shuts down Vladimir Kramnik’s blog after GM’s repeated cheating accusations towards other players has shut down Vladimir Kramnik’s blog and has muted his account since the GM has accused multiple renowned Chess players of cheating including Hiraku Nakamura.

Published : Dec 24, 2023 20:40 IST - 1 MIN READ

File Photo: Russian chess Grandmaster Vladimir Kramnik. | Photo Credit: AFP released a statement where it mentioned it has shut down GM Vladimir Kramnik’s blog on its website and has muted his account.

Vladimir Kramnik has been vocal about fair-play in the Chess fraternity and accused multiple renowned Chess players of cheating. is an internet chess server and social networking site for Chess players around the world. As one of the biggest chess platforms available, it has amassed over 100 million users over the course of nearly two decades. stated that, “Our team carefully investigated many dozens of players about which GM Kramnik raised suspicions. In the vast majority of cases, we found his accusations baseless.”

Since the former World Champions, Kramnik has been too open about these allegatoins on his blog, has closed his blog stating, “This not only violates ‘s terms of service, but also FIDE’s code of conduct. GM Kramniks escalating attacks against some of the most respected members of the chess community and some of it’s most promising young talents can no longer be ignored. Consequently, we have now closed GM Kramnik’s blog and muted his account.”

Earlier this month, Kramnik accused the renowned Hiraku Nakamura, Hans Niemann of cheating in online games without any circumstantial evidence.

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