Awadhe Warriors edges Ahmedabad Smash Masters in thriller

Follow the live updates and commentary of the Premier Badminton League match between Awadhe Warriors and Ahmedabad Smash Masters.

Updated : Jan 02, 2018 22:47 IST

Saina Nehwal got the better of North Eastern Warriors' Michelle Li in a PBL contest.
Saina Nehwal got the better of North Eastern Warriors' Michelle Li in a PBL contest.

Saina Nehwal got the better of North Eastern Warriors' Michelle Li in a PBL contest.

Good evening everyone and welcome to the live commentary of the Premier Badminton League match between Awadhe Warriors and Ahmedabad Smash Masters.

Last night we saw clean sweep by Bengaluru Blasters of Mumbai Rockets with a 6-0 scoreline. Here's the match report from our reporter from New Delhi.

Here are the matches lined up for tonight's tie.

Tie 1: Mixed doubles : T. C. Man/C. Pedersen (AW) vs L. C. Him/ K. R. Juhl (ASM)

Tie 2: Men's singles: P. Kashyap (AW) vs S. Verma (ASM) (Trump match for Awadhe) (ASM)

Tie 3: Men's singles: K. Srikanth (AW) vs H. S. Prannoy (ASM)

Tie 4: Women's singles: S. Nehwal (AW) vs T. T. Ying (ASM) (Trump match for Ahmedabad)

Tie 5: Men's doubles: T. C. Man/H. Setiawan (AW) vs L. C. H. Reginald/K. Nandagopal (ASM)


Awadhe Warriors 4 Ahmedabad Smash Masters 3

15-10 Setiawan's shot is called in and Nandagopal challenges it.  The hawkeye says its on the line and that's the match and tie for Awadhe Warriors.  Awadhe Warriors moves to the top of the table with the defeat of Ahmedabad Smash Masters. 

14-10 Nandagopal fluffs his shot at the baseline.

12-10 Good defence by Nandagopal before Tang turns his drop in the direction of Reginald which he fails to return.

10-10 What a cross-court angled shot from Reginald to finish that 26 shot rally.

10-9 Nandagopal redeems himself with a good tap in at the net.

9-8 Nandagopal with the error at the net this time.

8-8 Reginald's shot finds the net.

7-8 Tang hits a corss court smash to get that winner.

6-8 Reginald/Nadagopal take the lead in the mid game interval.

6-7 Reginald's shot at the net trickles over.

4-6 Superb rally ends in Tang diving to keep a shot in from the net, but fails.

4-4 Reginald's shot hits the net.

2-4 Nandagopal hits his shot into the net.

0-4 Setiawan lets that shot go but its in.

0-3 Ahmedabad race into a three-point lead.

Second game

15-14 Nandagopal with the crucial error which hands Awadhe the first game.

14-14 Tang hits it into the net to level the scores.

14-12 Nandagopal's shot is called in and Awade challenges it. The call is successful and its out.

13-12 Nandagopal makes the smash and Setiawan could only force it wide.

12-11 Nandagopal's shot goes long.

11-11 Reginald makes a superb pass down the line.

11-9 Setiawan again misses his shot arriving at the net.

10-8 Setiawan makes another unforced error at the net.

10-6 Setiawan can't get his return over the net.

9-5 Reginald's backhand goes wide.

8-5 Reginald's pass is easily intercepted by Setiawan at the net to tap in for the point.

7-5 Tang hits a forehand winner.

6-4 Nandagoal's backhand shot goes wide.

4-2 Tang's lob is well place for a winner.

1-1 Setiawan hits it into the net.

Tie 5: Men's doubles: T. C. Man/H. Setiawan (AW) vs L. C. H. Reginald/K. Nandagopal (ASM)


Awadhe Warriors 3 Ahmedabad Smash Masters 3

14-15 OHHH! SO CLOSE! Saina almost took this into the third game but her shot could only in the second game. Saina made a good comeback in the second game but Ying's dominance in the opening game set this match up for the Taiwanese. Tai Tzu Ying defeats Saina Nehwal 15-5, 15-14. Ying levels the scores for Ahmedabad Smash Masters with a win in the trump match. This sets up the fifth tie of the night to be the decider on the night between these two fantastic teams.

14-14 Ying with a service error at MATCH POINT!

13-13 Ying with a stunning drop shot at the net.

13-12 Ying makes a good cross court drop shot.

