PBL: Hyderabad decimates North East

Follow the live commentary of the Premier Badminton League 2017 match between North Eastern Warriors and Hyderabad Hunters.

Updated : Dec 24, 2017 23:18 IST

North Eastern Warrior's will be lead by Ajay Jayaram while  Carolina Marin will be captaining Hyderabad Hunters.
North Eastern Warrior's will be lead by Ajay Jayaram while Carolina Marin will be captaining Hyderabad Hunters.

North Eastern Warrior's will be lead by Ajay Jayaram while Carolina Marin will be captaining Hyderabad Hunters.

Welcome to Sportstar's live coverage of the Premier Badminton League. After a pulsating opening day, where Awadhe Warriros trumped Chennai Smashers, we hope to be in for another humdinger as North Eastern Warriors takes on Hyderabad Hunters.

In case, you need a recap of how Awadhe got the better of Chennai, please click here .

This is how the schedule looks like for an amazing Sunday evening. And by the way, the North Eastern Warriors is making its Premier Badminton League debut today.

Tie 1: Men's doubles: Kim Gi Jung/Shin Baek Cheol (NEW) vs Markis Kido/Yoo Yeon Seong (HH)

Tie 2: Men's singles: Ajay Jayaram (NEW) vs Lee Hyun Il (HH)

Tie 3: Women's singles: Michelle Li (NEW) vs Carolina Marin (HH) ( Trump match for Hyderabad )

Tie 4: Men's singles: Wang Tzu Wei (NEW) vs Sai Praneeth (HH) ( Trump match for North East )

Tie 5: Mixed doubles: Shin Baek Cheol/Prajakta Sawant (NEW) vs Satwik Sairaj/Pia Zebadiah (HH)


So, that is it. Hyderabad Hunters have decimated the first-timers North East Warriors 5-2. North East Warriors just managed to win one tie out of five.

Tie 5: Mixed doubles: Shin Baek Cheol/Prajakta Sawant (NEW) vs Satwik Sairaj/Pia Zebadiah (HH)

(Hyderabad Hunters wins the fifth tie and beats North East Warriors 5-2)

11-15 Hyderabad wins the second game and it has been an exceptional performance. Hyderabad Hunters wins 15-8, 15-11.

11-14 Satwik sends a tracer bullet from the back court. Match point for Hyderabad.

11-13 Pia sends a good forehand winner. Takes her body at the right time to execute the shot.

10-12 Prajakta leaves a Pia forehand. A misjudgement of positions from the North East players.

9-11 Shin goes long at the baseline.

Satwik in some brilliant form in this game. His reflexes are top notch.

8-10 What a smash from Satwik. He is in full form today. His shot is too fast for Prajakta for a return.

8-9 A good cross court finish by Prajakta and it drops on Satwik faster than he expected.

7-9 Shin cannot reach for a drop shot and misses the return. Hyderabad wins the 20-shot rally.

7-8 A rare lapse by Satwik. He misses a forehand regulation return.

6-8 Shin turns around qucikly and sends a backhand towards Pia and the Hyderabad player misses it.

5-8 It is advantage Hyderabad Hunters at the mid-game break.

Satwik challenges a call on the baseline. And the call stands out. Satwik loses a challenge. 5-7 now, with Hyderabad in the slender lead.

3-7 Forehand winner by Satwik again.

3-6 North East partnership isn't working. The players making too many unforced errors and Hyderabad wins the point.

2-4 Satwik sends a Prajakta's cross court forehand into the net.

1-4 A good winner by Pia and Hyderabad takes a 3-point lead.

1-3 North East pulls one back.

0-2 Satwik in tremendous control as he sends a cross court smash and Prajakta with no answer to his power.

Second game begins

8-15 Hyderabad Hunters wins the first game 15-8.

8-14 North East saves a game point.

7-14 That was an excellent smash by Satwik. He is using his height to his advantage. Game point for Hyderabad. 

7-12 A good dribble by Shin and Pia cannot take it. North East gets the point.

Satwik challenges a call and the decision is overturned. 6-11 in favour of Hyderabad now.

6-9 A good winner by Prajakta at the net.

