Just another quarterfinal for Kuznetsova

Svetlana Kuznetsova made it to her first Wimbledon quarterfinal in 10 years and is pleased with her performance.

The last time Svetlana Kuznetsova entered a quarterfinal of a Grand Slam was 2014 French Open.   -  AP

Svetlana Kuznetsova made it to her first Wimbledon quarterfinal in 10 years and is pleased with her performance.

“When you look at the statistics, it's amazing. But I felt like I have been there, so it's just another quarterfinals, it's another going to be competitive match, so I'm just looking forward to it.”

“I was thinking in whole match, even like in the second set, that I was in control. I felt like I was dictating. I could control. I struggled a little bit with my returns in the second set. I felt like I could break her a little bit earlier. But, you know, she (Agnieszka Radwanska) was doing better than first set, and I start to get a little bit tight. It's normal these things happen. I'm pretty pleased with my performance.”

The last time Kuznetsova entered a quarterfinal of a Grand Slam was 2014 French Open. Speaking about making her first in three years, Kuznetsova said: “It felt great for me. It felt great for me to get into Championships. I felt like I have been playing so much better this year and I felt so much confidence, but I was a little bit tired because the ending was crazy for me. I played five events in like five weeks, three different continents. I was struggling in January and February. So I skip Doha, Dubai, stuff like that. I had to. It was risky from my side, but I had to because I don't want to play without passion and without will. Now I feel great again. I'm happy I took the decision, and now I'm just really pleased and happy with my performance.”

Although Kuznetsova didn’t have any issues about not playing on Centre or Court No. 1, she felt the Russian didn’t deserve to play on Court 12.

“I have not played on Court 1 and Centre Court whole tournament. This is not my call. But some matches I thought, like yesterday, I didn't deserve to play on Court 12, but I did play there, and I don't know, I guess it's not for me to decide. For me is to play. So I just want to focus on my job.”

Speaking about the tournament being wide open with no Maria Sharapova or Serena Williams, Kuznetsova said: “Well, for me, I take each match step by step. It's very difficult for me. Each opponent is extremely tough, and I'm respectful to each girl. I think we deserve to be here. If you're in quarterfinals of Grand Slam you made something to work. It's not free. You know, they don't give you presents to be in quarterfinals. You've got to deserve and take your opportunities. That it's no Maria, no Serena, yes, there's no heavy names up there, but each one of us done a lot to be here.”

She added: “You see, it's difficult, because now I don't -- again, I don't start to look and say, Oh, this girl played and I did not. So I'm not sure who played on Centre Court these days. I was just playing my match, my court, whatever number was it. But, for example, Konta, I know she's been playing Centre Court. She deserve. It's England. They have to put their product here. People know Konta . They don't know Radwanska, Kuznetsova, you see, with all respect to our names and even we have been here ages. So Konta is good. Then the rest is really hard for me to judge. I do believe top 10 players should be playing on center courts if they are high ranked.”

Speaking about Jelena Ostapenko, the current French Open champion, not playing on the Centre or Court No. 1, she said: “So many champions of Grand Slams in the draw. You cannot judge by French Open. I won French Open. Muguruza won French Open. You cannot do like that, you see. And we didn't get our best courts, but it's okay. I mean, it's not a big deal. As long as I survive along the draw for me, that's fine.”

Kuznetsova next plays Garbine Muguruza, who defeated World No. 1 Angelique Kerber in another fourth round match, and the former US Open champion is already looking forward to her next match.

“I think we learn every day. Not only her. I learn. Everybody learn. Martina Navratilova still learning things. It's life and we cannot know everything. I don't know. I'm just looking forward to play her. We practice sometimes on grass. I don't want to call it best or worst surface on everybody. You never know, because me with age I start to play better on grass. It's going to be very tough match.”

Kuznetsova in no uncertain terms also expressed her displeasure in the way the media triggered controversial positions for players. She said: “I think press hurts a lot of players. I understand what we have to deliver to the world and people have to know, our fans have to know, you guys have to do your job, and you guys all do great. We appreciate your help. But it's difficult, and this is where pressure starts to get you, you know. Many players — and I caught myself many times thinking, okay, if I will do that, what would they write? What would they say? It's already start of the end, you see. These things you better not to do, not to think.

“Even like Maria when — I read somewhere or I don't know where I know, she said when doping thing happen to her, she disconnected all social media. She didn't read anything. It really gets to your mind. The things are not real. What people see from their side, the fans, or they don't know whole story. And it's no way an athlete comes here and tells you everything what's going on with the athlete, because it's not possible because you cannot be so vulnerable to the world, you see? You've got to be protected to yourself. People cannot know your weaknesses, your problems, stuff like that. So it's really hard to find the balance and tell new stuff to be polite and sincere and quite open.”

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