13-11 Great defence by both the players! Saina wants this more, pulls off something extra to smash a shot with power. 28 shot rally.

12-11 Ying's push goes wide.

11-11 Ying hits a cross-court smash to the backhand of Saina,

11-10 Another lucky break for Saina, her smash hits the tape and trickles in.

10-10 Saina's shot lands just outside the basline.

9-9 Superb defence from Saina, she ran all around the court before pouncing on an opening at the net to tap in a winner.

8-9 Unforced error from Ying.

6-8 Saina misjudges it again as Ying's shot lands inside comfortably well. Mid game interval.

6-6 Lucky fortune at the net for Saina helped set up that tap in for her.

5-5 Saina misjudges in the previous point but judges well this time from Ying's service.

4-4 Saina hits a cross court angled drop and Ying can't return it over the net.

3-3 Third unforced error from Saina, her lob at the net doesn't have enough power to get over the net.

3-2 Unforced error from Saina, finds the net with her overhead shot.

3-1 Saina's overhead shot goes to long. Ying watches it go out comfortably.

3-0 Makes a drop shot this time.

2-0 Much improved stuff from Saina in the second game, makes a smash down the line.

Second game

5-15 Saina hits her shot wide and that's the game for Ying. It's been easy going so far for the Word No. 1 Ying.

5-13 Ying is proving too good for Saina here. The Indian has now answers at the moment.

5-12 Ying's lob at the net goes wide.

4-11 Smash down the line from Ying.

4-10 Saina swings wildly and it goes wide comfortably.

4-9 Saina hits it into the net after the mid game interval.

4-7 Saina sends down a powerful smash to win the point.

3-7 Ying deceptively simple return gets Saina to mishit one out of the court.

3-5 Saina is losing a lot of points at the front of the court.

0-2 ying lobs it over Saina for a baseline point

0-1 Ying wins the first point of the match after 

First Game

Tie 4:  S. Nehwal (AW) vs T. T. Ying(ASM). Ahmedabad Smash Masters will be going for two points after choosing this tie as its trump match. Tai Tzu Ying is the World No. 1, after all.


Score after third tie: Awadhe Warriors 3-1 Ahmedabad Smash Masters 

11-15: Prannoy upsets India's No. 1 player Kidambi Srikanth in straight games (15-8, 15-11) . It was a short match with Prannoy proving to be too good today to earn his team its first point of the match.

11-14: Prannoy fails to get the shuttlecock past the net. 

10-14: Srikanth just about hanging in there. Wins his third successive point.

7-13: Prannoy is too quick and assured in his shots. Places a drop soon after a tough play.

6-12: A 20-shot rally ends in Prannoy's favour after a clear shot past Srikanth.

6-11: Prannoy is easily the player in form today. Srikanth errs at the net again.

6-9: Prannoy sends down a 350km/hr smash to win the point.

5-8: Srikanth attempts a soft drop, misses it completely. It just doesn't look like his day.

5-6: Prannoy has caught up. Two back-to-back errors from Srikanth gives Prannoy the lead in the second game. 

4-3: Prannoy pushes Srikanth to the right corner and soon smashes one to the other side.

4-2: Prannoy wins the battle of soft drops.

3-0: Srikanth has definitely not taken kindly to losing the first game. Sends a body smash to win his third point of the second game.

Second Game


8-15: Prannoy wins the first game against India's new pinup boy Srikanth. Srikanth was leading 4-1 in the head-to-head count.

8-13: Srikanth a little too fired up? Shot misses the line by a whisker.

8-11: Prannoy has no answer to Srikanth's crosscourt smash.

7-10: Srikanth has picked pace. He is hitting a lot more confidently now. Forces Prannoy to err for a point

4-8: Srikanth getting into the groove? Prannoy's lift doesn't get the elevation

3-8: Srikanth finally breaks the trend with a clear shot that just hit the line.

2-8: An erroneous Srikanth again gifts a point after failing to clear the net

2-6: Prannoy's  adds another point with a superb drop shot.

1-3 Prannoy has the early advantage after well placed shots. Srikanth looking rusty so far.

0-1: Srikanth commits the first mistake, hits one at the one to concede point on serve.

Tie 3: Men's singles: K. Srikanth (AW) vs H. S. Prannoy (ASM)


Awadhe Warriors 3 Ahmedabad Smash Warriors 0

15-14 And Kashyap does it! What a comeback victory for Kashyap to win his team's trump match. Kashyap defeats Sourabh 11-15, 15-13, 15-14.

