US Open 2022 semifinal HIGHLIGHTS: Alcaraz wins five set thriller vs Tiafoe, will meet Ruud in final

Alcaraz vs Tiafoe: Get all the live updates, highlights and more from the U.S. Open men’s singles semifinal.

Published : Sep 10, 2022 03:42 IST

Alcaraz tackles Frances Tiafoe, who knocked out Nadal in the fourth round, in his semi-final with the winner to face either Karen Khachanov or Casper Ruud.
Alcaraz tackles Frances Tiafoe, who knocked out Nadal in the fourth round, in his semi-final with the winner to face either Karen Khachanov or Casper Ruud. | Photo Credit: AP

Alcaraz tackles Frances Tiafoe, who knocked out Nadal in the fourth round, in his semi-final with the winner to face either Karen Khachanov or Casper Ruud. | Photo Credit: AP

Hello and welcome to Sportstar’shighlights of the US Open men’s singles semifinal between Carlos Alcaraz and Frances Tiafoe at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York. This was Nigamanth, who took you through all the action as it unfolded.

Carlos Alcaraz 6 (6) 6 6 6 (5) 6
Frances Tiafoe 7 (8) 3 1 7 (7) 3


FIFTH SET (*denotes server)

Alcaraz 6-3 Tiafoe*: Alcaraz gets two points right out of the bat. The second one came from an excellent forehand cross court shot. EXTRAORDINARY! Alcaraz notices Tiafoe near the net and he lobs one over his head to enusre a point. MATCH POINT HERE! But that has to wait, Tiafoe pulls one back. Match point number 3 now, Tiafoe gets another point, Alcaraz places the ball past the baseline. AND ALCARAZ HAS DONE IT!!!! PROGRESSES TO HIS FIRST MAJOR FINAL!! HE WILL FIGHT FOR THE TITLE AGAINST CASPER RUUD. Tiafoe fought well but it wasn’t enough eventually.

Alcaraz* 5-3 Tiafoe: Alcaraz gets a two point lead, both from wide shots from Tiafoe, first came from a serve that was mishit by the American, second point was from a shot that went past the baseline. Alcaraz gets a love hold!! He is just a game away from a grand slam final.

Alcaraz 4-3 Tiafoe*: A point each for both the players. Tiafoe gets in the lead with a wonderful forehand shot. Add another point for Tiafoe, he delivers a perfect T serve. Parity resotred, 40 all now. Tiafoe takes the game!

Alcaraz* 4-2 Tiafoe: Alcaraz holds serve. A two game lead in his hands, he will hope not to repeat the kind of performance he displayed in the previous game.

Alcaraz 3-2 Tiafoe*: Tiafoe’s half volley is ruled wide and that is a point for Alcaraz. Alcaraz is a delight to watch, Tiafoe takes the pace of the ball and Alcaraz counters with a backhand lob, shot of the evening in my opinion!. And Alcaraz takes the game, derservedly so.

Alcaraz* 2-2 Tiafoe: Alcaraz has lost six points on the trot. Just as we speak, he is back. Gets a point via a forehand pass. Parity restored 30-30. Break point for Tiafoe and what a volley to ensure a serve break. He just continues to fightback!!

Alcaraz 2-1 Tiafoe*: Love hold for Tiafoe, nail biter indeed! He bids to become 1st American Grand Slam men’s finalist since Andy Roddick at 2009 Wimbledon

Alcaraz* 2-0 Tiafoe: A point each for both the players. Another point for Alcaraz as Tiafoe’s shot goes past the baseline. It’s all square at the Arthur Ashe stadium. its 40-30 now as Alcaraz’s pwerful forehand shot goes down the line. And it’s game Alcaraz!

Alcaraz 1-0 Tiafoe*: Alcaraz takes the first point. Alcaraz covers space effectively to reach the ball on his extreme right but he finds the net eventually. A lucky point for Alcaraz, if not for the wide call, he stood no chance to return that forehand shot from Tiafoe. 30 all. The Spaniard takes a 1 point lead now as Tiafoe finds the net. And its game for the 19 year old.

FOURTH SET (*denotes server)

Tiebreaker: Both the players get a point each. Tiafoe takes the lead as he plays a brilliant volley wide of Alcaraz. The Spaniard serves, serves powerfully and Tiafoe mishits it towards the net. WOAH!!! Tiafoe with a attacking serve but Alcaraz is even better, lifts his left leg and places the ball on the opposite side of the American. 3 all now. Tiafoe’s serve is deflected on to the net by Alcaraz, the American takes the lead once again. Oh my word! Alcaraz with a body serve, Tiafoe tackles that but a drop from Alcaraz out of nowhere to ensure a point and he takes the lead, 5-4. Tiafoe is now in the lead, set point for the American. And he’s done it!! We’re going to the fifth set!!

