Khachanov vs Ruud HIGHLIGHTS, 2022 US Open semifinal: Ruud wins in four sets, becomes first Norwegian to reach US Open final

Ruud vs Khachanov, US Open 2022 semifinal: Catch the highlights of the 2022 US Open men’s singles semifinal between Casper Ruud of Norway and Karen Khachanov of Russia.

Updated : Sep 10, 2022 03:52 IST

Norway’s Casper Ruud (left) faces Russia’s Karen Khachanov (right) in the first men’s singles semifinal of the 2022 US Open.
Norway’s Casper Ruud (left) faces Russia’s Karen Khachanov (right) in the first men’s singles semifinal of the 2022 US Open.

Norway’s Casper Ruud (left) faces Russia’s Karen Khachanov (right) in the first men’s singles semifinal of the 2022 US Open.

Thanks for tuning into Sportstar’s live coverage of the 2022 US Open men’s singles semifinal between Norway’s Casper Ruud and Russia’s Karen Khachanov. This was Nihit Sachdevataking you through the action as it unfolded at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York.


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FOURTH SET (* denotes server)

Khachanov 2-6 Ruud*: Wide serve and Khachanov’s forehand return hits the net. Ruud keeps sending one forehand after another and eventually gets a return from Khachanov that goes beyond the baseline - 30-0 up. Inside-out forehand from Khachanov goes long. Three match points for Ruud. A perfect cross-court drop shot to seal the deal. Ruud beats Khachanov 7-6 (5), 6-2, 5-6, 6-2 to become the first Norwegian man to reach the US Open final!

Khachanov* 2-5 Ruud: Khachanov serving to stay in the match. Ruud wins the opening point with a swirling forehand pass. However, the Russian wins the next four to hold serve. Ruud to serve for a place in the final.

Khachanov 1-5 Ruud*: Ruud looked to be in trouble at 0-30 down with two unforced errors but found his serve just in time to win the next three on the trot including an ace. Khachanov’s return forehand finds the net. Ruud leads 5-1.

Khachanov* 1-4 Ruud: Basic forehand sent long by Khachanov at 15-all. Can’t afford to go down by a double break if he wants to stay alive in this match. Another unforced error, this time the attempted forehand down the line hits the net. Two break points for Ruud. One saved as Ruud sends a forehand return long. Another big serve and same result - deuce. Serve and volley to the rescue for the Russian - Ad-40. Deuce again as Ruud wrongfoots Khachanov and hits the inside-out forehand. Another break point for Ruud as Khachanov’s forehand down the line takes a deflection off the net and the ball lands beyond the baseline. Double break for Ruud as he hits the overhead smash down the line.

Khachanov 1-3 Ruud*: Ruud serving to consolidate the break. An ice-cold ace served wide at 40-15 and Norwegian holds serve to go 3-1 up.

Khachanov* 1-2 Ruud: Inside-out forehand followed by a cross-court volley winner - Ruud goes 30-0 up on Khachanov’s serve. The Norwegian fluffs an easy forehand return. Deep enough forehand from Ruud, the ball does not rise much and the Russian’s forehand goes into the net. Two break points for Ruud. STUNNING running forehand down the line from Ruud to go up by a break!!!

Khachanov 1-1 Ruud*: Solid service hold for Ruud. Keeps the pressure on Khachanov.

Khachanov* 1-0 Ruud: Ruud in within a chance straight away in the first game of the fourth. Lovely backhand passing shots from the back of the court by the Norwegian to go AD-40 up . However, he puts one inside-out forehand into the net and it is deuce again. Strong first serve helps the Russian save yet another break point. Just like third set, Khachanov survives a scare to hold serve,

THIRD SET (* denotes server)

Khachanov 7-5 Ruud*: Two solid returns from Khachanov and evetually, Ruud hits the backhand into the net. Next point sealed easily with an overhead system. A double fault at 15-all. Ruud is human after all. Khachanov has two set points as Ruud sends the forehand down the line wide! Inside-out forehand into the net from Ruud and Khachanov, from nowhere, wins the third set 7-5!

Khachanov* 6-5 Ruud: A rare miss on the second serve of Khachanov from Ruud as he hits the forehand into the net. At 40-15, Khachanov sets up the point with serve and volley. Messes up the volley and the ball lands long. Nervous of steels. Khachanov holds!

Khachanov 5-5 Ruud*: You can pretty much predict what is happening in the match. Love hold for Ruud makes it 5-5.

Khachanov* 5-4 Ruud: 14 aces in the match so far for Khachanov who holds to love. Ruud to serve to stay in the set.

