PBL 2017: Bengaluru Blasters emerge victorious over Delhi Dashers

Follow the live scores and commentary of the Premier Badminton League 2017 match between Delhi Dashers and Bengaluru Blasters.

Updated : Dec 28, 2017 22:52 IST , CHENNAI

World No. 1 Viktor Axelsen will be leading the Bengaluru Blasters.
World No. 1 Viktor Axelsen will be leading the Bengaluru Blasters.

World No. 1 Viktor Axelsen will be leading the Bengaluru Blasters.

Hello and welcome to Sportstar 's live coverage of the Premier Badminton League. It is second day of action at the Siri Fort Sports Complex in New Delhi where home team Delhi Dashers faces Bengaluru Blasters.

While Delhi Dashers lies seventh in the points table, with just one point, it will be the first match in the league for Bengaluru Blasters and it hopes to start the league in style.

This is how the action will unfold tonight's between Delhi and Bengaluru.

Tie 1: Mixed doubles: Vladimir Ivanov / Ashwini Ponappa (DEL) vs Kim Sa Rang / N. Sikki Reddy (BEN)

Tie 2: Men's singles: Wong Wing Ki Vincent (DEL) vs Chong Wei Feng (BEN)

Tie 3: Women's singles: Sung Ji Hyun (DEL) vs K. Gilmour (BEN) (Trump match for Delhi)

Tie 4: Men's singles: Tian Houwei (DEL) vs Viktor Axelsen (BEN) (Trump match for Bengaluru)

Tie 5: Men's  doubles: Vladmir Ivanov / Ivan Sozonov (DEL) vs Mathias Boe / Kim Sa Rang (BEN)


Tie 5: Men's  doubles: Vladmir Ivanov / Ivan Sozonov (DEL) vs Mathias Boe / Kim Sa Rang (BEN)

(Bengaluru Blasters wins 15-9, 15-12 and beats Delhi Dashes 5-2)

12-15 It is only fitting that Kim Sa Rang finishes it off with a winner. He smashes it down and Bengaluru wins the second game and the tie.

12-14 Rang targets the opponent's body and it is match point for Bengaluru Blasters.

11-13 Rang at it again! He was on to it in a flash and it is a beautiful forehand cross court winner.

11-12 Rang smashes from close range and wins the point.

11-11 Boe hits flat and Ivanov's return on the net. Bengaluru equalises.

11-10 That was superb from Sozonov. Both the Bengaluru players close by and Sozonov sends a forehand winner clear.

10-9 A loose serve from Rang and that was agood return from Sozonov.

9-9 Rang at it again. Bengaluru equalises.

8-8 Rang seems to be a man on a mission. He sends another winner.

8-7 Delhi goes into the break as the leaders in this game.

7-7 Rang hits long at the baseline. It wasn't a big smash by Sozonov but Rang packs a punch and it proves too much.

4-6 Sozonov misjudges it completely and loses it. Bengaluru with a 2-point lead.

4-5 Outstanding from Boe. He dishes out a flat winner.

4-4 Good return by Ivanov and Boe misses it.

3-3 Ivanov pushes it well and gets a point as both Boe and Rang aren't able to get in time.

2-2 Rang with a beautiful winner. He is mixing it up well.

2-1 Delhi with the early lead as an unforced error from the Bengaluru player gives it a point.

Second game begins

9-15 Kim Sa Rang places it well and Bengaluru wins the tie.

8-14 Game point for Bengaluru.

8-12 The Delhi pair challenge a call on the tramline and wins the challenge.

7-12 Sozonov goes long at the baseline.

7-11 Mathias Boe leaves some space at the backcourt and Ivanov times the shuttle well.

5-10 Unforced error by Boe.

4-9 Rang hits a backhand on the net.

3-8 What a rally! The rally of the match. Incredible work from all the four players. Latching on to returns extremely fast. Finally, Bengaluru takes the point and the lead at the mid game break when Sozonov finds the net.

1-6 Boe and Rang are doing it well here. A plethora of unforced errors are not helping Delhi's cause.