14-14 Superb stuff from Kashyap! Sets himself up for that smash and pounces at the net.

13-14 Kashyap somehow staying in this match! A 39 shot rally ends with Verma hitting the net.  Resilient stuff from Kashyap.

12-14 Sourabh's return from the service is poor.

11-14 Sourabh's shot goes wide.

10-14 Kashyap misses his angled drop shot. FOUR MATCH POINTS.

10-13 Kashyap's shot is forced wide by Sourabh.

9-12 Bad time for the unforced errors to creep in for Kashyap. He hits the net.

9-11 Kashyap's backhand goes wide.

9-10 Unlucky for Kashyap. He dived all around the court with his defensive play. He hits it long at the end of a 37 shot rally.

9-9 Kashyap levels the score with a 303 kmph smash.

8-9 Sourabh with an unforced error, hits the net.

7-9 Sourabh misses another smash on that side, goes wide.

6-9 Sourabh's smash down the line goes wide.

5-8 Sourabh with an unforced error at the net.

3-8 Sourabh creates an opening for himself at the net and he capitalises on it.

3-7 Kashyap's smash goes wide.

3-6 Kashyap's shot goes long.

2-5 He follows that up with a smash at Kashyap;s body.

2-4 Sourabh's smashes it low to Kashyap's backhand side for the winner.

2-3 Kashyap dives to keep that in but he can't get up in time to get to the return from Sourabh.

2-1 Kashyap with a cross court smash. His 11th forehand smash.

1-1 Sourabh's shot goes wide.

Third game

15-13 Sourabh can only hit the net after Kashyap hit it right at him. Moving onto the decider.

14-13 Kashyap misses another smash to wrap up that game. Hits the net.

14-12 Great defense by Kashyap before Sourabh hits an unforced error at the net.

13-12 Cross court smash by Kashyap, falls low to the backhand of Sourabh.

12-12 Kashyap hits another smash, but it goes long.

12-11 Kashyap lands a winner down the line.

11-11 Kashyap hits his shot into the net.

11-9 Kashyap's cross-court shot goes wide.

11-8 Superb smash by Kashyap down the line.  330 kmph smash.

10-8 Sourabh's shot goes wide.

8-7 Superb comeback by Kashyap going into the break. Wins a point at the net.

7-7 Kashyap's shot goes wide.

7-6 Superb point for Kashyap. A 45 shot rally taht was, finsihed off with a smash from Kashyap at the net.

6-6 Another review by Kashyap and its well out. Another successful challenge by Kashyap.

5-6 Kashyap almost throws Sourabh off his feet with that smash.

4-5 Superb smash by Sourabh.

4-4 Sourabh with an unforced error from the baseline, hits the net.

3-4 Kashyap reviews a call that was called in. Kashyap seemed pretty confident about it and he is vindicated. Call overturned.

2-4 Sourabh once excellent at the net. Good drop shot.

2-3 Sourabh's smash is too good for Kashyap to return.

2-2 Sourabh misses his shot at the net. Unforced error.

1-2 Kashyap's backhand shot goes wide

0-1 Sourabh with a big smash to start the second game.

Second game

11-15 That's the game for Sourabh. Kashyap could only hit the net from the service.

11-13 Cross-court smash from Kashyap.

10-11 Sourabh's shot is called in and Kashyap reviews ithe call. The call will remain as his shot kisses the line.

9-11 Sourabh's shot trickles over the net and Kashyap cant lift it above the net.

9-10 Great drop shot by Sourabh, deceived it at the end.

9-9 Smash at the body of Kashyap, he in turn hits it wide.

9-8 Kashyap watches Sourabh's shot go out.

8-8 Sourabh hits it wide. Loose shot.

7-8 Sourabh finds the net.

6-8 Kashyap with a forehand smash.

5-8 No deception this time for Sourabh. Smashes that with all his might.

5-7 Sourabh with a superb deceptive drop shot.

5-6 Kashyap misses a smash, hits the net.

5-5 Sourabh reacted late to play that shot which allowed enough time for Kashyap to smash that winner.

4-5 Kashyap with a forehand smash down the line. 353 kmph smash.

3-4 Good cross court from Kashyap.

