Apr 17, 2018

Luis Norton de Matos: I need to sustain my project and my ideas

Coach Luis Norton de Matos discussed his thoughts on the FIFA under-17 World Cup and the road ahead for Indian football.



A Shaw causing awe!

Having already been elevated to the India A level, Prithvi is constantly striving to improve his performance and earn the India cap soon.


Sublime strokes, not subjugated by scores!

Favourite cricketers fall into two groups. Those watched at the ground, and those appreciated in the mind’s eye.

Food For Thought

Energy bars or dry fruits — an athlete’s quick fix charger!

Energy bars, today, represent a major convenience in an athlete’s hectic schedule.


Working out your cricket pre-season

The focus is on developing overall fitness rather than being skill specific.


Duration of Test matches

Over 81% of the Tests have been played over 5 days. That is on expected lines. The other 19% of Tests have had durations ranging between 3 days to ‘Timeless.’ An analysis.


Viswanathan Anand: Renaissance Man

It indeed was five unforgettable days for Anand at the Saudi Arabian capital. He played 38 games, and lost just one.


Sania Mirza: I owe a lot to my caring parents

“I have still a lot more to give on the tennis court. I will think of quitting only when I stop enjoying the sport,” says Sania Mirza.


Book review: Chase Your Dreams

The illustrated autobiographical work that caters to the inquisitive minds of the Master Blaster’s young fans in a manner that is both engaging and educative.


Luis Norton de Matos: I need to sustain my project and my ideas

Coach Luis Norton de Matos discussed his thoughts on the FIFA under-17 World Cup and the road ahead for Indian football.


Arrows project revival, a move in the right direction

It may seem like a pipe dream to consider India among the Asia’s best in a decade’s time but de Matos and the AIFF are squinting hard.


SA Diary: Stranded in beautiful Cape Town

The severe water crisis has not dampened the spirit of Cape Town and the city and its people are as vibrant as ever, celebrating the Minstrel Carnival and cricket of course.

Ranji Trophy 2019-20

Faiz Fazal: We never doubted ourselves

“The journey started a couple of months back when we started our camp. The match simulations that we did off session were really important.”

Fox In The Box

Pep Guardiola: Master at work

What is brilliant about Pep Guardiola is the fact that he adapts Manchester City’s shape and tactics without compromising on his philosophy.


A Cook special after England’s goose had been cooked!

In the backlash against the backlash to Alastair Cook’s innings, it became fashionable to say that the concept of dead rubbers is an invention of naysayers, and that every Test match has all the context it needs, in and of itself. This is surely a little too cute.


Pune is for keeps!

Tata Open Maharashtra, India’s ATP 250 event that moved from Chennai this season, seems to be in able hands; all international players were satisfied with the facilities and the weather acted as a boon.

Vantage Point

20 intriguing questions for the year

The year 2018 will likely be the year of transition. How much transition and who will rise and fall are the key questions.


Two Ranji finals in the same year!

 1 The number of occasions, when two finals of the Ranji Trophy were played in the same year. For the first time in the tournament’s history, the year ...


Scoffing at the underdog tag!

Vidarbha became the third team of the decade to win the Ranji Trophy for the first time. In fact, Vidarbha’s title also meant that in the last eight editions, there have been six Ranji Trophy champions.

On The Write Line

Indian cricket’s new power centres

Gujarat defeated defending champion Mumbai in last year’s Ranji Trophy final and this time Vidarbha beat Delhi, who have won the national championship many times in the past.