1-3 Bengaluru starts off from where it's player left off in the previous tie. Takes the early lead.

First game begins

What a night it has been. We are all set for the final match of the night. Delhi would want to salvage a point and the men's doubles match gets underway.


Tie 4: Men's singles: Tian Houwei (DEL) vs Viktor Axelsen (BEN) (Trump match for Bengaluru)

(Bengaluru Blasters wins the fourth tie 15-11, 15-11 and beats the Delhi Dashers 4-2)

11-15 There is the winner! Bengaluru Blasters beats Delhi Dashers 4-2 after Viktor Axelsen wins the trump match.

11-14 Houwei challenges a call at the baseline. The call was out and it is overturned.

10-14 Match point for Axelsen.

10-13 What a finish by Howei. He holds on well but takes the point with a forehand winner, that again falls well inside the baseline.

8-13 Axelsen pushes it hard from the net and gets in a winner.

8-12 Axelsen mixing it up well and Houwei makes an unforced error.

7-10 Misjudgement from Axelsen. He leaves a Houwei smash and it fortunately, for the Delhi player, lands well inside the baseline.

6-10 Axelsen doing what he is best at. Dishing out winners.

6-8 That was superb! Houwei leaps and before Axelsen could realise, he trumps him with a return and Axelsen is perplexed.

5-8 Houwei seems recharged after the break. He dishes out a good cross court winner and Axelsen cannot reach it.

4-8 Axelsen at it again! He leaps and sends a breathtaking forehand winner and it is advantage Bengaluru at the mid game break.

4-7 That was a good winner by Houwei.

3-7 Houwei tries to crawl back into the match. He smashes it well.

Houwei goes for a review. He sends it fine, a cross court forehand and the shuttle goes a tad wide. He loses his challenge and it is advantage Axelsen at 1-6.

1-5 Axelsen uses his fine wrists and sends a forehand winner.

1-4 Too good by the world no. 1. He drops it fine and Houwei is just a spectator.

1-3 Houwei goes wide again, this time to Axelsen's forehand corner and it the Bengaluru player with the early lead.

1-2 Axelsen draws Houwei near the net and then returns to the vacant area near the baseline in a cross court forehand shot.

1-1 Axelsen drops and smashes in quick sucession. The venom in the shot visible as Houwei sends it wide off the tramline.

Second game begins

11-15 Axelsen wins the first game and looks set to wrap up the tie. The gulf in class between the World No. 1 and the World No. 22 showing with every passing point.

11-14 Houwei holds on for a point.

10-14 Game point for Axelsen. Houwei goes wide at the tramline.

8-12 Axelsen dishes out a plethora of winners off his forehand and runs away with the lead. He is doing it in style here. Althought Houwei is giving him stiff competition, Axelsen is mixing it up well and is going fine.

6-7 Fourth forehand unforced error from Axelsen and Houwei gets the point. Axelsen goes long at the baseline.

4-6 The World No. 1 dishes out another winner to restore a 2-point lead.

2-5 Axelsen targets Houwei's body and sends a forehand smash. Gets the point.

2-4 Back to back points for Houwei. Races to the net and smashes it.

0-4 Axelsen in full control. He is mixing it up well now.

0-2 Axelsen smashes and it is a beauty! Races to a lead.

First game begins


Tie 3: Women's singles: Sung Ji Hyun (DEL) vs K. Gilmour (BEN) (Trump match for Delhi)

(Delhi Dashers beats Bengaluru Blasters 15-10, 8-15, 15-5 in the trump match. Delhi and Bengaluru level on 2 points each).

That would be all. Sung Ji takes the final game 15-4.

14-4 And Gilmour has lost the plot as Sung Ji converts a cross court drop.

12-4 That one looked like it was going out but the delicate touch making sure it's just in. Sung Ji closing in on a win here.

11-4 Superb play from Gilmour as Bengaluru pulls one back.

Sung Ji has smelt blood here, the lead is now eight points!

8-3 Brilliant stuff this as Sung Ji walks into the break with a five-point lead. Gilmour needs to up the ante here!

7-3 Wonderful play by Sung Ji , the crowd's right behind Delhi here!

