Gurpreet Singh shot 578 and missed the final in the men’s 25-metre rapid fire pistol by four points at the shooting World Cup in Rio de Janeiro.

Gurpreet, who had won the Olympic quota in air pistol, and would be competing in both air pistol and rapid fire pistol in the Olympics, shot identical scores of 289 in the first and second stages. He had 92 and 93 in the four-second series and missed seven points in all in the eight-second and six-second series. Former World champion Alexei Klimov of Russia shot 35 in the final, equalling the world record, to beat Keith Sanderson of US by four points for the gold.

In men’s rifle 3-position, Chain Singh (1,164), Sanjeev Rajput (1,162) and Gagan Narang (1,160) placed 27th, 30th and 32nd respectively, when 1,172 made the cut for the final. In women’s skeet, Sutiya Jiewchaloemmit of Thailand, who won a three-way shoot-off after the semifinals to qualify for the gold contest, beat three-time Olympic champion and World Champion Kimberly Rhode of the US 8-7 in the shoot-off after the two tied on 15. Snjezana Pejcic of Croatia won the women’s rifle three-position gold after qualifying with a world record score of 594. India did not field any shooter in both women’s skeet and rifle three-position events.

The results:

Men: 25m rapid fire pistol: 1. Alexei Klimov (Rus) 35 (EFWR) 583; 2. Keith SSanderson (US) 31 (582); 3. Jean Quiquampoix (Fra) 26 (582); 19. Gurpreet Singh 578.

Women: Skeet: 1. Sutiya Jiewchaloemmit (Tha) 15(8) 13(4) 70; 2. Kimberly Rhode (US) 15(7) 14 (72); 3. Lu Min (Chn) 13 (13)2 (70); 4. Amber English (US) 12 (13)3 (71).

50m rifle 3-position: 1. Snjezana Pejcic (Cro) 458.8 (594 WR); 2. Barbara Engleder (Ger) 455.6 (584); 3. Nandinzaya Gankhuyag (Mgl) 443.3 (589).