Murali Sreeshankar finishes sixth, Long Jump, Monaco Diamond League 2022 HIGHLIGHTS: Masso Maykel wins maiden title

Long Jump HIGHLIGHTS, Monaco Diamond League 2022: Get all the updates, results and highlights of the long jump final 

Long jumper Murali Sreeshankar recently won the silver medal in the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

Long jumper Murali Sreeshankar recently won the silver medal in the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham. | Photo Credit: Reuters

Long Jump HIGHLIGHTS, Monaco Diamond League 2022: Get all the updates, results and highlights of the long jump final 

Men’s Long Jump, Monaco Diamond League 2022 HIGHLIGHTS

Masso Maykel beats Tentoglou Miltiadis to win the Monaco Diamond League 2022 with a leap of 8.35m. It’s the first Diamond League title for the 23-year-old Cuban. Greek Miltiadis’ two 8.30m jumps were not enough to beat the Cuban on this occasion. USA’s Dendy Marquis shares the second position with Miltiadis, while Tajay Gayle settles for the third position with a jump of 8.06m. Murali Sreeshankar’s fifth attempt of 7.94 helped him finish sixth.

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  • ⦿Masso Maykel (Cuba) - X. It seems he will take the gold for jumping 8.35m in the second set.
  • ⦿ Tentoglou Miltiadis (Greece) - 8.30
  • ⦿Dendy Marquis (USA) - 8.30. Good fight for silver. Both Marquis and Miltiadis are currently tied at 8.31m that came in the 3rd set. It seems they will share the silver medal.
  • ⦿ Tajay Gayle (Jamaica) - Didn’t attempt.
  • ⦿ Montler Thobias (Switzerland) - Dind’t attempt
  • ⦿ Sreeshankar (India) - Didn’t attempt
  • ⦿ Furlani Mattia (Italy) - Didn’t attempt
  • ⦿ Konate Erwan (France) - Didn’t attempt
  • ⦿ Pommery Jules (France) - Didn’t attempt
  • ⦿ McCarter Steffin (USA) - Didn’t attempt
23:19PM IST

Murali Sreeshankar did better in the fifth set with a leap of 7.94m. But he is yet to cross the 8m barrier here in Monaco. Can he do it in the sixth and final set?


  • ⦿ Masso Maykel (Cuba) - Didn’t attempt
  • ⦿Tentoglou Miltiadis (Greece) - 8.29. Only one jump is remaining in the competition. Can he beat Masso Maykel?
  • ⦿ Dendy Marquis (USA) - Didn’t attempt
  • ⦿ Tajay Gayle (Jamaica) - 8.05
  • ⦿Montler Thobias (Switzerland) - X
  • ⦿Sreeshankar (India) - 7.94. It’s his best jump in the competition.
  • ⦿ Furlani Mattia (Italy) - 6.80
  • ⦿ Konate Erwan (France) - 7.66
  • ⦿ Pommery Jules (France) - Didn’t attempt
  • ⦿ McCarter Steffin (USA) - Didn’t attempt


  • ⦿MASSO Maykel (Cuba) - X
  • ⦿ Tentoglou Miltiadis (Greece) - 8.30
  • ⦿ Dendy Marquis (USA) - 8.17
  • ⦿Tajay Gayle (Jamaica) - 8.06. His best jump of the season. He is capable of doing much better. He has a PB of 8.69 which is the best of the pack.
  • ⦿Montler Thobias (Switzerland) - X. He oversteps 0.1 cm.
  • ⦿ Furlani Mattia (Italy) - 7.46
  • ⦿Konate Erwan (France) - 7.62. The regaining World U-20 Championships gold medallist is looking out of shape. He is no where close to his SB (8.08) and PB (8.12).
  • ⦿Sreeshankar (India) - 7.69. The Indian looks jaded. He is nowhere close to his best.
  • ⦿ Pommery Jules (France) - Didn’t Attempt
  • ⦿ McCarter Steffin (USA) - Didn’t Attempt
22:52PM IST

Olympic bronze medallist Masson Makley is currently leading the table with his season-best jump of 8.35m. The reigning Olympic champion Miltiadis is trailing with his best jump of 8.31m. 


