five, to clinch the gold by one point.

Later, Anish went on to clinch the Junior men’s sports pistol with a touch of assurance, by an eight-point margin over Karan Sheoran, following an impressive score of 585.

In men’s air rifle, Pratik Borse clinched the gold, while Olympian Chain Singh (622.2), who had topped the qualification in a field of 334 shooters, finished eighth. Pratik beat Parul Kumar by 0.8 point. The junior and youth gold medals were won by Manjeet Singh and Arjun Babuta respectively, who incidentally topped the qualification in those events, among 207 and 181 shooters respectively.

Sushil Ghalay won the men’s rifle prone event, ahead of Swapnil Kusale by a thumping 4.4 point margin. Sanjeev Rajput took the bronze, after the qualification scores of everyone was startlingly low.

The results


25m rapid fire pistol: 1. Anish Bhanwala 31 (582); 2. Vijay Kumar 30 (573); 3. Gurpreet Singh 23 (579).

Juniors: 1. Anish Bhanwala 26 (582); 2. Anhad Jawanda 25 (567); 3. Shivam Shukla 18 (571).

25m sports pistol: Junior men: 1. Anish Bhanwala 585; 2. Karan Sheoran 577; 3. Adarsh Singh 576.

10m air rifle: 1. Pratik Borse 248.5 (622.2); 2. Parul Kumar 247.7 (621.8); 3. Arjun Babuta 227.9 (623.0).

Juniors: 1. Manjeet Singh 249.5 (623.0); 2. Vinay Kumar Patil 246.3 (618.8); 3. Yash Vardhan 225.6 (619.7).

Youth: 1. Arjun Babuta 248.8 (623.0); 2. Yash Vardhan 245.6 (619.7); 3. B. Mithlesh 225.5 (616.1).

50m rifle prone: 1. Sushil Ghalay 251.8 (601.8); 2. Swapnil Kusale 247.4 (600.8); 3. Sanjeev Rajput 226.3 (602.4).

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