5-3 Gilmour into the net again and Sung Ji screams as Delhi grabs the lead!

3-3 And it's level again!

3-2 Another 24-shot rally and Gilmour comes out on top this time.

3-1 That's wide and Sung Ji gets one more to sway her way.

2-1 And Sung Ji takes the lead.

1-1 Gilmour draws first blood but Sung Ji draws level immediately!

Third game begins

8-15 Bengaluru Blasters back in the match, as Gilmour wins the second game 15-8

7-14 A game point for Gilmour!

Bengaluru racing away with this one!

6-11 Gilmour benefits from a lazy move by Sung Ji.

6-10 Sung Ji gets one in after a 24-shot rally!

5-9 An unforced error hands Sung Ji one point.

Gilmour mixing up her shots nicely here , however its the smashes that are proving to be lethal for her opponent.

4-8 Gilmour goes into the break, 8-4 up.

3-7 Some reprieve for Sung Ji as she grabs a point.

1-7 Gimour opens up the gap even further.

1-6 Gilmour resorts to a cross-court slice drop, a five point lead follows.

1-3 Sung Ji pulls one back for Delhi.

0-2 Gilmour doubles the lead.

0-1 Good backhand winner by Gilmour!

Second game begins

15-10 Hyun smashes it and Delhi wins the first game in this trump match.

14-10 Hyun plays a good drop shot and wins the point.

13-10 A cross court forehand goes wide off the tramline for Gilmour. Hyun and Delhi leads by 2.

11-10 What a finish by Gilmour.

11-9 A good forehand winner by Hyun. Gilmour cannot reach the cross court shot, off her forehand.

10-9 Gilmour is running all over the court and fails to take a drop shot clean.

9-9 What a way to draw level. Gilmour picks up a good drop shot and later places it well beyond Hyun.

9-8 Gilmour finds the net and Delhi leads.

7-8 Bengaluru leads at the mid game break in Delhi's trump match. Gilmour sends a winner off her forehand.

7-7 Gimour places it well, near the baseline and the teams are on level terms.

6-5 What a shot by Hyun. She dishes out a good forehand and Gilmour cannot reach for it.

5-5 Gilmour's forehand shot trips over the net and gives Bengaluru the point.

4-4 A forehand smash by Gilmour and it is neck-to-neck.

3-3 A jump smash, a cross court one, by Gilmour and it is all level.

3-2 Gilmour challenges a call and it is successful. She goes a tad wide on the tramline.

3-1 Hyun sends another winner and leads by 2 points.

1-1 A winner each by Hyun and Gilmour keeps the teams on level terms.

First game begins

Trailing by two points to none, Delhi comes up with its trump match. The win will help it draw level with Bengaluru while a loss will send it on a negative point.


Tie 2: Men's singles: Wong Wing Ki Vincent (DEL) vs Chong Wei Feng (BEN)

(Bengaluru Blasters wins 10-15, 15-13, 15-8 and leads Delhi Dashers

Vincent challenges a match point and it was called out as he went wide off a forehand shot. The call stands wide and Chong Wei Feng wins the third game 15-8. What a comeback by Feng in this tie after losing the first game.

8-13 Bengaluru is running away with this game and the tie. Feng hits a ferocious forehand smash. Vincent has no answers.

8-12 A beautiful shot by Feng. That was a excellently placed off the forehand.

8-11 Bengaluru restores a three-point lead. Vincent hits long at the tramline.

7-10 Same shot by Feng and he executes it better.

7-9 Good shot selection by Feng. He leaps and sends a cross court forehand but it is just wide. Delhi gets the point.

6-9 Feng at the net, another unforced error.

5-9 Vincent sends a cross court forehand and Feng cannot take it clean.

4-9 What a point and Feng is pumped up. He returns well and out of Vincent's reach.

4-8 Feng leads at the break in the decider. Vincent goes long at the baseline.

4-7 Feng places it well and wins the point. A cross court backhand push.

4-6 Good drop by Vincent and Feng hits the net. He has crawled back from 1-6 to 4-6!