Khachanov 4-4 Ruud*: Textbook stuff from Ruud so far. Getting the first serve deep and uncomfortable for Khachanov.

Khachanov* 4-3 Ruud: Third set looks destined for a tiebreak. Love hold for Khachanov.

Khachanov 3-3 Ruud*: Another comfortable service hold for the Norwegian.

Khachanov* 3-2 Ruud: Two consecutive aces to start the game for Khachanov. Big first serve and Ruud’s forehand return goes long - Khachanov 40-0 up. Loses the next point but manages to hold serve comfortably.

Khachanov 2-2 Ruud*: Ruud misses first serves, allows the Russian to get in the backhand returns, set up the rally and force the error out of the Norwegian - Khachanov up 30-0. Big moment in this third set. Khachanov gets a break point as Ruud’s running forehand, for the second time in this set, lands long. No harm done to Ruud though as he saves the break point with a perfectly set up forehand down the line - deuce. Wide serve to Khachanov’s forehand followed by a cross-court backhand - Ruud painting a picture here. Whoa! An uncharacteristic miss from Ruud as he gets the timing of the jump wrong and hits the overhead into the net - deuce #2. Ruud wins the next two points and holds serve. Opportunity missed for the Russian?

Khachanov* 2-1 Ruud: Much better service games from the Russian in this set. Very little scope for Ruud to do anything audacious. Things on serve for now in the third set.

Khachanov 1-1 Ruud*: Love hold for the Norwegian. As far as Ruud is concerned, he has never lost a match after winning the first two sets.

Khachanov* 1-0 Ruud: Big set for Khachanov and he starts well. Holds serve. Only twice has he come back from two sets to love down to win a Grand Slam match. Can today be third occasion?

SECOND SET (* denotes server)

Khachanov 2-6 Ruud*: Ruud to serve for the set. Begins with an ace served wide. Next one down the T, Khachanov’s return barely crosses the net and Ruud hits the forehand winner down the line. Another unforced error from the Russian as he overcooks the forehand. Three set points for Ruud. He needs only one though as he forces a long forehand return from the Russian. Ruud wins the second set 6-2.

Khachanov* 2-5 Ruud: An ace down the T and the Russian finally breaks Ruud’s run of 14 straight points. And follows it up with a double fault. Not enough elevation on the forehand down the line and the ball simply hits the net - 30-all. Ruud goes for the cross-court slice but this time, Khachanov reads it and hits forehand down the line winner. Ruud absolutely nails the backhand - deuce. An ace down the T and Khachanov manages to somehow hold serve.

Khachanov 1-5 Ruud*: Ruud is on a roll now. Thirteen consecutive points and he is up 40-0. Game Ruud. Easy as you like.

Khachanov* 1-4 Ruud: Khachanov commits a double fault at 0-15. More trouble. Ruud goes 40-0 up (nine points on the trot). A ferocious exchange of cross-court backhand shots and what does Ruud do? Send one down the line. Ruud up by a double break.

Khachanov 1-3 Ruud*: The Norwegian consolidates the break with a love hold. More pressure on Khachanov.

Khachanov* 1-2 Ruud: Precise shot selection from Ruud - brings Khachanov in with the slice and then lobs him with the ball landing well inside the baseline - Ruud 30-0 up. An ace from the Russian to reduce the deficit. Two unforced errors, one cross court forehand, the other inside-out forehand, and Khachanov gets his serve broken.

Khachanov 1-1 Ruud*: Two consecutive aces from 30-0 from Ruud. Love hold. Confidence.

Khachanov* 1-0 Ruud: Khachanov avoids a disastrous start to the second set, coming back from 0-40 down to hold serve.

FIRST SET (* denotes server)

Tiebreaker: Fifth ace for Khachanov but Ruud has the mini-break at 2-1. Body serve from Ruud, a weak backhand from Khachanov and the Norwegian ends it with a cross-court forehand winner to go 3-1 up. Wide serve this time from Khachanov and Ruud barely gets his racquet on the ball. Still, the Norwegian leads 4-2 at the change of ends. Strong serve down the T followed by an inside-out forehand winner takes Khachanov to 3-4. Down the T serve from Ruud and Khachanov’s forehand return goes long. Excellent hands from Ruud at the net, Khachanov goes for the lob and Ruud hits the backhand overhead past Khachanov to go up 6-3. Khachanov saves two set points on his serve. Can Ruud convert the third on his serve? I do not believe this. A 57-shot rally at 6-5 in the tiebreak and finally, Ruud finds the backhand down the line strong enough to find Khachanov out of position. Ruud takes the opening set 7-6 (5) and fittingly, DJ plays the song ‘Rude’ by MAGIC!