5-8 Hyderabad Hunters go into the break with the lead.

5-7 Prajakta finds the net.

4-6 Satwik using his height to his advantage. Smashes it well to win the point.

3-5 Satwik with a smash, cross court and Prajakta has no chance.

3-4 Hyderabad players judge Shin's shot well and leave it and it goes beyond the baseline.

1-1 Satwik smashes it and Prajakta with a weak return.

First game begins


Tie 4: Men's singles: Wang Tzu Wei (NEW) vs Sai Praneeth (HH) ( Trump match for North East )

(North East Warriors wins the fourth tie but trails Hyderabad Hunters 4-2)

15-6 Wang Tzu Wei wins the match, coming back from a set down, and North East gets 2 points on the board. Wang wins 11-15, 15-6, 15-6. He wins seven points on the trot.

14-6 What a shot to bring up a match point! His back is facing the net and he sends a terrific winner.

Wang challenges a call and wins the challenge. He leads 13-6 now.

12-6 Praneeth goes wide at the baseline and Wang tightens his grip on the match.

10-6 Wang follows it up with another cross court forehand winner from the net. North East has a four-point lead now.

9-6 A nice cross court smash by Wang and he takes a good lead.

8-6 The shuttle drops quickly on Praneeth and he misses the timing a little as Wang takes a 2-point lead at the break.

7-5 Wang sends Praneeth to the backcourt and the Hyderabad player can only find the net off a forehand smash.

6-5 Wang goes wide. Praneeth reduces the deficit.

6-4 Praneeth hits the net straight! Wang in the lead.

4-4 Sai Praneeth finds the shuttle on the wrong side of the line after a good net play. Unfortunate for the Hyderabad player.

3-3 Praneeth draws level. Another unforced error at the net by Wang.

3-2 Unforced error by Wang.

2-1 What a shot from Wang. He takes a smash and dribbles it at the net and Praneeth misses the return.

0-1 Praneeth takes the lead, courtesy a forehand smash.

Third game begins

15-6 Wang Tzu Wei wins the second game. He smashes it and Praneeth's return doesn't go anywhere. North East has forced the decider in this tie.

14-6 Game point for Wang.

13-6 Praneeth sends a good cross court dribble, after grounding Wang with his smash earlier, and the North East player cannot get on his feet to take the return.

13-4 A good smash by Wang, from close range and Praneeth watches the shuttle go by.

11-3 A good forehand winner, a cross court one, near the baseline by Wang and he takes an 8-point lead and looks to be running away with this game.

9-3 Praneeth smashes it fine and Wang misses the return.

8-2 One way traffic at this time now. Wang takes control at the break.

6-2 It is wide again by Praneeth. Wang smashes it and the Hyderabad player's backhand goes out of control.

5-1 Praneeth shoots it wide and Wang takes a 4-point lead.

4-1 A net shot by Hyderabad Hunters player.

3-1 Praneeth goes wide at the baseline.

Praneeth takes the first point and his second shot goes into the net as it is 1-1 at the start of the second game.

Second game begins

11-15 Sai Praneeth wins the game.

11-14 Wang saves a game point.

10-14 Game point for Praneeth. A delicate dribble and the shuttle just falls on Wang's side.

10-12 Superpower by Praneeth. Excellent stroke play and Wang cannot return Praneeth's smash and finds the net.

10-11 A good smash by Praneeth and Wang hits it wide.

10-9 A good pick by Praneeth but he cannot return well. North East in the lead.

8-9 Praneeth takes the lead with a good forehand winner.

8-7 Smashing forehand from Praneeth as he goes into the break with the lead.

7-7 Its tied now!

7-6 Another error from Wang as he hits the net again.

7-4 Wang hits the net as Praneeth finds his way back in this game.

7-2 Wang sets Praneeth up for a smash and he does it in style.

6-2 What a smash from Praneeth to win serve!

5-1 Praneeth struggling here already as he can't find his range yet.

3-1 A couple of long shots gives Wang the lead.

0-1 Unforced error from Wang to open the score.

First game begins

This is North East Warrior's trump game and it is Wang Tzu Wei in the court. A win will give NEW 2 points while a loss will take it to -1.


