England batsman Joe Root said his team’s second appearance in a World Cup final here at the Eden Gardens could be rewarding if it sticks to its game-plan like it has done so far in the World Twenty20. In the Reliance World Cup final in November 1987, England lost to Australia by seven runs.

“The guys have stuck to their game-plans and everyone has gone about their businesses quite well. All of them have contributed in getting the team in the right shape or form,” Root said looking back at the progress of England in the tournament.

“(Eoin) Morgan’s captaincy has been fantastic across ODI and T20 cricket. We have looked forward all the time and that has given us the momentum. We still got an inexperienced side but have a keen bunch of players who are looking to improve,” Root said ahead of the team’s practice on Friday.


“If you want to win the World Cup you have to beat the best team in the tournament. We have to make sure that everything that we do can get us over the line,” Root said about his team’s prospects against West Indies in Sunday’s final. “We have to make sure to look after our own game. It has been pretty good throughout the whole tournament. Now it is about making sure of putting one more strong performance and adapt to the situation when we get out there on Sunday,” he added.

Root praised the team’s bowling attack saying that it has been very good in the ‘death’ overs. “The way we bowled at the death in the last couple of games has been outstanding. It is now about maintaining those performances,’ Root said. While assessing his role in the team in comparison to Steve Smith of Australia and Virat Kohli of India, Root said he looks to learn from them. “They are two fine players and I always try and watch as much as I can. It is important to keep looking at the best players in the world and how you can keep improving. Virat played exceptionally well in this tournament,” he said.


Looking at the way West Indies players have expressed themselves in the tournament and have emerged as strong contenders for the title, Root said England also has an outstanding set of players. “Everyone has their own way of playing. We have got plenty of players who can play in a similar fashion. We have found ways of winning games which is really important,” Root said. “We have found ourselves in a number of difficult situations and we have overcome. It means that whatever happens we have been in that situation before in this tournament and got experiences to call back upon,” the 25-year-old batsman said.

Root said his team coach Trevor Bayliss has given them the composure to stay together in pressure situations. “He has been great throughout. He’s got an emotion-less face whether we are in front or trailing in a game. You never get any sort of tension or emotion from him. He is always calm and relaxed about everything. Especially in a final, it is very important to have a calm head within the dressing room, which can sometimes bring you back down when you get too high,” Root said.