PBL: Awadhe trumps defending champion Chennai in opener

Welcome to Sportstar's live coverage of the Premier Badminton League. In today's match defending champion Chennai Smashers squares off with Awadhe Warriors.

Updated : Dec 23, 2017 22:59 IST , CHENNAI

P.V. Sindhu will spearhead the Chennai Smashers.
P.V. Sindhu will spearhead the Chennai Smashers.

P.V. Sindhu will spearhead the Chennai Smashers.

It is badminton time again with the Premier Badminton League (PBL) kicking off in Guwahati today.

The inaugural match between defending champion Chennai Smashers and Awadhe Warriors has become an affair of secondary importance due to the possible face-off between the two World and Olympic medallists - P.V. Sindhu and Saina Nehwal.

This is how the team's look like:

Awadhe Warriors: Packed with formidable warriors!

Chennai Smashers: Sindhu the spearhead!


We have LIVE action coming your way in a few minutes time!

We have the lineups ready. The blockbuster Sindhu vs Saina will not be happening as Awadhe Warriors has chose not to field its star player today. This is why Saina hasn't taken to the courts today.

Each tie will have three games and each game will be of 15 points.

Tie 1: Mixed doubles: Chris Adcock/Gabrielle Adcock vs Tang Chun Man/Christinna Pederson

Tie 2: Men's singles: Daniel Farid vs Parupalli Kashyap (trump match for Awadhe)

Tie 3: Men's singles: Brice Leverdez vs Kidambi Srikanth

Tie 4: Men's doubles: Chris Adcock/Lee Yang vs Hendra Setiawan/Or Chin Chung

Tie 5: Women's singles: P.V. Sindhu vs Sai Uttejitha Rao (trump match for Chennai)


It is Awadhe Warriors who have had the upper hand on the first day, winning 4-3 over Chennai Smashers. The defending champion isn't off to the best of starts but it would hope to bounce back in its next game.

Tie 5: Women's singles: P.V. Sindhu (CHE) vs Sai Uttejitha Rao (AWA) (trump match for Chennai) Sindhu wins the tie and Chennai wins the tie. Awadhe leads 4-3.

It is the match that everyone has been waiting for. India's Rio Olympic silver medalist P.V. Sindhu will be in action. She will face Sai Uttejitha Rao, in what is a trump match for Chennai Smashers.

15-9 Sai Uttejitha Rao finds the net again as Sindhu wins the game and Chennai Smashers win the tie 15-10, 15-9.

14-9 Match point for Sindhu and Chennai Smashers.

13-9 Sindhu times it well to the backcourt and gets the point.

11-9 Awadhe losing the plot here. Sai hits out and wide.

9-8 Another error, another net shot by Sai and Sindhu gets the lead.

8-8 Sindhu on level terms. She smashes it and Sai gets the return on the net.

7-8 That was a good shot by Sindhu. Takes the smash and returns well to Sai's backhand corner.

6-8 Sai Uttejitha Rao goes into the break with a two-point lead.

6-6 A good forehand winner by Sindhu and Chennai Smashers draws level.

5-6 Missed opportunity for Sai to extend the lead. She sends on out, cross court and Sindhu gets the point. That shot could have been controlled better.

4-5 Sindhu gets back as Sai makes a couple of unforced errors.

2-5 Three back to back points for Sai and Awadhe trying to stage a comeback in the game.

2-4 Sindhu tries to smash but gets on the net. Sai gets a two-point lead.

2-3 Sindhu sends a backhand way out, down the line. Awadhe with a one-point lead.

2-2 Sindhu gets back on level terms.

2-0 Awadhe in the lead. Sai gets the early lead with unforced errors from Sindhu.

Second game begins

15-10 A comfortable first game for Sindhu. She is in the lead now.

14-10 Game point for Chennai and Sindhu.

13-10 Sai packs a punch on serve and the shuttle lands out of the baseline.

12-9 Sindhu uses her height to advantage as she sends a backhand shot from close range to flummox Sai.

Sai goes for a challenge. The umpire called Sindhu's shot, at the baseline in and the Awadhe player immediately goes for a review. The call stands as the shuttle just hits the baseline on the edge and it is 11-9, in favour of Sindhu.