Alcaraz 6-6 Tiafoe*: Crucial game, Tiafoe has a slight edge as he prepares to serve. Will this be a repeat of the 1st set or is this going to be the last game of the match? Lets wait. Tiafoe gets a point as Alcara’s backhand pass goes beyond baseline. Make it two for the American. Great range from Alcaraz, the ball way away from the doubles line but has swung back in to net a point for the Spaniard. Tiafoe now enjoys a 2 point lead over Alcaraz and he has won the game. Nail biter!!

Alcaraz* 6-5 Tiafoe: You cannot do that Alcaraz!! First, he does well to reach an almost impossible cross court backhand from Tiafoe and he then replies with an even impressive backhand shot of his own. The Spaniard takes this game away.

Alcaraz 5-5 Tiafoe*: This could well be the final game. Match point for Alcaraz. And that is a stunning piece of tennis from the American. Does well under stress to produce an inch perfect drop. Deuce. Advantage Tiafoe, as he makes Alcaraz move left to right. Tiafoe wins the game!! Alcaraz can’t celebrate just yet

Alcaraz* 5-4 Tiafoe: What a run of play from the American. Meets Alcaraz’s lob with a volley near the net and places it just out of reach of the 19 yr old. Alcaraz shows a trick up his sleeve too, back and fourth drops and Alcaraz emerged winner. He wins the game. The Spaniard is just a game away from the Final!!

Alcaraz 4-4 Tiafoe*: Love hold for Tiafoe, after being dominated for 2 sets, he’s starting to show improvements. The crowd is also behind him, giving him an edge over the Spaniard.

Alcaraz* 4-3 Tiafoe: Two points on the trot for the 3rd seed. Alcaraz’s half volley is brilliantly countered by TIafoe with a lightning quick backhand shot. Alcaraz takes a point with a defensive forehand pass. And he wins the game. Game on!

Alcaraz 3-3 Tiafoe*: Powerful body smash from Tiafoe and Alcaraz lobs it well wide. Two consecutive points for the American, first comes from a back hand cross court shot and the second, from a volley. Tiafoe takes the game as Alcaraz hits the net. Tiafoe finds his rhythm.

Alcaraz* 3-2 Tiafoe: Tiafoe!! brilliant display from both the players but Tiafoe comes out on top with a cross court drop. Another point for Tiafoe who makes Alcaraz sweat. And he walks away with the game, the crowd is going crazy!

Alcaraz 3-1 Tiafoe*: Unforced error from Tiafoe, his shot goes straight to the net, gifting a point to Alcaraz. What a play! Alcaraz makes Tiafoe move towards his right with a forehand shot and follows it with a shot that is placed to the extreme left, which is out of reach of the American. Alcaraz slips and it’s all square now. 40-40. Advantage Alcaraz, he chips with a beautiful forehand, Tiafoe reaches but hits the net. Done, another game in the kitty for Alcaraz.

Did you know?

Regardless of US Open finish, Alcaraz will achieve new career-high ranking on Monday (No. 3, No. 2 or No. 1).

Alcaraz* 2-1 Tiafoe: Tiafoe finally takes a one point lead. Tiafoe’s drop goes wrong and Alcaraz capitalises, hits a brilliant cross court backhand to fetch a point. Lovely peice of tennis from Alcaraz, keeps the ball low with a forehand pass that deceives Tiafoe. But Alcaraz’s shot hist straight in the net and its deuce. Advantage Alcaraz, he hits a powerful backhand which the American mishits out of bounds. It’s advantage Tiafoe now as he plays a wonderful cross court backhand return. And he wins the game, huge roar from both the American and the crowd behind him. He needed this

Alcaraz 2-0 Tiafoe*: Alcaraz with some brilliant display of skills here. A point comes off a well met drop and another off an amazinng cross court backhand pass and he takes the game.

THIRD SET (*denotes server)

Alcaraz 6-1 Tiafoe*: Alcaraz is just a game away from securing the set. Tiafoe on the other hand, requires a miracle to turn things around. The Spaniard currently holds a 1 point lead 30-15. Double set point for Alcaraz, who gets a point from a 16-shot rally. And that is Alcaraz’s set. Pure domination from the 2nd set!

Alcaraz* 5-1 Tiafoe: Superb movement from Alcaraz, runs to his extreme right to collect the ball, Tiafoe retuns, Alcaraz hits an even better forehand shot to pick up a point. Tiafoe’s levels have dropped, he takes the pace off the ball but it goes way beyond the baseline 40-0 now. Alcaraz wins the game! Love hold!