Tie 3: Women's singles: Michelle Li (NEW) vs Carolina Marin (HH) ( Trump match for Hyderabad )

(Hyderabad Hunters wins the third tie and leads 4-0 and it has taken an unassailable lead in this encounter)

Carolina Marin and Hyderabad wins the third tie 15-19, 15-11

11-15 Marin wins that point and wins the Trump match! Its a 4-0 advantage for Hyderabad Hunters now. Li will feel hard done by with that after leading the game for most parts before unravelling.

11-4 Match point for Marin. Her drop is out of reach for Li.

11-13 Li hits it wide again.

11-12 Marin in the lead for the first time in the game. Crucial point in the tie as Li hits another unforced error.

11-11 Tied again. Li's return goes wide.

11-10 Li can only find the net with the return. One point deficit.

11-9 Marin sets Li up for a smash and executes it to perfection.

11-8 Li establishes her three-point lead again as Marin finds the net after a long rally.

10-8 Stunning smash from Li as the crowd comes alive.

9-8 Marin can't reach long for the return. A reprieve for Li.

8-8 Its all square now.

8-7 Unlucky for Li as she rushes her smash and ends up hitting the net.

8-6 Li finds the net after the break.

8-5 Li goes into the break with the lead for the first time. North East would like for Li to get the win in this tie to stay afloat in this fixture against Hyderabad.

7-5 Li can't do much about that winner from Marin.

7-4 A controlled backhand winner from Li this time.

6-3 What a point for Michelle Li. Both players exchange shots close to the net before Li hits a back court winner.

5-2 Marin finds the net as Li forces the game onto her opponent now.

4-2 A powerful bending smash from Li is too good for Marin.

3-2 Li's smash goes tp the right of Marin and lands just inside the line.

2-1 A cross court smash from Li to Marin's left.  Superbly placed one at that.

1-1 Marin fights back to level the scores with a smash.

1-0 A fantastic rally as both shuttlers make superb returns before Marin hits the net.

Second game begins

9-15 First game to Marin and Hyderabad. Marin comfortably watches it as Li's return goes wide.

8-14 Game point. Li can't retrieve that pass either.

8-13 Another superb smash from Marin.

8-11 Marin smashes it to Li's left and the latter can't get enough power to return.

8-10 Marin goes long.

6-9 Marin's forehand isn't strong enough but Li doesn't make any mistake with hers as the shot is too powerful for Marin to retrun.

5-9 Marin's delicate drop is too much of a reach for Li as she couldn't get it over the net.

4-8 Marin's drop doesn't get over the net.

3-8 Its all going well for Marin and Hyderabad in the first game as Li once again finds the net. A five point lead for the Spaniard going into the break.

2-6 Four point lead for Marin. She sets up Li well before smashing it to the backcourt for a winner.

2-4 Marin misjudges Li's shot to be long but it lands inside.

1-3 A drop from Marin trickles over the net.

1-2 Superb smash from Li to get herself on the scoreboard.

0-2 Li can't get it above the net.

0-1 First point for Marin as Li hits the net.

First game begins

It is a trump match for Hyderabad Hunters and it is Carolina Marin who will take centrestage.


Tie 2: Men's singles: Ajay Jayaram (NEW) vs Lee Hyun Il (HH)

(Hyderabad Hunters wins the second tie and leads 2-0)

6-15 Jayaram challenges and Lee's shot is on the line and Lee wins the game. Hyderabad wins the second tie 15-13, 11-15, 15-6.

6-14 Unforced errors are doing Jayaram in. He goes wide again and match point for Hyderabad.

6-12 Another unforced error by Jayaram, on the forehand.

6-11 An unforced error by Jayaram, goes wide on the baseline.

6-10 Lee goes wide and Jayaram gets the serve back. He trails by 4 points.

5-9 Lee smashes it and Jayaram with a weak return.

Lee with a challenge. Jayaram's smash was called in and the shuttle is on the line and Lee loses a challenge. 4-8 now, in favour of Lee.

3-8 Hyderabad Hunters goes into the break with a handy lead.

3-6 A good forehand winner by Jayaram.