9-8 Sai finds the net, in an attempted return off a Sindhu dribble.

8-8 Sindhu sends backhand out, down the line.

8-7 Sindhu goes into the break with the lead. It is Chennai's trump match.

6-4 Awadhe in the lead. Sindhu hits wide in an attempted smash.

4-5 Sai takes the lead. That's was a good play by the Awadhe player.

4-3 A weak return by Sindhu. Sai smashes it to Sindhu's backhand corner and the Chennai player doesn't return well. Chennai in the lead.

3-2 Good net play by both the players and Sai cannot get her dribble past the net. Sindhu takes the lead.

2-2 Sai gets on level terms with Sindhu at the start.

First game begins


Tie 4: Men's doubles: Chris Adcock/Lee Yang (CHE) vs Hendra Setiawan/Or Chin Chung (AWA)

Chennai Smashers wins the tie but trails Awadhe Warriors 1-4, with one match to play.

15-11 First points for Chennai Smashers. Chris Adcock and Lee Yang exult in happiness. 15-11, 10-15, 15-11 in favour of Chennai Smashers in the tie.

14-11 Match point for Chennai. Chris smashes it on Hendra's body and the Awadhe player cannot get his body out of the way and hits wide, on his courtside.

13-11 Awadhe crawling back. Will we see a fortunes fluctuating?

13-9 The shuttle hits the net and drops just short of Yang. Awade gets the point.

Chennai Smashers well on course for its first points in the match.

Yang calls for a review. The call is in on the Awadhe shot at the baseline and the decision is reversed after a video review. Chennai gets the point and is on 12-7, a healthy 5-point lead.

11-7 Great work from Yang. Smashes it from close range in a flash to the vacant area in the backcourt.

10-7 Chennai in the lead. Chris places it just inside the baseline and gets a point.

9-5 Lee Yang at the net. Takes the shuttle in a flash and sends his backhand shot dropping like a tracer bullet. No chance for the Awadhe players to get back.

8-4 Chennai Smashers take the lead into the break.

6-3 Chennai with the lead. Chris puts all his weight behind and smashes it straight at Chung, who can only return it to the net. A three-point lead for Chennai now.

3-2 Chris smashes it down the cross court and Chennai Smashers reduces the deficit by one.

2-0 A good rally. Full of net play. Chris cannot take the delicate drop shot and Awadhe in the lead.

Third game begins

10-15 Awadhe claims the second game and takes the tie to a deciding third set.

9-14 Game point for Awadhe!

8-13 The Chennai duo is trying to register a straight-game win but the Awadhe team looks set to take this one to a deciding third game.

7-12 Adcock tries to get his side back into the game but the Awadhe duo looks more poised to win this second game.

5-11 Yang finds the net as the Awadhe duo looks set to take this game.

3-8 Awadhe now extends its lead to five points.

2-6 Adcock finds the net as Awadhe races to a four-point lead.

2-4 Awadhe races to a quick lead in this second game.

Second game begins

15-11 The pair of Adcock and Yang pocket the first game.

13-10 Adcock scalps three quick points to take Chennai within two points of the first game. 

10-10 A sublime shot from a diving Lee Yang levels the scores again.

9-9 And we're on level terms now. What a closely-contested game this is!

8-7 What a scintillating point! The Awadhe side looking really good now.

6-5 Adcock's smash is just wide as the Awadhe team looks to claw its way back.

5-3 The Chennai duo race to a two-point lead.

3-2 A sublime smash from Lee earns Chennai the lead.

First game begins


Tie 3: Men's singles: Brice Leverdez (CHE) vs Kidambi Srikanth (AWA) (Kidambi Srikanth (AWA) defeated Brice Leverdez 15-12, 15-13. Awadhe Warriors lead 4-0.

A lot of work for Brice Leverdez as his team trails 0-3.

13-15 And there it is. Srikanth stages a brilliant comeback in the second game to seal the win.

13-14 WHAT A COMEBACK! Srikanth comes back from being 8-12 down to taking the lead now.

