CTL: Orangers overcome Warriors in a thriller

With the score 20-15 to Nagpur Orangers, Verdasco faced Feliciano Lopez in the men’s singles. Verdasco went on to win 8-3, pushing Chennai’s team total as they leveled with the visitors 23-23.

Feliciano Lopez overcame fellow Spaniard Fernando Verdasco in the men's singles round.   -  R. Ragu

Jelena Jankovic relied on her power to beat Heather Watson.   -  R. Ragu

In what turned out to be a thriller of a match of the second season, the home team suffered another loss, as V Chennai Warriors went down 24-23 against Nagpur Orangers despite a Fernando Verdasco scare in the final match of the night.

With the score 20-15 to Nagpur Orangers, Verdasco faced Feliciano Lopez in the men’s singles. Verdasco went on to win 8-3, pushing Chennai’s team total as they leveled with the visitors 23-23.

There was little interest in the final match, when the two Spaniards met for the men’s singles. Depending on his long rallies and power shots, Verdasco pushed the team total ahead.

Thrilling tie-breaker

Lopez maintained his composure. However, it was not enough as he made couple of double faults to give Chennai the advantage.

In the tie-breaker, Verdasco played magnificent backhands and a well judged forehand saw the match steering towards the home team. However, a double fault by Verdasco, and points won on his service, saw Lopez dominating the tiebreaker. In the final point, the former returned one that hit the net. Finally, Nagpur won the match despite the final match result favoring the home team 8-4.

Schuettler put Nagpur in the lead

The first match of the night was between Alex Corretja and Rainer Schuettler. Schuettler looked more confident than yesterday, winning the first game. Corretja, on the other hand, could not get the services right. However, the visiting captain held on and levelled the game. Schuettler won the next game, as both of them went on to win on their service. The match finally entered tiebreaker. Nagpur went four points straight up. Even though Schuettler came back to win two points, Corretja won the match by serving an ace.

Jankovic overpowered Heather

The second match of the night was between Jelena Jankovic and Heather Watson. Jelena relied on her power and Heather, her running. The battle see-sawed between the ladies as the second match entered a tiebreaker. However, Jelena used her experience to win the tiebreaker 5-3. Nagpur went 10-8 up against Chennai.

Jelena-Lopez dominated Heather-Verdasco in mixed-doubles

The mixed doubles match between Verdasco and Heather against Lopez and Jelena was dominated mostly by the Nagpur pair. Heather failed to get her backhand right on a couple of points. Nagpur went up 0-2 in the mixed doubles. Heather backed her partner and played some good forehands to win points for the home team. Later, the Briton won some exceptional points near the net. In the end, Jelena and Lopez held their nerves and won the match 5-3. Nagpur Orangers were up 15-11.

Divij impressed in the men’s doubles

The men’s doubles saw Divij Sharan playing impressive shots. It was the third match of the night which went to the tie-breaker. Sharan, riding on accurate returns, helped visiting side win the tiebreaker 5-1. The score read 20-15 to Nagpur Orangers, before the thrilling end saw Verdasco almost snatching the match away from Nagpur Orangers.

Missed out on crucial points: Lopez

Speaking after the match, Lopez said, “Sometimes when these things happen, when you are so close to winning a match, you miss the shots like I did today, you don’t know really what is going on. You cannot control what is happening out there sometimes. Everything was so quick. I missed out some points which I should have never missed.”

Happy to win in the end: Jankovic

Jelena Jankovic said, “It was great. I was happy that we were able to win in the end. It was such a tight match and I am really glad that Feli was able to stay strong and was able to regroup after those tough points and I am really happy for him that he was able to secure the win.”

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