Hockey World Cup 2018 highlights: Germany beats Malaysia 5-3

Hockey World Cup 2018: Malaysia vs Germany: Timm Herzbruch scored twice as Germany entered the quarterfinals with a 5-3 win Malaysia at the Kalinga Stadium, Bhubaneswar.

Germany smashed four goals past the Dutch in the second match to top the Pool D.   -  Getty Images

Welcome to Sportstar's minute-by-minute commentary of the Hockey World Cup 2018 Pool D match of Malaysia vs Germany.


Germany becomes the fourth team to enter the quarterfinals as the match between Netherlands and Pakistan will decide the second and third positions of Pool D.


FULL-TIME: Germany 5-3 Malaysia

Fourth Quarter

59' GERMANY SCORE! That should be game for Germany. Die Honamas turn a defence of penalty corner into an attack within seconds through Dan Nguyen, who passes it to Niklas Wellen who passes it towards the far post for Timm Herzbruch to tap home.

58' Tom Grambusch's dragflick hits a Malaysian runner on the stick handle and the umpire awards a second penalty corner to Germany. Malaysia asks for a referral and win a free hit after the ball hit was above the knee.

57' Malaysia is in a fix now as Marhan Jalil is shown a yellow card for a cynical foul on Christopher Ruhr. The Asian Games silver medallist is down to nine players.

54' Mats Grambusch battles with Firhan Ashari on the left flank for the ball, but the latter's push on the German earns him a green card.

52' Malaysia captain Sukri Mutalib comes up with a crucial intervention to prevent Christopher Ruhr from entering the circle from the left.

50' Another penalty corner goes in vain for Germany as Lukas Windfeder drags his shot wide off the far post.

49' Germany wins a penalty corner and Kumar's save falls for Mats Grambusch who hits it over the crossbar.

47' After the first three quarters saw the game played inside the final fourths at both ends, the midfields have been beefed up in Q4.

Third Quarter


45' Another penalty corner for Malaysia, won by Tengku Tajuddin. But Razie Rahim's strike is blocked by the Martin Haner.

42' MALAYSIA SCORES! Malaysia finds its way back again and its a penalty corner strike from Razie Rahim. The defender makes sure he sends the goalkeeper the wrong way and places his dragflick in the centre.

39' GOAL GERMANY! This time it is not a false dawn for the two-time champion. Niklas Wellen unleashes a reverse hit towards the far post which could have gone off the target, but Marco Miltkau shows superb reflexes by deflecting it into the net. Germany 4-2 Malaysia!

38' Germans thought that they have scored the team's fourth goal, but Niklas Wellen's shot on the bounce is off the back of the stick and is deemed invalid.

Trivia: It was Germany which denied Malaysia its first medal finish in 1975, Kaula Lumpur when it beat the host 4-0 in the semifinal. The match also remains the only previous encounter between the sides at the World Cup.

36' So far, the defences have come out on top despite the end-to-end nature of the attacks. Chritopher Ruhr is shown a green card for a stick check on Firhan Ashari.

31' Malaysia is quickly off the blocks as it makes the first attack of Q3 with a lob over the German defence from the deep. But the umpire indicates a dangerous play.

They got their entertainment so far, will Malaysia pull off an upset here?


HALF-TIME: Malaysia 2-3 Germany

Second Quarter

30' The two goals have spiked the noise levels inside the Kalinga Stadium and the German defence is suddenly at sea as Tengku Tajuddin goes close, only to be denied by Martin Haner's timely interception.

28' GOAL MALAYSIA! The Malaysian Tigers have their tails up! The first goal seems to have injected a sense of belief and Nabil Noor scores from a variation at the far post after Razie Rahim passes the ball towards the right of the goal.

26' GOAL MALAYSIA! Two back-to-back penalty corners for Malaysia sees Razie Rahim score after an initial block by Windfeder.

23' Tengku Tajuddin wins a penalty corner for Malaysia. But the resultant dragflick by Faizal Saari is blocked by Lukas Windfeder.

22' Malaysia looks clueless at the back as Kumar Subramiam is drawn into two more saves to fend off Mats Grambusch.

18' GOAL GERMANY! Dan Nguyen steals possession in the German and puts Marco Miltkau through. The forward blazes his way through to the Malaysian circle and finds no one to mark him and smashes it into the far post.


17' Malaysia is down to ten men for a good portion of the second quarter after Azuan Hasan's shown the yellow card for his rough tackle on Christopher Ruhr.

First Quarter


14' Another penalty corner for Germany sees Martin Haner get ready to take the final shot, but the German captain's flick is saved by Kumar with a dive to his right.

14' RUHR MAKES IT 2-0! Azuan Hasan loses the ball outside the circle to Christopher Ruhr and forward makes Malaysia pay for it with a finish at the top right corner.

13' Kumar Subramiam makes two excellent saves, but some poor defending from Malaysia's outfield players results in a third penalty corner for Germany. Mats Grambusch takes the shot, but his shot is tipped over the bar by a Malaysian runner.

11' MISS! Malaysia wins its first penalty corner of the match, but Razie Rahim drags his shot wide off the post. There could have been Malaysian stick involved in the deflection.

6' Germany wins another penalty corner and captain Martin Haner stands the near post, but he deflects the ball over the crossbar.

3' CLOSE! Timm Herzbruch is at it again and gets the ball to the near post and then passes towards Christopher Ruhr. But the forward is unable to get a stick to it and the ball rolls out of play. A rollicking start for Die Honamas.

2' GOAL GERMANY! That was a superb bluff by the Germans on the edge of the penalty circle. The ball trap bounces on the edge and Germany works its way through three passes to reach Timm Herzbruch who scoops it into the roof of the net.

1' We are off for the final round of Pool D matches of the #HWC2018.

Belgium and Canada will face third and second placed teams in Pool D in the cross-overs. These are the current Pool D standings.



Germany Top Honours

  • Olympic gold medallist -1972, 1992, 2008, 2012
  • World Cup Winner - 2002, 2006
  • Champions Trophy - 1986, '87, '88, '91, '92, '95, '97, 2001, '07, '14
  • European Champion - 1970, '78, '91, '95, '99, 2003, '11, '13

Malaysia Top Honours

  • Olympics 8th place - 1972
  • World Cup 4th place - 1975
  • Champions Trophy 6th place - 1993
  • Commonwealth Games silver medallist - 1998
  • Asian Games Silver medallist - 2010, 2018