13-12 Srikanth claws his way back into the game and now trails Brice by a mere point.

12-10 An awful shot from Brice and Srikanth is right back in this tie!

12-8 Srikanth fires a thunderous smash but continues to trail his opponent by four points.

11-7 Srikanth sends another one wide as Brice is within four points of taking this game to a decider.

9-7 Srikanth dumps a forehand into the net as Brice extends his lead to two points.

7-7 An excellent point results in Srikanth levelling the scores at 7 apiece.

6-5 What a point! Brice plays a brilliant tweener but loses the point.

5-3 A brillaint backhand cross-court return extends Chennai's lead.

3-1 A 360 KMPH smash from Srikanth earns Awadhe its first point of the second game.

2-0 Brice takes two quick points to give Chennai an early lead.

Second game begins

12-15 Srikanth scalps four on the trot to soar to a three-point lead, and with that, he takes the first game.

12-11 Brice plays a huge smash to go back into the lead.

9-9 Awadhe draws level.

9-7 Brice keeps up the two-point lead for Chennai.

8-6 Brice walks into the break with a two-point lead as Srikanth cannot execute a drop shot to perfection.

7-5 A long rally. 41 shots and Brice gets the better of Srikanth as the Awadhe player cannot get his shot beyond the net.

6-5 Brice cannot time his backhand well from the backcourt and ends up hitting wide. Srikanth gets back into business.

6-3 Brice with a forehand winner and Chennai extends the lead.

5-3 Brice smashes it to Srikanth's right and Chennai has the early lead. A two-point difference now.

4-2 Srikanth executes a nice smash and Brice cannot retrieve it neat.

2-1 Chennai Smashers has started well. Gets the early lead as Srikanth commits a couple of unforced errors.

First game begins


Tie 2: Men's singles: Daniel Farid (CHE) vs Parupalli Kashyap (AWA)  (trump match for Awadhe)

If Awadhe wins this game, it will get two points and it it loses, 1 point is deducted.

Daniel Faird, ranked 225 in the world, is making is Premier Badminton League debut.

15-8 Awadhe gets two points in this trump match. Kashyap wins the second game easily and the tie 15-12, 15-8. The Awadhe Warriors lead Chennai Smashers 3-0.

14-8 Match point for Awadhe.

13-8 Two points on the trot for Farid. Kashyap hits out, down the line.

13-6 Awadhe is running away with this trump match. Farid finds the net.

11-6 Fariod smashes it to Kashyap's backcourt.

10-5 Kashyap sends down a smash after sending Farid to the forehand corner and returns it in a flash. It was tough for the Chennai-player to take Kashyap's shot.

8-5 Awadhe goes into the break with a three-point lead.

6-5 Awadhe in the lead but Farid gets the point. He triumphs in a 28-shot rally as he times the shuttle to perfection to Kashyap's forehand corner.

5-4 Kashyap wins a 33-shot rally. He smashes it and Farid is only a mute spectator.

4-4 It is even-stevens at the start of the second game. Both the players make some unforced errors.

Second game begins

15-12 Kashyap wins the first game. Awadhe goes 1 up in the second tie.

14-12 Game point for Kashyap. Farid makes a mistake at the net.

12-12 Kashyap takes one off the corner but cannot time his return. He is almost half grounded and hits out. That was a good take though, a cross court one.

11-11 Chennai and Awadhe on level terms. Kashyap takes a good dribble but cannot clear the net on the return.

11-9 Kashyap sends two smashes down, one on Farid's backhand corner and the other on the forehand to win two points on the trot.

9-8 Chennai with the lead. Kashyap tries a dribble at the net but the shuttle hits the edge of the racquet and falls in his court.

8-8 Kashyap sends a thunderous smash down the line and is back on level terms.

8-6 Farid takes a good cross court return but can only get the shuttle to the net as Kashyap tries to reduce the deficit.

8-5 An unforced error by Kashyap and Farid opens a 3-point lead.

7-5 Farid with the lead. Kashyap hits it just wide on the side.

5-5 Kashyap draws parity. Farid gets to the net and his attempted drop shot isn't executed well.

