The trophy for the Senior National Volleyball Championship was unveiled here on Thursday.

The tournament will be held from December 24 to 30 across two venues - Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium and Jeppiaar Engineering College outdoor courts.

The men's category will feature 26 teams and the women's category, 23. Based on their ranking, the teams have been divided into six groups each in both categories. Groups A and B feature four teams each, of which the top three from the preliminary round will qualify for the quarterfinals.

The top teams from groups C to F, and the last-placed teams in groups A and B will vie for the remaining two quarterfinal slots - the winner of C1 versus D1 will play either A4 or B4, and the winner of E1 versus F1 will play either B4 or A4.

The groupings:


Group A: Railways; Punjab; Uttar Pradesh; Rajasthan;

Group B: Kerala; Tamil Nadu; Services; Andhra Pradesh;

Group C: West Bengal; Jharkhand; Gujarat; Delhi;

Group D: Maharashtra; Odisha; Madhya Pradesh; Goa; Mizoram;

Group E: Telangana; Chhattisgarh; Pondicherry; Assam;

Group F: Himachal Pradesh; Chandigarh; Jammu & Kashmir; Bihar; Tripura


Group A: Railways; West Bengal; Andhra Pradesh; Maharashtra;

Group B: Kerala; Tamil Nadu; Telangana; Punjab;

Group C: Chandigarh; Jammu & Kashmir; Gujarat;

Group D: Uttar Pradesh; Jharkhand; Assam; Delhi;

Group E: Himachal Pradesh; Odisha; Chhattisgarh; Mizoram;

Group F: Rajasthan; Pondicherry; Bihar; Madhya Pradesh.