2-6 Jayaram goes wide on the sideline and Lee with a 4-point lead.

2-4 Jayaram saw it early and pushes it to Lee's backcourt and the return from the Hyderabad player was unsuccessful.

1-4 A weak return from Jayaram and Lee opens up a three-point lead.

1-2 Stupendous net play from both the players. Lee sends a backhand and Jayaram can only retrieve it to the net from the backcourt. The North East captain did well to get to the shuttle from the net.

Third game begins

15-11 Jayaram wins the second game and forces the decider.

13-11 Jayaram's reflexes are too good. He returns a net shot with a good backhand, that falls in Lee's backcourt and wins the point.

11-11 Unforced errors from both the players off successive points means the scores are level again.

10-10 Jayaram with a weak return at the net and scores level.

10-9 Lee tries a backhand cross court and that shot ends a 23-shot rally as the shuttle thuds into net and North East with a slender lead.

9-9 That was a ferocious response by Jayaram. He sends a forehand smash and wins the point and draws level.

8-9 Three points on the trot for Lee and he reclaims the lead.

A confusion regarding the points here. And normalcy is restored after the umpires intervene.

8-6 A good drop shot by Jayaram he goes into the break with a lead.

Another unsuccessful challenge by North East skipper Jayaram and Lee with the lead.

5-5 Lee restores parity.

5-4 Another smash and Jayaram shows glimpses of excellence. He takes a slender lead.

4-4 Jayaram levels with a stupendous smash directed at Lee's body.

Ajay Jayaram with a challenge. Lee smashes it in and the shuttle drops fast on the sideline and Jayaram cannot reach it. The umpire calls it in and the North East captain challenges the call but it is unsuccessful. 2-4 in favour of Hyderabad now.

2-3 A neat cross court placement from the backcourt by Jayaram and he wins the point.

1-3 Jayaram with a smash but it was wide. Lee with a 2-point lead.

0-2 Jayaram hits long and Lee with an early lead.

Second game begins

13-15 Can you believe it. A superb comeback by Lee and he wins the first game. Jayaram was leading 6-0 and 10-2 at a stage and he has managed to lose the first game.

13-14 Advantage Lee. A game point. What a turn around this has been.

13-13 Lee on level terms again. 8th forehand unforced error by Jayaram.

13-12 Lee hits long, out of the baseline and Jayaram wins the point. Takes a slender lead.

12-12 What a comeback from Lee. He was trailing at 0-6 and it has been a great comeback. Jayaram finds the net and it is level.

12-11 Jayaram hits long and Hunters close in.

12-9 Another jump smash by Lee and the shuttle drops on Jayaram in a flash and the Hyderabad player reduces the deficit to just three points now.

12-8 Jayaram wins a point and gets the serve back. He would love to close it in a jiffy now, considering the start he has got.

11-8 Hyderabad getting back into the game. Lee sends a good forehand cross court winner, a delicate one and wins the point.

11-7 Lee packs a punch and smashes it to Jayaram's right and the North East captain cannot get there in time to return.

11-5 Jayaram hits out, near the baseline and Hyderabad tries to get back into the game.

11-3 A good cross court shot by Jayaram and a weak return by Lee.

10-2 A superb forehand smash after a delicate dribble and Jayaram is running away with the game.

8-2 That was way wide. Jayaram cannot control his backhand and Lee wins the serve.

8-1 What a way to go into the break for Jayaram and North East. He smashes one into the forecourt and Lee cannot get to it in time.

6-1 The North East captain finds the net and Hyderabad Hunters wins the first point of the second tie.

5-0 Jayaram running away with this. That was delicately placed near the line.

3-0 Another error by Lee, a weak back hand return and Jayaram with the lead.

1-0 Lee hits out and Jayaram wins the first point.

First game begins

Lee Hyun Il of Hyderabad Hunters is making his Premier Badminton League debut.


Tie 1: Men's doubles: Kim Gi Jung/Shin Baek Cheol (NEW) vs Markis Kido/Yoo Yeon Seong (HH)

(Hyderabad Hunters wins the first tie 10-15, 15-13, 13-15 and leads 1-0)

13-15 Hyderabad wins! Hunters takes the first tie. That was a good smash by Markis and the shuttle lands right in between both the North East players and Hyderabad wins the first tie.