2-4 Sourabh's shot goes long, well judged by Kashyap.

1-3 Sourabh pounces on a loose shot with a smash at the net.

1-2 Sourabh hits it wide from a Kashyap smash.

0-2 Great rally there, Kashyap with an unforced error at the net.

First game

Tie 2: Men's singles: P. Kashyap (AW) vs S. Verma (ASM) (Trump match for Awadhe) (ASM)


Awadhe Warriors 1 Ahmedabad Smash Masters 0

15-14 What a win for Pedersen/Tang, brilliant comeback being a game down.  Tang with an angled cross court drop which Juhl can't reach in time. Pedersen/Tang defeats Juhl/Law 14-15, 15-12, 15-14.

14-14 Juhl redeems with a winner at the net. Golden point time.

14-13 Awadhe take the lead now. Unforced error from Juhl, hits the net.

13-13 Tang with a forehand winner now. 

12-13 Pedersen with a superb winner at the net.

11-13 Law hits it into the net after a smash from Tang.

10-13 Juhl's shot goes long, well judged by Tang to let that go.

9-13 Juhl with a superb smash down the middle.

8-12 Law pounces on a loose shot by Pedersen to smash home the winner.

7-10 Good stuff from Law, lands a winner.

6-8 Tang misses his shot of a Juhl return.

6-7 Well left by Pedersen as Juhl's shot goes long.

5-7 Law's shot only finds the net.

4-5 Law's smash forces Tang to hit it wide.

4-3 Pedersen pounces on a loose shot at the net from Law with a backhand winner.

2-3 Poor call between Pedersen and Tang in that rally as Tang goes late for a shot and ends up finding the net.

2-2 Pedersen levels the score with a backhand shot from the net into space.

1-2 Tang misses his smash from the baseline as his shot goes wide.

Third game

15-12 No comeback for Ahmedabad as Law hits it into the net. Its all square now.

14-12 Law with a smash straight at Tang.

14-10 Tang hits a smash into the middle. Sat up well for him for the smash.

13-10 Law with a smash from the baseline which Tang can't return.

13-9 Juhl now hits her shot wide from the net.

12-9 Law misses his shot at the net.

10-9 Tang goes for an angled shot to find a gap but it hits the net.

10-8 Tang hits into the net after a 27 shot rally.

10-7 Juhl with a forehand winner at the net.

10-6 Tang with a 343 kmph smash from the baseline.

9-6 Juhl's return at the baseline finds the net.

8-5 Juhl hits the net.  Into the break now.

7-5 Juhl with a smash at the net.

6-4 Pedersen with a winner, finding the gap well for that shot.

5-3 Pedersen with a smash at the net, too powerful for Law to return.

3-3 Juhl with a drop shot at the net for the winner.

3-2 Tang can't get a reach on that shot from Law.

3-1 Tang hits it into the net.

2-0 Tang with a deceptive drop shot.

Second game

14-15 Tang hits it into the net and the first game goes to Ahmedabad. What a game to start of the tie!

14-14 What a superb judgement from Pedersen. Ducks behind a shot from Law and it goes out. Golden point time.

13-14 Game point for Ahmedabad. Unforced error from Tang.

13-13 An unforced error from Tang as a well placed shot by Juhl dips at the net on the former.

13-12 Juhl hits it into the net.

12-12 Awadhe asks for a challenge but the referee says there is no challenge on the service line and asks the players to continue playing. Hold on. We are getting a challenge now. And Awadhe loses it. Their shot is indeed out.

11-11 Law with a superb backhand to the baseline.

11-10 Law once again with an unforced error, hits it wide.

10-10 Juhl with a winner after a loose shot by Tang.

10-9 Him hits it wide.

9-9 Tang's forehand shot goes long.

9-6 Pedersen with a forehand winner to the baseline.

8-6 Tang reached well to get that drop from Law but it goes long.

8-5 Tang/Pederson get a three point lead into the break.

7-5 Tang's shot is left alone by Him but it falls inside the basline.

5-4 As shot of the match from Tang, taking a shot from behind his back before a unforced error from Law.

4-3 Tang lands a deceptive drop shot.

2-1 Law with an unforced error, hits it into the net.

1-0 Tang gets the first point of the match with a smash.

First game

Tie 1: Mixed doubles : T. C. Man/C. Pedersen (AW) vs L. C. Him/ K. R. Juhl (ASM)

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