Virat Kohli piles on captaincy records in 2020

India captain Virat Kohli crossed the 1,000 run-mark in T20 internationals as captain during the Indore clash against Sri Lanka in January.

The Indian team flew to New Zealand five days after it concluded the ODI series against Australia.   -  PTI


The number of players to aggregate 1,000 or more runs in T20 Internationals as captain. Virat Kohli, in the match against Sri Lanka at Indore, became the latest entrant to this rather exclusive list. In reaching the landmark in just 30 innings, he became the quickest in terms of innings to do so.

1,000-plus T20I runs as captain

CaptainCountryMatchesInningsRunsAverageSpan as captain
Faf du PlessisSouth Africa40401,27337.442012-19
M. S. DhoniIndia72621,11237.062007-16
Kane WilliamsonNew Zealand39391,08330.942012-19
Virat KohliIndia33311,03246.902017-20
Eoin MorganEngland43421,10329.792012-19
William PorterfieldIreland56541,00220.872008-17


Fewest innings to reach 1,000 T20I runs as captain

InningsMatchesCaptainCountryAchieved onRunsAverage100s/50s
3032Virat KohliIndiaJanuary 7, 20201,00647.900/8
3131Faf du PlessisSouth AfricaMarch 28, 20161,00340.121/6
3636Kane WilliamsonNew ZealandNovember 4, 20181,00231.310/7
4243Eoin MorganEnglandNovember 10, 20191,01329.790/6
5456William PorterfieldIrelandMarch 12, 20171,00220.880/3
5765M. S. DhoniIndiaMarch 23, 20161,00836.000/0

Note: The runs indicated above are updated to the end of the innings to reach the landmark.


The number of players to aggregate 11,000 or more runs in international cricket (in Tests, One-Day Internationals and T20 Internationals combined) as captain. Virat Kohli, in the T20I match against Sri Lanka at Pune, became the latest entrant to this elite list.

11,000-plus runs as captain in international cricket

CaptainCountryMatchesInningsRunsAverageSpan as captain
Ricky PontingAustralia32437615,44045.542002-12
Graeme SmithSouth Africa28636814,87843.122003-14
Stephen FlemingNew Zealand30334811,56135.681997-2007
M. S. DhoniIndia33233011,20746.892007-18
Allan BorderAustralia27131911,06241.271984-94
Virat KohliIndia17019711,04166.512013-20


Fewest innings to reach 11,000 runs as captain in international cricket

InningsMatchesCaptainCountryAchieved onRunsAverage100s/50s
196169Virat KohliIndiaJanuary 10, 202011,02566.8141/40
253226Ricky PontingAustraliaOctober 9, 200811,04650.2034/57
265213Graeme SmithSouth AfricaNovember 15, 200911,05944.7724/61
316267Allan BorderAustraliaMarch 29, 199411,00641.3717/63
324325M. S. DhoniIndiaAugust 27, 201611,00747.2411/70
333288Stephen FlemingNew ZealandJanuary 30, 200711,00835.3913/65

Note: The runs indicated above are updated to the end of the innings to reach the landmark.


The number of innings taken by David Warner to aggregate 5,000 runs in ODI cricket. He achieved this landmark in the first ODI at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. Only three others have reached the landmark in fewer innings, but Warner is the fastest Aussie to do so. Interestingly, in terms of number of matches, Warner, at 117, is second quickest. Only South Africa’s Hashim Amla did it in fewer matches (104).

Fewest innings to 5,000 ODI runs

InningsMatchesBatsmanCountryAchieved onRunsAverage100s/50s
101104Hashim AmlaSouth AfricaJanuary 16, 20155,01253.3217/26
114126Viv RichardsWest IndiesJanaury 30, 19875,03753.028/38
114120Virat KohliIndiaNovember 21, 20135,00552.1417/27
115117David WarnerAustraliaJanuary 14, 20205,11846.9518/20
116122Joe RootEnglandFebruary 20, 20195,04852.0414/29

Note: The runs indicated above are updated to the end of the innings to reach the landmark.

Fewest innings by Australians to reach 5,000 ODI runs

InningsMatchesBatsmanAchieved onRunsAverage100s/50s
115117David WarnerJanuary 14, 20205,11846.9518/20
128131Dean JonesMarch 14, 19925,04248.027/37
132136Matthew HaydenMarch 24, 20075,02842.618/30
135153Michael BevanFebruar7 7, 20015,00656.255/33

Note: The runs indicated above are updated to the end of the innings to reach the landmark.


The number of batsmen to reach their 18th ODI century in fewer innings than David Warner, who took 115. Only South African Hashim Amla has done it quicker – in 102 innings!

Fewest innings to reach 18th ODI centuries

InningsMatchesBatsmanCountryAchieved on50s
102105Hashim AmlaSouth AfricaJanuary 18, 201526
115117David WarnerAustraliaJanuary 14, 202020
119126Virat KohliIndiaJanuary 19, 201428
159165A. B. De VilliersSouth AfricaAugust 27, 201437
174180Sourav GangulyIndiaOctober 24, 200141
175181Rohit SharmaIndiaJuly 12, 201834


Queries Corner

In the Pune T20I match, both India openers (K. L. Rahul and Shikhar Dhawan) made 50-plus scores. However, they could not put on a 100-plus stand for the opening wicket. Does this happen often in international cricket? – Ajit Dharwadkar, Pune.

In T20I cricket, this has occurred on four occasions. The first time was during the 2016 T20 World Cup in Mumbai, when the South African pair of Hashim Amla (58) and Quinton de Kock (52) missed a 100-plus opening-wicket stand by four runs. The other two instances involved an Aussie pair in 2017 and a Kiwi pair in 2018.

In the recent Test match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, New Zealand’s Tom Blundell opened the innings but was the last man out. How often this has happened to a Test opener? – Salim Thanawala, Vadodara.

Tom Blundell was in fact the ninth man out (with one batsman absent hurt). Nevertheless, he was the last man to be dismissed (for 121) in New Zealand’s second innings. Blundell became the 26th opening batsman to be the last to be dismissed in an innings, thus missing the opportunity of carrying his bat. Only two other Kiwi openers have done this – Glenn Turner at Leeds in 1973 and John Wright at Hyderabad in 1988.

Is South Africa’s Rassie van der Dussen the only player in international cricket to make 50-plus scores on debut in all three formats? – Salil Joshi, Mumbai.

Yes. As of date, he is the only international cricketer in history to achieve this unique feat. Two other players missed doing so by scoring a 40 in one of their three debuts – England’s Marcus Trescothick (ODI: 79, Test: 66, T20I: 41) and South African Graeme Smith (Test: 68, ODI: 41, T20I: 61).

Could you please list the opening pairs with the most 100-plus stands in ODI cricket? – M. Suraj, Bangalore.

100-plus opening partnershipsBatsmenCountryInnings
21Sourav Ganguly and Sachin TendulkarIndia136
16Matthew Hayden and Adam GilchristAustralia114
16Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit SharmaIndia106
15Gordon Greenidge and Desmon HaynesWest Indies102

Note: All figures above are updated as of January 16, 2020.

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