13-14 North East is fighting back. What a game!

12-14 Match point for Hyderabad Hunters. A net shot by Shin gives Hunters the advantage.

12-12 Nothing to choose between the two teams. They are evenly matched, shot to shot.

11-11 That was a great smash by Shin. The rally went like smash-return-smash-retun-smash-return and a winner in the end. It is on level terms again.

9-11 North East reclaims the serve with some good work.

8-11 Will this be the turning point of the match? Hyderabad is three points ahead.

8-10 Yoo with a stupendous smash and Hyderabad opens up a two-point lead. It needs to consolidate from here.

8-8 Kim finds the net and scores are level again.

8-7 North East goes into a break with the lead.

7-7 A forehand winner by Kim and it the teams are on level terms yet again.

6-6 Shin finds space on the backhand corner on the left and times it there and the teams are level.

4-6 Sloppy work by North East and Hyderabad opens up a two-point lead.

4-5 Another stupendous rally. 42 shots and finally Markis with a cross court forehand winner from the backcourt seals the point for Hyderabad Hunters.

4-4 Kim with a stupendous forehand smash and with Markis grounded, it was difficult for Yoo to retrieve it.

3-4 Markis with an excellent return and Hyderabad gets a slender lead.

3-3 The players are matching each other with every passing shot. It is all level.

3-2 Kim drops it short with a stupendous forehand and Markis cannot get his return on target.

Yoo Yeon Seong changes his racquet.

1-2 Yoo with a smash and Shin tries a backhand return but fails to connect clean.

0-1 Yoo smashes it and Hyderabad takes the first point.

Third game begins

15-13 North East forces the decider. An unforced error by the Hunters and it is left to the third game now.

14-13 Markis sends a high one and Kim misjudges the flight and it falls well inside the baseline. Hyderabad getting back.

14-11 Match point for North East.

13-10 A couple of unforced errors by North East and Hyderabad is getting back in the game.

13-8 Kim finds the net and Hyderabad is crawling back.

12-6 Yoo takes a forehand, off a corner, but hits it wide as North East Warriors looks set to force the decider in the first tie.

10-6 Kim finds unmanned space in the backcourt and times the shuttle as Hunters is losing the plot here.

8-6 Kim dishes out another forehand winner, a smash, and North East leads at the break.

7-5 A forehand winner and North East with a two-point lead.

6-3 Yoo finds a chance and smashes it as Warriors cannot do anything to that shot. Hunters back with the points.

6-2 The crowd goes into a huge roar as North East gets another point. A good rally and Kim's shot wasn't returned properly by Yoo as the shuttle finds the net.

5-2 That was a good rally. Kim smashes it fast and the shuttle drops in a jiffy and Warriors opens up a three-point lead.

4-2 Kim smashes it and Markis cannot return it well. Warriors with a two-point lead.

2-1 Markis hits wide and North East takes the lead.

Second game begins

10-15 An unforced error by Warriors gives Hunters the first game.

10-14 Game point for Hunters.

10-13 What a rally! Hunters prevails. A forehand winner by Kido seals the point.

9-12 Carolina Marin looks pleased as Hunters take a three-point lead.

8-10 Kim packs a punch but it has too much on it for the shuttle to go out of the baseline. Hunters with the point.

8-8 It is all even stevens.

7-8 A couple of net shots by Hunters and Warriors crawl back into the contest.

5-8 Warriors find the net and Hyderabad goes into the break with the lead.

5-7 Hyderabad with the lead now. A good cross court shot and a net shot by Kim gives Hyderabad a two-point lead.

5-5 Hyderabad draws level.

5-4 Hunters try and draw level with some good play. Kido and Yoo have latched on to half chances and have converted them into winners.

5-1 The North East pair has been aggressive from the word go. Kim and Shin have been at their best with their forehands. Excellent precision.

3-1 A stupendous forehand winner by Shin and North East with the lead.

2-1 A net shot by Shin gives the Hunters its first point.

2-0 North East with the early lead. The pair has started well.

First game begins

We are just minutes away from LIVE action!

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