4-3 Kashyap reduces the deficit. He draws Farid near the net with a couple of drop shots and sends one to the backcourt with a thunderous smash.

4-2 Faird with the early lead. He is using the court well and is has good moves. Another net shot by Kashyap.

2-2 On level terms soon after the start as Kashyap finds the net with his forehand.

First game begins


Tie 1: Mixed doubles: Chris Adcock/Gabrielle Adcock (CHE) vs Tang Chun Man/Christinna Pederson (AWA)

15-11 What a match! Awadhe clinches the first tie. Christinna runs to the net and sends a forehand winner, way out of Chris Adcock's reach. Awadhe Warriors has bounced back from a match down to win the first tie 10-15, 15-5, 15-11.

14-11 Match point for Awadhe.

13-11 Awadhe opening up the lead. Christinna finds some vacant space in the backcourt and times the shuttle to perfection. The Adcocks misses it.

12-11 Awadhe in the lead. Chris sends a backhand shot wide.

11-10 Chennai in the lead. Tang cannot time his forehand and ends up hitting out. The Adcocks are pumped up.

10-9 Chris at the net and Smashers trails by one point.

9-8 Awadhe in the lead again. Tang sends a good smash down the line, right in between the Adcocks.

7-7 Christinna cannot take Chris' backhand shot clean and finds the net.

7-6 Chris cannot take the shuttle on the backcourt and hits it wide.

6-6 The Adcocks on level terms now. Gabrielle with some good work at the net.

6-3 The Awadhe Warriors with the lead now. Gabrielle was engaged in a duel with Tang and finally had to hit wide, in a cross court attempt. It was smash-return-smash-return-smash and finally out.

3-3 Awadhe on level terms.

The first challenge. Chris Adcock with the challenge. His cross court backhand flick was called wide and it stays wide. Chennai loses one review. 3-2 for Chennai Smashers now.

3-1 Tang gets to the net from the backcourt, off a Chris smash, and Chennai Smashers opens up a two-point lead.

2-0 The Adcocks with the early lead in the third and final game of the first tie.

Third game begins

15-5 Awadhe restores parity. Tang and Christinna have been on the top of their game and didn't give the Adcock pair a chance to crawl back. Awadhe wins the second game 15-5 and the first tie is deadlocked at 1 game each.

14-5 Game point for Awadhe.

12-4 A superb serve by Christinna. Gabrielle can return it to the net only.

11-4 Another net strike by Chris and Awadhe looks to be running away with this game.

10-4 Chris gets the net and Awadhe with a six-point lead.

9-4 Tang sends a couple of good smashes from the backcourt. While Chris returns the first one, the second crosscourt smash proves too good for Gabrielle.

8-4 Tang and Christinna walk into a break with a four-point lead.

6-3 The Awadhe pair is mixing it up well. Tang and Christinna have been good with their forehand winners and placements. The Adcocks have to just pull up their game in time.

2-0 Awadhe takes the lead again. The Adcocks have just not been on target, getting it wide.

Second game begins

15-10 Chennai Smashers draws first blood. Wins the first game.

14-9 Christinna saves one game point with a smash that bisects the Adcocks with precision.

13-9 Tang gets to the net off a forehand smash. Chennai with a four-point lead now.

11-9 Chennai Smashers with a two-point lead. The Awadhe pair misjudges the serve and it falls well inside the line.

9-8 Chennai Smashers is in the lead now. Chris with some good work at the net and Tang cannot get in time to take the shuttle.

8-7 Gabrielle sends a smash and Christinna sends it out. Chennai trails by one.

7-6 The Adcocks are slowly making their moves. A couple of good winners keeping them in good stead and the lead for Awadhe is just one point.

7-4 Chennai crawling back. Chris sending one to the backcourt and Tang missing the take. Awadhe has a three-point lead.

4-1 Awadhe Warriors have the early lead. A plethora of unforced errors from Chennai Smashers.

First game begins


We have Kidambi Srikanth, who is all geared up for the clash.

The league is formally inaugurated.

With already a packed calendar, how do you think the PBL will be for the players? Click here to read what the organisers of the league say.

Incase, you missed the preview, click here to read it.


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