In awe of Kumble & Warne

Harbhajan Singh has always been a big fan of Anil Kumble. He might be India’s leading spinner now, but Harbhajan says he’s still in awe of Kumble and Shane Warne’s ability to spin a web around the best of batsmen in the world. The 28-year-old off-spinner, who has become the spearhead of India’s spin attack following Kumble’s retirement last year, says the success of the slow bowlers in the IPL this year has proved wrong the perception that Twenty20 cricket was not meant for the tweakers.

“When this concept was in the pipeline the biggest threat was on the existence of the spinners as the format was not meant to be spinner supportive. To be more precise, the format was thought as the killer to the art of spin bowling. But look how it has taken a 360-degree turn for our creed. Now the spinning section of the team plays the pivotal role in this new avtaar of cricket,” Harbhajan writes in his blog on ‘bigadda’.

Compiled by K. Keerthivasan