Alcaraz 4-1 Tiafoe*: Tiafoe with a good T serve to pick an ace. Two lobs from Alcaraz and the American wins a point via a forehand smash on the 2nd lofted shot off Alcaraz. The Spaniard pulls one back but Tiafoe wins the game, a glimmer of hope?

Alcaraz* 4-0 Tiafoe: Tiafoe with a perfect back hand pass, for which Alcaraz has no answer. But that doesn’t matter as Alcaraz takes yet another game.

Alcaraz 3-0 Tiafoe*: Tiafoe looks tired, Alcaraz is just reigning supreme on the American 40-15. The 19-year old wins the game. Has Tiafoe lost his confidence?

Alcaraz* 2-0 Tiafoe: As things stand, Alcaraz will look to hold serve here. And rightly so, gets away with the game

Alcaraz 1-0 Tiafoe*: Alcaraz wins a point courtesy of a Tiafoe error. The Spaniard is riding on the 2nd set’s momentum and suddenly the odds are stacked against Tiafoe 30-0. Service break imminent for Alcaraz and he has done just that.

SECOND SET (*denotes server)

Alcaraz* 6-3 Tiafoe: The set is within arms gap for Alcaraz but Tiafoe doesn’t seem to let go, its 30 all. How did he do that! Tiafoe with a flick that sends the ball just above the net and goes out of Alcaraz’s reach. Alcaraz gets one back with a volley and it’s 40 all now. Advantage Alcaraz as he plays a well placed forehand pass. AND THAT LEVEL THINGS UP! ALCARAZ WINS THE 2nd SET!

Alcaraz 5-3 Tiafoe*: The set is slipping away from the American as Alcaraz picks 2 quick points. 2 set points here for Alcaraz but Tiafoe pulls one back. It’s all suqare now as Alcaraz mishits Tiafoe’s serve. Tiafoe with a brilliant comeback to pocket the game, barely survives

Alcaraz* 5-2 Tiafoe: Alcaraz on a roll here, takes two consecutive points right off the bat. Tiafoe pulls one back. Make it two, Tiafoe gets two points with 2 backhand returns on the trot 30 all. Blunder from Alcaraz, he does well to go near the net but an attempted drop goes straight to the net 30-40. What a rally, all square yet again as Tiafoe’s forehand hit finds the net, duce. Advantage Alcaraz. Fist pump from Alcaraz as he wins the game. Longest game of the day so far.

Alcaraz 4-2 Tiafoe*: Tiafoe serves and both players get a point each. A 10+ shot rally comes to an end as Tiafoe’s forehand pass finds the net 30 all. Service break on the cards? Three errors in this game for Tiafoe. The American does well to collect a point back, powerful serve to make things equal. Advantage Alcaraz now, he ducks near the net and Tiafoe’s shot goes wide. Alcaraz earns the match’s first serve break! Huge advantage

Alcaraz* 3-2 Tiafoe: Service hold for Alcaraz. The match is progressing at an even pace.

Alcaraz 2-2 Tiafoe*: Alcaraz is well on his way to break serve here. The American however picks up three consecutive points to take the lead. Insane comeback from Tiafoe, Alcaraz just let a 3 point lead slip and concedes the game.

Alcaraz* 2-1 Tiafoe: Alcaraz serves and gets a point via a volley. Alcaraz! lobs it over Tiafoe who hits it inbetween his legs but the Spaniard capitalises and produces a cross court smash. Parity restored, Tiafoe shot goes wide and it’s 30 all. Alcaraz does well to get in rage of Tiafoe’s drop but the American was equiped and places a cross court backhand to win a point, duce. Extraordinary rally but the games goes to Alcaraz as Tiafoe fails to meet the ball.

Alcaraz 1-1 Tiafoe*: Tiafoe returns an Alcaraz forehand with a good body shot and picks up a point. This is just a replica of the last game, love hold of his own from Tiafoe here.

Alcaraz* 1-0 Tiafoe: Alcaraz serves first and gets a quick point. One way traffic here as the Spaniard secures a love hold.

Did you know?

 Carlos Alcaraz will become World No. 1 on Monday if he wins US Open title. While Ruud will top the rankings if he wins the title or Alcaraz loses the semis.

