Prime Volleyball League auction: Players who could attract the biggest bids

Jerome Vinith, Ashwal Rai, C. Ajithlal and A. Karthik are the four players in the spotlight ahead of Tuesday's PVL auction in Kochi.

Jerome Vinith is one of the star players in focus ahead of the PVL auction on Tuesday.   -  The Hindu

Jerome Vinith, Ashwal Rai, C. Ajithlal and A. Karthik - these are the four who could attract the biggest bids in Tuesday's Prime Volleyball League's player auction in Kochi.

For they stood out in the Asian Championship in Japan in September where India finished ninth.

Tom Joseph, probably the country's best player after Jimmy George, added G.S. Akhin to that list.

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“But it won't be easy for coaches to pick the players. You have a budget of Rs 75 lakh and once you pick the two foreign stars, you are left with something like 45 lakh,” Sunny Joseph, the Kolkata Thunderbolts coach, told Sportstar on Monday.

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“For a top category (platinum) Indian player, teams will have to pay between Rs 8 to 15 lakh, while the next category is from Rs 4 to 10 lakh and the last is Rs 1.5 to 4 lakh. The problem is, if you go after good players automatically you won't have much to give the lower category players. So, it's a tough task.”

But more than the cash, players are thrilled just to see the league come back.

“It's a fresh beginning for volleyball and for us, I hope the league will run for many years. A player's career runs for a few years, I'm 29 now and I've lost nearly three important years of my playing life. I won't get them back,” said international Jerome Vinith.

“We're just hungry to get back to the league.”

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