Should Impact Player rule continue in IPL?

The Impact Player rule, introduced in 2023, allows IPL teams to substitute a player (batter or bowler) during their respective innings

In the ongoing IPL season, the Impact Player rule is being criticised by many. Here’s a look at how the rule has been received so far

“I’m not a big fan of the Impact Player. You are taking out so much from the game just to make little entertainment.”

Photo Credit: Rohit Sharma

“Please remove this Impact Sub thing, the wickets are already flat, previously, it used to be slow at times, but the batters now come out swinging at absolutely everything.”

Photo Credit: Mohammed Siraj

“From a player’s and a coach’s point of view, the game would be much easier if you just pick your best 11 and put the 11 on the park and go and play.” 

Photo Credit: Ricky Ponting

“I think it’s a good thing for the game. Eventually the game might get to just the batting team and a bowling team and a fielding team.” 

Photo Credit: David Warner

“I am not a big fan of the rule, because as an allrounder I know that they will either take a proper batsman or a bowler, not an allrounder.”

Photo Credit: Axar Patel

“With 12 players, even if four wickets are down, the next player is not scared of getting out, they come and play their shots. So either the nature of tracks should be changed or 12 players should not be allowed.”

Photo Credit: Mukesh Kumar