T. Suman ties knot with Julaiikha Patnam

In a love marriage, Hyderabad cricketer Tirumalasetty Suman wedded India handball player Julaiikha Patnam.

Tirumalasetty Suman (left) and Julaiikha Patnam at their wedding reception in Hyderabad.   -  Special Arrangement

Tirumalasetty Suman, the Hyderabad cricketer who rose in popularity via the Indian Premier League, has recently married an India handball player Julaiikha Patnam. The love marriage was a new territory for both individuals, as their families were used to arranged marriages.

The two had been dating each other for some time, and after the marriage proposal hit a roadblock as their horoscopes did not match, Suman's suave persuasion won Julaiikha's parents over, the elders resorting to remedial prayers to sort out the differences.

A 25-member team slogged for a 6 AM-3 PM shoot of their cricket-themed pre-marriage video at a cricket stadium. Sandy, Ram Gopal Varma's music director for Veerappan, composed a special theme for the 'save the date' clip. The endeavour was worth it, garnering 11, 671 Youtube views.

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