Archie Schiller, Australia's 7-year-old Test co-captain against India, has eye on World Cup trophy

Ahead of Australia's World Cup campaign opener against Afghanistan, Archie has given a shout out for his "special team."

"Archie Schiller would like to watch King (Virat) Kohli, given that he was able to spend a bit more time with him. He still wants to bowl to him one day and take his wicket," said Archie's mother.   -  GETTY IMAGES

Australia's Archie Schiller, a seven-year-old leg-spinner from Barossa Valley in Adelaide, is relentless. Having co-captained Australia alongside Tim Paine in the Boxing Day Test against India, Archie has set his sights on the World Cup 2019 trophy.

On Friday, ahead of Australia's first match of the World Cup against Afghanistan, Archie gave a shout out for his "special team."

Archie, who was diagnosed with a rare heart condition when he was three months old and has undergone multiple surgeries, has prepared well for the tournament.

"Archie is behaving extra well at the moment in the hope that he can stay up late, past his normal bedtime, and watch some of the games," his parents, Sarah and Damien, tell Sportstar. "He is excited that cricket is back on TV."

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Archie got the chance to rub shoulders with international cricketers after Make-A-Wish Australia came to know of his battle and facilitated a national team call-up. Incidentally, he got the all-important selection call from head coach Justin Langer.

He donned the baggy green and spent time with players from both teams — especially, Paine, Nathan Lyon and Indian skipper Virat Kohli. Archie's parents say their son is a massive fan of all Team India players.

"He holds a special place in his heart for each and every one of them. They were all so generous with their time and (took) care of Archie," says Sarah. Incidentally, Archie has two favourites from the Indian side.

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"If he had to choose one, he says he would like to watch King Kohli, given that he was able to spend a bit more time with him. He still wants to bowl to him one day and take his wicket. He also loves Jasprit Bumrah," says Sarah.

"Archie is doing very well health wise, thank you," shares Sarah. However, he had to make some adjustments after donning the Test cap. "To his disgust, he had to go back to school and continue living life as an everyday seven-year-old in Australia," says Sarah.

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"The adventures of co-captaining the Aussie team in the Boxing Day Test against India is something our whole family will never forget.

Archie Schiller spent time with the Australian players during the Boxing Day Test last year.   -  Getty Images


"We are so thankful that Archie and we all were given the opportunity. We hold great respect for all those involved, including the Indian cricket team, who made it happen. Archie's health continues to be stable for the moment, with weekly appointments, however, we do know that more surgery is needed," says Sarah.

"It will always be a battle we face every day to ensure Archie can continue living. While we would love to take a family trip to England to watch Australia and of course India, sadly our finances just can't stretch. Then there is also Archie's schooling to think of."

Archie, meanwhile, is ready to catch the next flight to England to support his team. "If you ask Archie if he would like to go, he would start packing his bags today," says Sarah. "Archie has big plans to travel the world playing, watching and commentating on cricket. India is first on his list of countries to visit."

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