Khachanov* 6-6 Ruud: Khachanov to serve to stay in the set once again. Serves wide and follows it up with a double-handed down the line backhand winner. A thunderous inside-out forehand takes the Russian 40-0 up. Love hold for Khachanov. Tiebreak to decide the winner of this opening set.

Khachanov 5-6 Ruud*: An ace down the T to begin the game for Ruud. One-two combination working well for Ruud - strong first serve followed by a winner into the open court. Ruud leads.

Khachanov* 5-5 Ruud: Khachanov serving to stay in the set. Khachanov keeps testing the Ruud backhand with his cross-court forehand shots but after being unable to penetrate it, decides to go down the line. However, he hits it wide. An ace down the T at 15-all for Khachanov. Served wide, Ruud’s backhand return isn’t deep enough and Khachanovs hits the cross-court volley with Ruud’s running forehand landing into the net. The Russian holds serve.

Khachanov 4-5 Ruud*: Ruud puts in a perfect first serve down the T, Khachanov sends the chipped forehand return down the middle and Ruud sends the inside-out forehand wide - Khachanov 30-0 up. First ace for Casper Ruud and what a time to find it! It’s 30-all. However, Ruud misses the inside-out forehand again on the very next point and gifts a break point to the Russian. Serve down the T and Khachanov’s forehand return lands into the net - Deuce. Bounce of the Ruud forehand causing trouble for someone even as long as Khachanov who sends the forehand return way long - advantage Ruud. Ruud holds!

Khachanov* 4-4 Ruud: Serve and volley from Khachanov. However, he faulters on the latter and Ruud goes 15-0 up. Ruud stands a fair distance behind the baseline as compared to the Russian and keeps on return. Ultimately, one bounces awkwardly for Khachanov and Ruud goes 30-15 up. Backhand down the line goes long from Khachanov and gives Ruud two break points. Serve and volley tried again and this time, Khachanov makes an absolute mess of a regular cross-court volley. Back on serve.

Khachanov 4-3 Ruud*: Excellent play from Khachanov. Keeps Ruud running from end to another while closing the net and eventually gets the lift to hit a cross-court smash winner - 30-15. From 30-0 up, Ruud goes 30-40 down as he hits one forehand into the net. Break point for Khachanov. Slow second serve from Ruud, Khachanov sends the cross-court backhand return and Ruud’s cross-court backhand in reply goes beyond the baseline. Khachanov breaks.

Khachanov* 3-3 Ruud: Just like the previous two games, Khachanov hits an ace on the second point to go 30-0 up. Love hold.

Khachanov 2-3 Ruud*: Ruud makes Khachanov run to both corners of the baseline before finding the inside-out forehand winner. Another inside-out forehand and the Russian’s return lands into the net - 30-0. Faulty backhand from Khachanov. Strong serve down the T from Ruud and Khachanov’s return goes wide.

Khachanov* 2-2 Ruud: An ace down the T for Khachanov - his 90th of the tournament - and it is 15-all. Excellent volley from the Russian on a forehand aimed right at his body by Ruud. Eventually, the lob from Ruud goes long - 30-15. Khachanov holds.

Khachanov 1-2 Ruud*: Well, well. A love break for Khachanov and we are back on serve!

Khachanov* 0-2 Ruud: First ace of the match comes off the Russian’s racquet. Serves it out wide and gives Ruud no chance - 30-0. Ruud gets into the rallies on Khachanov’s second serves and forces out the errors - 30-all. Cross-court forehands exchanged and it is the Russian who sends one wide. Break point for Ruud. A gorgeous forehand down the line from Ruud and he gets the early break.

Khachanov 0-1 Ruud*: Ruud to serve first. Rallies of +10 shots on the first two points. Is this a sign of things to come? Khachanov won the first point but Ruud takes the opening game.

12:45AM IST: Warm-up is done. Game time!!!

12:35AM IST: Here we go. Karen Khachanov steps onto the court first followed by Casper Ruud. This is uncharted territory for the Russian who has never played in a Grand Slam semifinal.

12:20AM IST: Just 10 minutes to go for live action.

Here’s a stat Khachanov would look to improve when he faces Ruud tonight - the Russian has a 1-11 win loss record vs. Top 10 at Grand Slams with lone win over No. 9 Juan Martin Del Potro in fourth round of 2019 Roland Garros.