FIRST SET (*denotes server)

Tiebreaker: Back and forth exchange from the players and it’s 1-1. Double fault from Alcaraz and Tiafoe takes a crucial point. Tiafoe with a 3 point advantage here as Alcaraz’s lob goes over the American’s head and beyond the baseline. All square yet again, this has been the story of the match so far, battle of equals. Tiafoe with an ace to extend his lead to two points, just one away from winning the set. But he has to wait a bit more as Alcaraz gets a point via an error from Tiafoe. Just brilliant!! Alcaraz you beauty! Hits a slow forehand which forces Tiafoe to go for a similar shot and then follows it up with a brilliant cross court backhand! 6-6 now. TWO CONSECUTIVE POINTS AND TIAFOE TAKES THE SET! Phew 64 minutes on the clock.

Alcaraz* 6-6 Tiafoe: A low backhand from Alcaraz is met by Tiafoe but the Spaniard plays a brilliant drop to fetch a point. It’s all square here, Alcaraz hits it past the baseline and it’s 30 all. Tiafoe takes the lead here, yet another wide from Alcaraz. Advantage -Alcaraz. NO WAY! Alcaraz runs back from near net turns 180 degree and plays a well placed forehand to win the game!

Alcaraz 5-6 Tiafoe*: Perfect delivery from Tiafoe as a body serve lands in an awkward place for Alcaraz 0-40. A convincing love hold for Tiafoe.

Alcaraz* 5-5 Tiafoe: Mishit from Tiafoe gifts a point to Alcaraz. WOW! Alcaraz moves close to the net to find a volley that looked to be atleast a foot out, but the ball tracker says otherwise, point for Alcaraz. Double fault from the Spaniard, point for Tiafoe. Tiafoe’s lob gives ample time for the third seed to capitalise with a smash. He takes the tenth game.

Alcaraz 4-5 Tiafoe*: Alcaraz gets a point as Tiafoe’s forehand shot brushes past the baseline. Sensational from Alcaraz, runs in and dives for a successful volley. Pressure on Tiafoe but he does well to pick another point. What a drop! Tiafoe decides hit a drop out of nowhere and it is out of reach of the Spaniard. Tiafoe yet again stays ahead to pick the ninth game.

Alcaraz* 4-4 Tiafoe: Tiafoe takes the pace off the ball, Alcaraz falls for the trap as he hits it wide with an attempted smash. Tiafoe’s cross court backhand goes just wide 30-15. Alcaraz walks away with the eighth game.

Alcaraz 3-4 Tiafoe*: Tiafoe serves and Alcaraz picks up a point. Double break point for the Spaniard here, will be a huge boost in confidence considering its Tiafoe who’s serving. The American does well to gain a couple of points, it’s all square in game seven. Advantage Tiafoe as Alcaraz’s service return finds the net. Tiafoe turns things around and pockets the seventh set, amazing. Former first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama is in the stands!

Alcaraz* 3-3 Tiafoe: Alcaraz to serve and Tiafoe gets a point straightaway. Alcaraz comes right back with a samash in reply to a Tiafoe lob 15-15. Elite movement from Alcaraz, moves near the net quickly to deceive Tiafoe and earns a point with a volley. Yet another brilliant technique, a forehand drop which falls out of reach of the American. Alcaraz wins the sixth game.

Alcaraz 2-3 Tiafoe*: Tiafoe wrists it cross court, Alcaraz does well to reach it only to lob the ball out of bounds 0-30. There’s still nothing to separate the two of them. A point for Alcaraz as Tiafoe’s shot finds the net 15-40. Another good service from Tiafoe, wins the fifth game.

Alcaraz* 2-2 Tiafoe: Alcaraz starts his service with a point as a running Tiafoe hits the net. Alcaraz just showing off his abilities, makes Tiafoe move left, right and center. Love hold for the Spaniard as he takes the fourth game.

Alcaraz 1-2 Tiafoe*: Absolute domination this from the American, 40-0. Tiafoe tries an overhead drop shot but fails to put the ball beyond his side of the court 15-40. A good cross court forehand shot to pocket the third game.

Alcaraz* 1-1 Tiafoe: Alcaraz starts off with a point via a body serve. Tiafoe hits right back 15-15. The American leads yet again as Alcaraz hits it past the baseline. Beauty! Alcaraz with an inside out followed by a volley to restore parity 30-30. And the Spaniard takes the second game.

Alcaraz 0-1 Tiafoe*: Alcaraz picks up the first point and Tiafoe is right back, gets a point back as the Spaniard’s shot finds the net. It’s a deuce to start off, battle of equals so far. Advantage Tiafoe as Alcaraz hits the ball long. And Tiafoe takes the first game in front for home crowd!

5:00 AM IST: Alcaraz wins the toss and elects for receive.

4:55 AM IST: Frances Tiafoe walks into the court first, followed by crowd favourite Carlos Alcaraz. It’s a packed stadium and it’s time for some photos!

