2018 Hockey World Cup - Quiz 2

Test your hockey knowledge as the Hockey World Cup 2018 kicks off in Bhubaneswar.

The Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar serves as host for the Hockey World Cup 2018. | Biswaranjan Rout

1. 1975 was a memorable edition as India and Pakistan faced off in the finals for the only time in the tournament's history. Who — son of the legendary Dhyan Chand — scored the winning goal?

2. The 1978 World Cup was the only time the tournament was not held in Australasia or Europe. Which country played host?

3. Which among the following was seen for the last time at the 1981-82 World Cup held in India?

4. The 1986 World Cup in England saw India plummet and finish last among the 12 competing teams. To whom did India lose in the 11-12 position match?

5. The 1978 World Cup was the first time a host nation won it. Which country? Interestingly, the second time a host nation triumphed was when the same country won in 1998.

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