PVL: Clark, Bader can take Black Hawks to great heights

The two are excited to be part of the inaugural edition of the PVL.

Carson Clark of USA and Alex Bader of Canada are determined to contribute to the team’s success in a big way.   -  V.V. SUBRAHMANYAM

Carson Clark of the USA and Alex Bader of Canada could well be the potent force for Black Hawks Hyderabad when the inaugural edition of the Pro Volleyball League gets underway from February 2 in Kochi and Chennai.

The two men of stature — not just in terms of height but in terms of achievements too — are determined to contribute to the team’s success in a big way.

“Honestly, I am all excited to play in the PVL. I have been waiting for this opportunity to play in India for long and now I am glad to be part of it,” said Clark in a chat with Sportstar on Monday.

The big difference

“The big difference for me is the new set of rules. They are so different. And, then there are the ‘challenges’ (reviews). It should make the sport more exciting and thrilling for the spectators too,” said Clark.

“We are good in attack and if we can serve and pass well, we should be a force to reckon with,” said the Black Hawks captain.

“The PVL is a different proposition compared to playing in World championship. With quite a few Olympians in this league, including David Lee (Kochi Blue Spikers), it should be a huge opportunity for everyone,” he said.

“The talented young Indians should be the most excited as the league gives them a great opportunity to improve their skills.

“We hope to take it point by point and are determined to win the first edition,” Clark said with a smile.

Alex Bader, a Geology student back home in Calgary (Canada), said that he was glad that the PVL timing suited his schedule as he has just finished his last semester and is on a two-month break now.

“I am also excited to play in the PVL along with Clark. The new rules should give a new dimension to the sport,” he said.


“Frankly, I am surprised to see the Indians taller than me. And, I feel they have a good jumping ability and seem to be naturally gifted athletes too. This is a pleasant surprise.

“Youth and talent are the biggest strong points of this team and if we communicate well, we can finish on a high,” said Bader.

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