I wasn't lost or confused - Nawalka defends Poland decisions

Poland crashed out of the World Cup at the first hurdle, but Adam Nawalka strongly responded to his critics on Thursday.

Poland coach Adam Nawalka hit back at his critics ahead of departing the World Cup, insisting his systems were not to blame and those doubting his decisions did not have the analysis to support those claims.

Nawalka's men were the top seeds in Group H, yet they finished bottom of the table and only tasted victory against Japan after they had already been eliminated.

The Poland coach chopped and changed his line-ups throughout the tournament, but defended his actions, telling one reporter that he was not "lost" or "confused".

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Answering a lengthy question from the journalist with an even longer answer, Nawalka challenged several points as he reiterated that the current pool of players available to Poland made it difficult to compete.

"When it comes to systems, I don't think there was a problem with playing different systems. We would lose with three or four defenders," Nawalka began, at a news conference. "You have not drawn the right conclusions.

"We have tried to optimise the use of the entire squad of 23. Perhaps in the European Championships, the XI that played regularly in particular clubs in Europe were in a very good rhythm. They were in different form.

"Today, we had to face a different situation and we had to manage it. It's only a superficial estimate that you have presented [on the number of players used] and I disagree with your judgements on tactics.

"I have an entire load of information about the players during training and during matches. I think you're an excellent expert, but I base myself on the information I have in my information bank.

"I make decisions before the match. You're discussing conclusions after the match. I certainly didn't get lost and I didn't get confused.

"Were there too many substitutions? No, I wanted to optimise the use of all the footballers in our squad. They were based on analysis.

"We had to see different solutions and play different systems because, in a difficult match against Colombia, the team didn't play as it was supposed to play. The organisation of the play was not very good, both in attack and defence.

"That's why we had to make such decisions. That's why we selected young players. I don't think it was an easy World Cup. The European Championships also indicated selecting a squad is not easy.

"There are not too many young players who play very, very well - this I agree with. Because we have broadened our selection, that is why we were to some extent successful and able to select a broader team, from which I hope Poland will benefit from in the future.

"I hope you are going to be at all these big events and you can draw conclusions. You can be a proactive expert and continue to add optimism and confidence to players and supporters."

Asked if he would depart after a disappointing campaign, Nawalka replied: "I'm at the disposal of the board of the Polish FA. First, we have to make a meticulous analysis. I'll prepare a report. I don't want to make any declarations."

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