Has Kapil Dev turned into a golf coach? The legendary Indian allrounder provided a few tips to West Indies’ batting great Brian Lara at the Boulder Hills golf course here on Saturday.

When Kapil walked into the golf course, Lara was having a feel of the course with a few strokes. Kapil immediately began an animated chat with the latter and explained the swing of the club from a particular stance for better results. He even demonstrated a few strokes and then saw Lara try to show what the latter picked up from his conversation.

Kapil was in awe. “I wonder whether you are a natural lefty or a right-hander,” he remarked to Lara.

‘Great respect’

Lara admitted Kapil was a better golfer than him and that was even acknowledged recently by an American golfer. “I have great respect for him and his career was just fading away when I entered the scene. We played together in the 1992 World Cup. Always admired his cricketing skills,” Lara said.

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Kapil appreciated Krishnapatnam Port management for their “unwavering passion for the game that has enabled this tournament to gain such far-fetched popularity in such a short period of time.”

The former India captain was not keen on talking about the Indian cricket team’s forthcoming assignments — the Australia tour and the 2019 World Cup. They are too far away, he said, and reminded that no one knows what the composition of the teams will be.

Kapil also diplomatically avoided any reaction on Indian captain Virat Kohli’s recent comments . “Everyone has a right to express his or her opinion. I don’t want to get involved in this,” he said.