Cricket set to be included in the Olympics in Los Angeles 2028

Cricket, flag football, baseball and softball have been finalised for inclusion in the Olympics by the Los Angeles Organising Committee, according to reports

Out from the 2028 Olympics programme are breakdancing, motorsports, kickboxing and karate

The sports being added will be announced after discussion between the LA organising committee and the IOC in Mumbai on Sunday

Cricket has been played only once in the Olympics, in 1900, between Great Britain and France. Great Britain registered a 185-run victory in a 12-a-side match

At the 2028 Games, cricket will be in T2O format for both men and women

England is the reigning world champion in men’s T20, while Australia wears the crown in women’s T20 at the moment

The limit for the number of athletes at the Summer Olympics is set at 10,500. The addition of five team sports to LA 2028 could require the IOC to revisit plans