Lower seed Abhay Singh emerged the men's winner with an impressive win over top seed Abhishek Pradhan 11-6, 11-8, 5-11, 11-4 while top seeded Lakshya Raghavendran, despite looking erratic, wore down a fighting Sunanya Kuruvilla 11-6 12-10 4-11 9-11 11-7 to annex the women's title at the ISA Open Circuit II here on Thursday.

It was a day when trainees of the Indian Squash Academy had a special reason to cheer for six of them including Abhay and Lakshya had finished on the winning side in this tournament. Abhay's win was no small achievement though he had made it look simple with his tight approach. Even if he showed a touch casual in conceding a game, there was no question of his supremacy over the former India junior player Abhishek, returning to serious squash after this study stint in the US.

Lakshya on the other hand was anything but confident against her tiny opponent who showed a thing or two about making the best of a given opportunity.

The junior competitions went lot closer. In the girls U-15 section, Abhisheka Shannon had to conceded a walk over after being down with viral fever.

Other results: final: Boys: U-17: Veer Chotrani (1), MH, def. Prithvi Singh (3/4), CH, 14-12 11-7 11-3; (U-15): Kanhav Nanavati (2), TN, def. Navaneeth Prabhu S (1), TN, 6-11 11-5 11-5 8-11 11-8; (U-13): Krishna Mishra (2), MP, def. Sharan Punjabi (1), MH, 4-11 8-11 11-4 11-5 11-4; (U-11):Arihant Ks (2), TN, def. Sandhesh Pr ( 1), TN, 11 -7 9-11 11-5 11-2.

Girls: U-17: Samita S (2), TN, def. Rathika Suthanthira Seelan (1), TN, 11-7 11 -8 13-11; (U-15): Avani Nagar,(1) MH w/o Abhisheka Shannon (2) TN (U-13): Pooja Arthi R (1), TN, def. Gitanjali Vasudevan (2), TN, 11-5 10-12 14-12 11-7; (U-11): Anahat Singh (1), DL, def. Khushboo (2), UP, 11-9 11-5 11-8 .