4:45 AM IST: The mouth watering clash between 3rd seed Alcaraz and 22nd seed Tiafoe is about to start shortly as the spectators slowly make their way into the stands.

Did you know?

Frances Tiafoe won his last 4 matches against Spaniards (beat Alcaraz in 2021 Barcelona 1st round, Martinez in 2021 Stockholm 2nd round, Davidovich Fokina in 2022 Estoril QF, Nadal in 2022 US Open 4th round). Will this tie turn out to be one of those or will Alcaraz rewrite the trend?

Did you know?

Carlos Alcaraz is the youngest US Open men’s semi-finalist since 1990, when Pete Sampras won title at age of 19 years and 28 days

Road to semifinal:

Quarterfinal: beat Jannik Sinner 6-3, 6-7, 6-7, 7-5, 6-3 Quarterfinal: beat Andrey Rublev 7-6, 7-6, 6-4
Round of 16: beat Marin Cilic 6-4, 3-6, 6-4, 6-4, 6-3 Round of 16: beat Rafael Nadal 6-4, 4-6, 6-4, 6-3
Third round: beat Jenson Brooksby 6-3, 6-3, 6-3 Third round: beat Diego Schwartzman 7-6, 6-4, 6-4
Second round: beat Federico Coria 6-2, 6-1, 7-5 Second round: beat Jason Kubler 7-6, 7-5, 7-6
First round: beat Sebastian Baez 7-5, 7-5, 2-0 (Walkover) First round: beat Marcos Giron 7-6, 6-4, 6-3

Casper Ruud beats Karen Khachanov 7-6 (5), 6-2, 5-6, 6-2 to become the first Norwegian man to reach the US Open final! Catch the highlights HERE

Head-to-head record: Tiafoe and Alcaraz have faced each other just once before this tie at Barcelona Open round of 64 in 2021 and the French international emerged victorious.


Carlos Alcaraz eyes a place in the US Open final on Friday, hoping to spearhead a potential generational shift away from the era of Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.

The 19-year-old Spaniard can become the youngest Grand Slam men’s finalist and champion since Nadal won his first major at the 2005 French Open.

As well as being tantalisingly within touching distance of a maiden Slam of his own, Alcaraz could also be crowned the youngest men’s world number one of all time should he make the final.

“As long as Rafa, Djokovic, Federer are there, they will be the best and the rivalry they have between them will always come first,” said Alcaraz after seeing off 21-year-old Jannik Sinner in his five-hour 15-minute quarter-final.

“But Jannik and I have shown that we are the present and we also have long careers ahead of us.”

Alcaraz tackles Frances Tiafoe, who knocked out Nadal in the fourth round, in his semi-final with the winner to face either Karen Khachanov or Casper Ruud.

The four men have a combined age of 94 -- the youngest at a Slam since New York in 2008 when Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and Andy Murray made the last four.

Djokovic, a three-time champion in New York, didn’t play the tournament this year after being banned from entering the US over his refusal to be vaccinated.

Federer, a six-time winner, has been sidelined for over a year with a knee injury.

Despite history beckoning for Alcaraz, he has had to endure a rollercoaster ride through to his maiden appearance in the semi-finals of a major.

After sailing through the first three rounds, he needed five sets to defeat 2014 champion Marin Cilic in a last-16 tie which ended at 02:23 a.m. on Tuesday.

His quarter-final against Sinner, another five-setter, began on Wednesday and ended at 2:50 a.m. Thursday.

It was the second-longest US Open match ever and surpassed the previous record for latest finish of 2:26 a.m. On the way, Alcaraz saved a match point.

He spent more than nine hours on court in those two matches and a shade over 16 hours in total over his five rounds.

Tiafoe, meanwhile, has also made the semi-finals of a Slam for the first time.

The 24-year-old is on course to become the first Black male player to win the US Open since Arthur Ashe in 1968.

Tiafoe’s rags-to-riches back story has captivated the tournament.

The son of immigrants from Sierra Leone, his father worked as a caretaker at a tennis club in Maryland where Tiafoe learned the game.

“Every time I win, I just want to inspire a bunch of people to just know that anything is possible,” Tiafoe said.

The charismatic American spent three hours fewer than Alcaraz getting through his last two rounds.

He also defeated Alcaraz in their lone previous meeting, winning on the Barcelona clay in straight sets last year.


When and Where to watch Alcaraz vs Tiafoe U.S. Open semifinal live?

The U.S. Open semifinal between Alcaraz and Tiafoe will be telecast live on the Sony sports network. The match can also be live streamed on Sony Six app/website. The match is tentatively scheduled to take place at 4:30 AM IST.

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