National Aquatic Championships: Apeksha Fernandes shines with new National record

Maharashtra's Apeksha won two golds, one of those in a new National record timing in the sub-junior and junior National Aquatic Championships.

Apeksha took the 200m butterfly gold in 2:21.63s for her second yellow metal of the day. (File Photo)   -  The Hindu

Maharashtra's Apeksha Fernandes won two golds, one of those in a new National record timing, on the third day of the sub-junior and junior National Aquatic Championships at the Basavanagudi Aquatic Centre on Thursday.

Apeksha added to her gold in 200m IM on day one but setting a new record in girls' Group I 50m breaststroke, winning in 34.44s to better her own best mark set in the heats. She took the 200m butterfly gold in 2:21.63s for her second yellow metal of the day.

Karnataka's Ridhima Veerendrakumar set another record, this time in 50m backstroke for Group II girls, clocking 29.94s to erase Maana Patel’s mark of 30.37s from 2014.

Fellow home swimmer Dhinidhi Desinghu continued her good run, clocking 2:33.36 to win the 200m IM for Group III Girls, and in the process rewrote Vania Kapoor’s record of 2:37.99 set in 2013.

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Elsewhere, Yadesh Babu (Group I, boys) broke the National record in 50m breaststroke in the heats by coming home in 29.99s, but could only manage fourth place in the final.

Gujarat's Aryan Panchal's was the other record-breaking performance of the day, in the 200m butterfly race for Group I boys, which he won in 2:03.52s to better Supriya Mondal’s 2:03.63s from 2014.


Boys: Group I: 1500m freestyle: Aneesh S. Gowda (Kar), 16:07.97; 50m backstroke: Utkarsh Santosh Patil (Kar), 27.87; 50m breaststroke: Meet Makhija (Mah), 30.04; 200m butterfly: Aryan Panchal (Guj), 2:03.52 (NMR; OR: 2:03.63, Supriya Mondal (Ben), 2014); Group II: 400m freestyle: Pavan Dhananjaya (Kar), 4:25.93; 50m breaststroke: Krish Jain (Har), 29.12; 200m breaststroke: Krish Sukumar (Kar), 2:32.54; Group III:  50m freestyle: Akshaj Thakuria (Kar), 29.08; 200m IM: M.S. Nitheesh (TN), 2:33.20; Group IV: 50m breaststroke: Tirthankar Mondal (Ben), 40.52; 100m butterfly: Sharan Sridhara (Kar), 1:14.47; Group V: 50m breaststroke: Jas Singh (Kar), 42.18; 100m butterfly: P. Monish Naidu (TN), 1:19.59.

Girls: Group I: 50m backstroke: Nina Venkatesh (Kar), 30.89; 50m breaststroke: Apeksha Fernandes (Mah), 34.44 (NMR; OR: 34.57, Apeksha Fernandes, 2021); 200m butterfly: Apeksha Fernandes (Mah), 2:21.63; Group II: 400m freestyle: Hashika Ramachandra (Kar), 4:41.65; 50m backstroke: Ridhima Veerendra Kumar (Kar), 29.94 (NMR; OR: 30.37, Maana Patel (Guj), 2014); 200m breaststroke: A.K. Lineysha (Kar), 2:44.27; Group III: 50m freestyle: Tanishi Gupta (Kar), 28.93; 200m IM: Dhinidhi Desinghu (Kar), 2:33.36 (NMR; OR: 2:37.99, Vania Kapoor (Kar), 2013); Group IV: 50m breaststroke: Zeal Malani (Mah), 42.61; 100m butterfly: Anwesha Khanikar (Asm), 1:18.53; Group V: 50m breaststroke: Adriza Chetia (Asm) 41.41; 100m butterfly: Janani Venkadeswaraperumal (Kar), 1:27.89.

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