3-6 Vincent smashes it and he is excellent at it. What a winner!

2-6 That is better by Vincent. He placed it well to Feng's forehand corner and wins the point.

1-6 Vincent goes for a cross court push but sends it way over the tramline. Feng and Bengaluru in control now.

1-4 What a shot by Feng. He dishes out a cross court smash and it way out of Vincent's reach.

1-3 A backhand push by Feng and Vincent buries the return in the net.

Wong Wing Ki Vincent with a challenge. It was called in and the shuttle just falls a tad on the line. 1-2 in favour of Bengaluru now.

1-1 That was a delicate, well executed drop by Feng. He is mixing it up well now.

1-0 A cross court winner by Vincent. Delhi kicks off the third game.

Third game begins

13-15 Feng holds on and forces the decider. Vincent goes long and Bengaluru wins the game.

13-14 Game point for Bengaluru. Vincent hits the net.

13-13 A straight push by Feng and scores level.

13-12 Feng goes long and what a stage for Feng to commit an error.

Chong Wei Feng with a review and the replays confirm that the shuttle lands just wide. 12-12 now.

11-12 This time it is Vincent with an unforced error. He sends a backhand, attempting a cross court one, into the net.

11-11 Scores level as an unforced error does Feng in.

10-11 A good cross court smash by Vincent and it is way beyond Feng's reach. Delhi now trailing by one point.

9-11 Vincent goes long at the baseline.

8-8 The Bengaluru player ends the 32-shot rally by sending a smash little wide off the tramline.

7-8 Feng pushes it and it hits the net and he is upset with himself.

6-8 Feng sends a superb cross court forehand shot and Bengaluru leads at the break.

5-5 Bengaluru draws level and it comes off a forehand winner from Feng.

5-4 Feng smashes and it drops in a second on Vincent. Back to back points for Bengaluru now.

5-2 Feng sends another one into the net. Way too many unforced errors by the Bengaluru player now. Eight to be precise, just off the forehand.

3-2 Delhi in the lead. Vincent holding it well for his team now.

1-2 A backhand unforced error by Feng, he finds the net.

1-1 A sublime touch from Vincent and scores level in the early part of the second game.

Second game begins

15-10 Too good by Vincent and Delhi wins the first game. It was a good rally and finally Vincent sends out a forehand unplayable shot and that's the winner. Feng had no space to wield his racquet for a return.

14-10 Game point for Delhi.

13-10 Vincent sends a tracer bullet to Feng's forehand court corner.

12-10 Feng crawls back as Vincent cannot time his backhand shot well.

12-9 Feng smashes it and it just out of Vincent's reach.

12-8 Vincent goes wide on the tramline.

11-6 Sixth forehand unforced error by Feng and another one at the net. This is proving to be costly for Bengaluru.

10-4 Delhi running away with this tie. Unforced errors, especially at the net, is proving to be tough for Bengaluru.

8-4 Delhi leads at the break.

7-4 Vincent smashes it well and it is a winner. Delhi with a 3-point lead.

6-4 Another unforced error by the Bengaluru player and Delhi takes a 2-point lead. Feng finds the net again.

5-4 Feng takes the shot a tad late and his return hits the net.

4-4 Feng pounces on the chance and smashes it cross court to draw level.

4-3 Another unforced error. Feng buries the shuttle on the net. Delhi in the lead for the first time in this tie.

3-3 Scores level. Feng finds the net with a forehand from the backcourt.

2-3 Feng goes long on the tramline, with a push. Delhi gets its second point.

1-2 An unforced error by Feng gives Delhi its first point.

1-0 Bengaluru's Chong Wei Feng gets the game underway.

First game begins


Tie 1: Mixed doubles: Vladimir Ivanov / Ashwini Ponappa (DEL) vs Kim Sa Rang / N. Sikki Reddy (BEN)

(Bengaluru Blasters wins 15-10, 12-15, 15-11 and leads Delhi Dashers

11-15 Ivanov finds the net and Bengaluru wins the first tie. This is a good start for the Blasters in the league and Sikki Reddy and Kim Sa Rang have dished out some excellent badminton and have proved to be the dominant pair.

