When royalty played cricket with Sachin

Sachin Tendulkar (left) looks on as Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, plays a lofted drive. Kate and Prince William played cricket with children, supported by various Mumbai NGOs, at the iconic Oval Maidan. Sachin and Dilip Vengsarkar (behind the stumps) joined them. Photo: Getty Images
Kate is delighted after playing a shot successfully. Dilip Vengsarkar applauds from behind the stumps. Photo: AP
Sachin Tendulkar (right), who was the umpire, signals a six. Photo: PTI
Sachin Tendulkar and Kate Middleton share a lighter moment. "Royal afternoon at the Oval with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Bowled over by their humility," Sachin tweeted later. Photo: AP
Sachin had a chat with the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, as well. Photo: AP
Kate Middleton waves at the children as she walks with Sachin Tendulkar. Photo: Reuters