12:10AM IST: In case anyone is wondering, here are the various scenarios related to the race for World No. 1 (courtesy ATP Media)

  • Ruud (currently world number seven) will make biggest jump to No. 1 in history if he wins US Open title or reaches final and Carlos Alcaraz loses to Frances Tiafoe in the second semifinal.
  • Alcaraz, 19, will become youngest World No. 1 if he wins US Open title or reaches final and Ruud loses semifinal.
  • Rafael Nadal will return to No. 1 for ninth stint and 210th week if both Alcaraz and Ruud lose US Open semifinals.

12AM IST: Records on offer

If Ruud wins

  • He’ll be first Norwegian to reach the US Open final
  • He’ll be fourth Scandinavian US Open men’s finalist after Borg, Wilander and Edberg of Sweden

If Khachanov wins

  • World No. 31 Khachanov will be the second-lowest-ranked US Open men’s finalist in history behind No. 32 Kevin Anderson of South Africa in 2017.

11:55PM IST: Presentation ceremony for the men’s doubles final is done.

Next up: men’s singles semifinal between fifth-seeded Norwegian Ruud and 27th-seeded Russian Khachanov at Arthur Ashe Stadium.

11:45PM IST: JUST IN - Rajeev Ram of the US and Joe Salisbury of Great Britain successfully defend their US Open men’s doubles title with a 7-6 (4), 7-5 win over Dutchman Wesley Koohlof and Salisbury’s compatriot Neal Skupski. Ram/Salisbury becomes only the second team in Open Era to defend the US Open men’s doubles title (Woodbridge/Woodforde 1995-96).

11:35PM IST: Head-to-head record

Ruud and Khachanov have faced each other only once. The Norwegian beat the Russian 6-3, 3-6, 6-1 in the Round of 64 of the 2020 Rome Masters.

11:25PM IST: Run to the semifinals-

ROUND OF 128 BEAT KYLE EDMOND (GBR) 6-3, 7-5, 6-2 BEAT DENIS KUDLA (USA) 3-6, 6-1, 6-2, 6-2
ROUND 64 BEAT TIM VAN RIJTHOVEN (NED) 6-7 (4), 6-4, 6-4, 6-4 BEAT THIAGO MONTEIRO (BRA) 6-3, 6-3, 5-7, 6-4
ROUND OF 32 BEAT TOMMY PAUL (USA) 7-6 (3), 6-7 (5), 7-6 (2), 5-7, 6-0 BEAT JACK DRAPED (GBR) 6-3, 4-6, 6-5 RETD.
ROUND OF 16 BEAT CORENTIN MOUTET (FRA) 6-1, 6-2, 6-7 (4), 6-2 BEAT PABLO CARRENO BUSTA (ESP) 4-6, 6-3, 6-1, 4-6, 6-3
QUARTERFINALS BEAT MATTEO BERRETTINI (ITA) 6-1, 6-4, 7-6 (4) BEAT NICK KYRGIOS (AUS) 7-5, 4-6, 7-5, 6-7 (3), 6-4

11:15PM IST: Ruud will look to continue his bid for world number one. Khachanov will hope to make it to his maiden Grand Slam final. Who’s magical run will end tonight in New York? Stay tuned as I take you through all the pre-match buildup!


Norwegian fifth seed Casper Ruud, who also has a link to Nadal having honed his tennis skills at the Spaniard's tennis academy in Mallorca, is the other player in contention to dethrone Daniil Medvedev as world number one.

To keep his hopes of a maiden Grand Slam title and climbing to the top of the rankings alive, the French Open finalist will need to find a way past Russian Karen Khachanov.

While Ruud is known to thrive on clay, winning three titles on the surface this year as well as finishing runner-up to Nadal at Roland Garros, he showed his hardcourt credentials by reaching the Miami final this year.

"I'm honestly a bit surprised that I made it to the semis here," said Ruud, who produced a dominant performance over Italy's Matteo Berrettini in the quarter-final.

"I have developed my hardcourt game a lot the last year or two, and I think Miami this year showed me - and I proved to myself - that I can beat good players and reach later stages in big hard court tournaments."

Khachanov had a rough run-up to New York when he suffered early exits in Washington, Montreal and Cincinnati but showed he could hold his nerve even in the toughest moments when he outlasted fiery Australian Nick Kyrgios in a five-set quarter-final.

"It's like one more step forward," said Khachanov, who had never before made it past the third round at the US Open. "I'm really, really happy I could do it."

A first-time Grand Slam winner is guaranteed in Flushing Meadows, with the last four men left standing never having hoisted a major trophy.

- Reuters

Live Streaming Info When and where to watch?

The 2022 US Open men’s singles semifinal between Casper Ruud of Norway and Karen Khachanov of Russia will be telecast live on Sony Sports Network and streamed live on the Sony Liv App from 12:30AM IST on Saturday, September 10.

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