11-14 Brilliant from Ashwini. Sends a delicate cross court shot and it is out of Sikki's reach.

10-14 Match point for Kim and Sikki.

10-13 Ivanov goes long, on the baseline, and Sikki jumps in joy. Just two points for Bengaluru now.

10-11 Delhi reduces the deifcit. An unforced error from Bengaluru.

9-11 Delhi pulls one back.

8-10 Ashwini finds the return hitting the net. A lot of unforced errors doing Delhi in.

8-9 Ashwini sends a forehand winner, down the line.

6-8 A touch of luck for Delhi. Ashwini's shot just trips over the net but Sikki manages to retrieve but her shot trips on the net and falls on the same side!

5-8 Bengaluru leads at the mid game break. It needs to hold on to this and help the team get off to a good start in the league.

5-7 Sikki goes wide off a Ivanov smash and Bengaluru holds on to a 2-point lead.

4-7 Ashwini's backhand finds the net.

4-6 Delhi tries to draw close.

3-5 Excellent work by Kim. Smashes it and Ivanov cannot return it clean.

2-4 Sikki tries a cross court forehand by stretching but gets to the net.

1-3 Delhi gets its first point. A forehand winner by Ivanov.

0-3 Kim sends a trailblazer to Ashwini's backhand and it is unplayable for the Delhi player.

0-1 Bengaluru opens the scoring in the third game. Kim goes for a backhand winner.

Third game begins

15-12 Delhi wins the game. What a rally. What a point. Full of energy and both Ivanov and Ashwini used the depth of the court well to dish out exemplary shots. Delhi prevails finally and forces the decider. Ivanov smashes from the backcourt and Sikki receives an unplayable shot.

14-12 Game point for Delhi.

13-12 Sikki finds the net this time, on the service return. Delhi in the lead.

11-11 Sikki errors in a service return and is livid with herself. Scores level again.

10-10 Sikki returns an Ashwini cross court shot well but the Delhi player can only find the net again. Scores level.

And, by the way, Ashwini is India's first World Championship medalist.

9-8 A good rally, a fast one but Ashwini makes an unforced error, gets the shuttle on the net.

8-7 Delhi takes the lead in the midgame break. It needs to win this game and force the decider.

7-7 Ashwini goes cross court and Sikki gives a good return and Ashwini buries the shot in the net.

6-6 A forehand unforced error by the Bengaluru pair and scores level.

5-6 Lack of understanding from the Delhi pair and Ivanov times it to the vacant area near the tramline.

5-4 A service fault by Bengaluru. Delhi with a slender lead.

3-3 Another unforced error. Ashwini finds the net in attempting to return Sikki's shot.

2-2 Ashwini finds the net and scores level.

2-1 That was long by Ivanov and Bengaluru with its first point.

1-0 Ivanov pushes hard with his backhand and Delhi starts off the second game with the first point.

Second game begins

10-15 What a comeback by Bengaluru. The pair was trailing 1-5 and it has managed to win the game. An unforced error by Ashwini and it is curtains for Delhi in the first game.

10-14 Game point for Bengaluru.

10-12 An unforced error by the Bengaluru pair.

9-10 That was good shot by Ashwini. Targetting Sikki's forehand and near the tramline and just got the shuttle in, to win the point.

7-9 Sikki pushes from a close range and the shuttle drops short of Ivanov.

6-8 Break time and Bengaluru leads. Ivanov sends one long on the baseline.

5-6 Bengaluru leads for the first time. An unforced error by Ivanov and Ashwini.

5-5 Kim sends another smash, leaps and hits hard, and scores are level.

5-3 Kim sends a big smash and it is too good for Ashwini. The 28-shot rally ends with a point for Bengaluru.

5-1 Delhi looks solid here. An unforced error from Bengaluru's Sikki gives Delhi another point.

4-0 Ashwini smashes and Sikki cannot return it. That is a good start from Delhi.

1-0 Sikki Reddy sends one wide outside the tramline.

First game begins

We are just minutes away from LIVE action. Stay tuned!


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