Prime Volleyball League 2022 Auctions: Full list of players sold in auction

Prime Volleyball League 2022 auctions-: Here’s the full list of players sold at Prime Volleyball League auction on Thursday.

Mumbai Meteors in Prime Volleyball League auction.

Mumbai Meteors in Prime Volleyball League auction. | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Prime Volleyball League 2022 auctions-: Here’s the full list of players sold at Prime Volleyball League auction on Thursday.

The Prime Volleyball League 2021 auctions took place on Thursday in Kolkata with international, platinum, gold, silver and bronze category players going under the hammer.

Some players were retained before the auctions including the likes of Ashwal Rai, Jerome Vinith, Naveen Raja Jacob to name a few.

Prime Volleyball League 2022 Auctions Highlights

Retained Players

  • ⦿Kolkata Thunderbolts - Vinit Kumar, Ashwal Rai  and Janshad U.
  • ⦿Ahmedabad Defenders- Muthusamy A, Shon T John and S Santhosh,
  • ⦿Calicut Heroes- Jerome Vinith and Abil Krishnan.
  • ⦿Chennai Blitz- Akhin GS, Naveen Raja Jacob and Pinamma Prashant
  • ⦿Bengaluru Torpedoes- Vinyak Rokhade, B Midhun Kumar, Pankaj Sharma.
  • ⦿Hyderabad Black Hawks- Guru Prasanth, Anand K and John Joseph
  • ⦿Kochi Blue Spikers- Venu C, Dushyanth G N and Erin Varghese
  • ⦿Mumbai Meteors- Anu James, Shameem and S Aravindhan

Here is the full list of overseas players drafted at the 2022 auction

  • ⦿Hyderabad Black Hawks - Trent O’Dea from Australia, Carlos Andres Zamora from Colombia
  • ⦿Chennai Blitz- Renato Mendes from Brazil, Moyo Audran from Cameroon
  • ⦿Kochi Blue Spikers- Eduardo Romay from Peru, Walter Da Cruz from Brazil
  • ⦿Calicut Heroes- Jose Antonio Sandoval from Cuba, Matt Hilling from USA
  • ⦿Bengaluru Torpedoes- Sebastian Giraldo from Colombia, Alirza Abaldoch from Iran
  • ⦿Kolkata Thunderbolts- Jose Verdi from Venezuela, Cody Caldwell from Cuba
  • ⦿Mumbai Meteors- Brandon Greenway from USA, Hiroshi Centellas from Cuba
  • ⦿Ahmedabad Defenders- Danial Motazedi from Iran, Andrew Kohut James from USA

Here is the full list of domestic players sold at the 2022 auction-

Platinum category- 8 lakh(base price)

Rohit Kumar (Kochi Blue Spikers) and Ranjit Singh (Hyderabad Black Hawks) are the most expensive players from the platinum category.

Player Team Auction Price (in Rs)
Rohit KumarKochi Blue Spikers17.5 lakh
LM ManojAhmedabad Defenders8.75 lakh
Karthik AMumbai Meteors 10 lakh
Ranjit SinghHyderabad Black Hawks12.25 lakh

Gold category- 5 lakh (base price)

Chirag Yadav (Calicut Heroes) and Vipul Kumar (Kochi Blue Spikers) are the most expensive players in the gold category.

Player Team Auction Price (in Rs)
Vipul KumarKochi Blue Spikers 10.75 lakh
M Ashwin RajCalicut Heroes6.7 lakh
Rahul K Kolkata Thunderbolts 7 lakh
Chirag YadavCalicut Heroes12.25 lakh
Amit GuliaMumbai Meteors7.10 lakh
Hardeep SinghMumbai Meteors6.60 lakh
AngamuthuAhmedabad Defenders 7.40 lakh
Rohit P Mumbai Meteors5 lakh

Silver category- 3 lakh (base price)

Player Team Auction Price (in Rs)
Mohan UkkrapandianCalicut Heroes 3 lakh
Jithin NMumbai Meteors5.30 lakh
Prasanna Raja A AChennai Blitz4.10 lakh
HariharanKolkata Thunderbolts3.30 lakh
Lal Sujan MVHyderabad Black Hawks4.50 lakh
Mohamed RiyazudeenChennai Blitz6.60 lakh
Ashamatullah Hyderabad Black Hawks5.30 lakh
Sethu TR Bengaluru Torpedoes 9.75 lakh
Ibin Jose Bengaluru Torpedoes 3 lakh
Arun Zacharias Siby Hyderabad Black Hawks4 lakh
Saurabh Maan Hyderabad Black Hawks3 lakh
Shafeeque RahmanCalicut Heroes3.60 lakh
Jishnu PVBengaluru Torpedoes 3 lakh
Lavmeet KatariyaCalicut Heroes3.90 lakh
FayisKochi Blue Spikers3 lakh
Mujeeb MCBengaluru Torpedoes 3 lakh
RamanathanChennai Blitz3 lakh
Abdul Raheem Mumbai Meteors3 lakh

Unsold players brought back for 2 lakh (base price)

Player Team Auction Price (in Rs)
Deepesh SinhaKolkata Thunderbolts2 lakh
Ansab O Calicut Heroes2 lakh
PrabakaranCalicut Heroes5.5 lakh
Ratheesh CK Mumbai Meteors2 lakh
Varun GSHyderabad Black Hawks2 lakh

Bronze category 2 lakh (base price)

Player Team Auction Price (in Rs)
AswathAhmedabad Defenders 2 lakh
GokulnathBengaluru Torpedoes 2 lakh
Pavan RameshKochi Blue Spikers2 lakh
Sushil KumarCalicut Heroes2 lakh
AnushKolkata Thunderbolts2 lakh
Aswin RagKochi Blue Spikers2 lakh
Nandhagopal Ahmedabad Defenders2 lakh
Nisam Muhammed ABengaluru Torpedoes 2 lakh
Raman KumarChennai Blitz4.90 lakh
Suryansh TomarKolkata Thunderbolts2 lakh
HemanthHyderabad Black Hawks4.80 lakh
Harsh Chaudhary Ahmedabad Defenders2 lakh
Jibin SebastianKochi Blue Spikers2 lakh
Jobin VarugheseChennai Blitz2 lakh
Sudheer ShettyBengaluru Torpedoes2 lakh
Abhilash ChaudharyKolkata Thunderbolts3.60 lakh
Parth PatelAhmedabad Defenders2 lakh
YV Sita Rama RajuChennai Blitz2 lakh
Tushar LawareChennai Blitz2 lakh
Hari Prasad BSKolkata Thunderbolts2 lakh
T SrikanthAhmedabad Defenders2 lakh
George AnthonyKochi Blue Spikers2 lakh
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