Issues before the ICC

It is time that the ICC brought about a level playing field for the DRS as well as explored the possibility of awarding the leg before dismissal to deliveries pitched outside the leg stump.

The Indian team waits for a DRS verdict in the Mumbai Test against England recently. The system can be fine-tuned further.   -  K. R. DEEPAK

The ICC has taken note of the declining on-field behaviour in December 2016. This was very much required and a tough stance will bring back some level of decency to the gentleman's game.

There are other areas, which have been waiting for quite a while, that the ICC should take up in 2017. A couple of the specific ones are:

DRS uniformity: Now that India has conducted a complete series with the DRS system, it is time the competing nations or ICC take financial responsibility of the DRS system rather than leave it to the broadcasting companies. This will mean that the features available are same for all countries and Tests.

LBW for ball pitching outside the leg stump: An off-spinner pitches the ball outside off, but is able to get a LBW in his favour if the ball is deemed to hit the stumps. With the DRS in place, it is easy for the umpires to make the judgement. Hence, it is time to allow balls pitched outside the leg stump to come into the leg before dismissal framework as well. This will rule out batsmen kicking out balls pitching outside leg and eliminate negativity.

With these changes, Test cricket can move further and get the much-needed attention over the other formats. The key question is whether the ICC is ready to bite the bullet. Only time will tell.