  • ⦿ Masso Maykel (Cuba) - X. It’s not a legal jump. The Cuban oversteps 0.1 cm
  • ⦿Tentoglou Miltiadis (Greece) - 8.31
  • ⦿Dendy Marquis (USA) - 8.31. The American improves his jump by .30m and takes the second position on the chart along with Miltiadis.
  • ⦿Montler Thobias (Switzerland) - 7.96. His jumps were flagged illegal in his last two attempts. But now, he is fourth on the chart at the end of 3rd set.
  • ⦿ Tajay Gayle (Jamaican) - 7.91. Much better than his last two jumps.
  • ⦿ Furlani Mattia (Italy) - 7.67
  • ⦿ Konta Erwan (France) - 7.87
  • ⦿Sreeshankar (India) - 7.83. He is yet to achieve his CWG mark of 8.08m. Sreeshankar needs to raise his game in the remaining three jumps to be in contention for a podium finish.
  • ⦿ Pommery Jules (France) - 7.74
  • ⦿ McCarter Steffin (USA) - 7.82. So far his best in the competition.


  • ⦿Masso Maykel (Cuba) - 8.35m. He takes the lead and achives the season-best mark. His previous SB was 8.15.
  • ⦿ Tentoglou Miltiadis (Greece) does better with an 8.27m jump.
  • ⦿Dendy Marquis (USA) - X
  • ⦿ McCarter Steffin (USA) - 7.41
  • ⦿Sreeshankar (India) - 7.84m. He does better than his first jump but he is still far away from his season best (8.36).
  • ⦿Fulrani Mattia (France) - 7.50. He remains fourth on the chart due to his better jump in the first set.
  • ⦿ Pommery Jules (France) - 7.83
  • ⦿ Konate Erwan (France) - 5.66
  • ⦿Tajay Gayle - X. The Jamaican oversteps 1 cm.
  • ⦿Montler Thobais (Switzerland) - X. Thoabis oversteps 0.3 cm.


  • ⦿Tentoglou Miltiadis (Greece) - x
  • ⦿ Masson Mykel (Cuba) jumps 8.04m. He is leading the first set
  • ⦿ Dendy Marquis (USA) is the next to jump 8.01
  • ⦿ Furlani Mattia (Italy) - 7.90
  • ⦿ Pommery Jules (France) - 7.90
  • ⦿Sreeshankar (India) comes up with a 7.61 m jump
  • ⦿ McCarter Steffin (USA) did a jump of 7.59
  • ⦿ Konate Erwan (France) - 7.55
  • ⦿Tajay Gayle (Jamaica) - X
  • ⦿Montler Thobias (Switzerland) - X
22:05PM IST

Here. We. GO! The athletes are lining up.

21:50PM IST

It will be a test for nerves for the young Sreeshankar. He has just won his maiden CWG long jump silver in Birmingham. Will he be able to make yet another podium finish in Monaco tonight?

21:30PM IST

Here’s a look at the 10 athletes competing in tonight’s long jump event.

1Miltiadis TENTOGLOUGRE8.608.36
2Maykel MASSOCUB8.398.15
3Steffin MCCARTERUSA8.268.15
4Marquis DENDYUSA8.428.16
5Tajay GAYLEJAM8.697.97
7Erwan KONATEFRA8.128.08
10Thobias MONTLERSWE8.278.27
9Mattia FURLANIITA8.048.04
10Jules POMMERYFRA8.178.17


Long jumper Murali Sreeshankar will be in action at the 2022 Monaco Diamond League in Monaco on Wednesday. This will be his first competition after winning the silver medal in the Commonwealth Games 2022 in Birmingham.

This will be the 23-year-old Indian athlete's first Diamond League in 2022 after missing the Stockholm leg in June due to visa processing for the World Athletics Championships in Oregon.

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At Birmingham 2022, Sreeshankar, competing in his maiden CWG, won the silver medal with an effort of 8.08 metres. He was at par with Bahamas' LaQuan Nairn but the latter was declared the winner of the final as he had a better second-best jump than the Indian.

At the Diamond League in Monaco, however, the competition will be tougher than the Birmingham CWG. Sreeshankar may have to raise his effort in order to make a podium finish.

The start list of the long jump event is comprised of Olympic champion Miltiadis Tentoglou of Greece and Cuba’s Maykel Masso, who won bronze at the Tokyo Olympics. Olympic silver medallist Juan Miguel Echevarria is not taking part in the event.

Sreeshankar, however, has had the season-best leap along with Miltiadis. Both jumped 8.36m this season. It is also Sreeshankar's best effort and the Indian national record.

But the Greek has a personal best of 8.60m, while Masso is not too far from Sreeshankar's best effort with a personal best of 8.39m.

When and where to watch Murali Sreeshankar’s long jump final at 2022 Monaco Diamond League?
The 2022 Monaco Diamond League long jump final, where India’s Murali Sreeshankar will compete, will take place in Birmingham at 10:00 PM IST on August 10.
The Long jump final will be telecast on Sports18 1 and Sports18 1 HD TV channels in India and be streamed online on Voot Select.
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