Johanna Konta does not see her Mubadala Silicon Valley Classic thrashing of Serena Williams as a "big bang moment" to get her career back on track.

Williams suffered the most emphatic defeat of her incredible career in San Jose on Tuesday, going down 6-1 6-0 to Konta in the first round.

Konta has lost her way since reaching the semi-finals of Wimbledon last year, but won 12 games in a row to consign the 23-time grand slam champion to a crushing loss.

The Brit, who has dropped to 48th in the WTA rankings, knows her drubbing of the legendary American may not prove to be a turning point, however.

"It's an absolute privilege to be on the same court as Serena," said Konta. "After all she's achieved, it's so humbling just to come up against her."

"She obviously wasn't playing her best level - nowhere near - so I tried to play the match on my terms and just do what I can out here, put aside what an incredible champion she is, and just play the player on the day."

"I might have been better on the day, but it's still a humbling experience to be out there with her. I don't believe in big bang moments, or magic moments where the fingers click and it all comes together. I believe in continuous hard work and every day perseverance, putting in the work and trusting the process."

"All this match has given me is the chance to play another one. I'm grateful for that opportunity and will work hard for another one," she said.