India vs South Africa Highlights, 3rd Test Day 2: India leads by 70 runs at Stumps after Bumrah shines with fifer

India vs South Africa 2021-22 Highlights, 3rd Test: Get the cricket score, updates, commentary and highlights between IND vs SA from Newlands in Cape Town.

Updated : Jan 12, 2022 21:51 IST , CAPE TOWN

India's Virat Kohli in action.
India's Virat Kohli in action.

India's Virat Kohli in action.


SESSION RECAP: Cheteshwar Pujara and Virat Kohli have batted with restraint to stitch a crucial 33-run stand after Mayank Agarwal and KL Rahul were dismissed with just 24 runs on the board. Earlier in the third session, Jasprit Bumrah picked up a fifer after a brief rearguard from Kagiso Rabada and Duanne Olivier saw the host add 31 runs for the last two wickets. South Africa was bowled out for 210 runs, conceding a 13-run first innings lead, as the diminutive Keegan Petersen stood tall with a fighting 166-ball 72. The match heads into the third day evenly poised, with India 70 runs ahead and the South African pace cartel raring to go and deny India its maiden Test series win in the country.

IND 57/2 in 17 overs: Ngidi to bowl the last over of the day. Kohli farms the strike with grit, leaving and defending confidently on and outside off. Stumps!

IND 57/2 in 16 overs: Pujara negotiates the first over of spin from Maharaj with ease. Looks to get the last one away with a shimie down the pitch but the drive goes straight to mid on.

IND 57/2 in 15 overs: FOUR LEG-BYES! Ngidi goes down leg and the ball runs away behind and to the boundary. This one is full outside off stump and Kohli leaves with a confident press forward. Kohli continues to shoulder arms outside the off stump.

IND 53/2 in 14 overs: Kohli pushes through covers for three runs as Jansen reverts to the over the wicket angle. Pujara leaves a drive-able length outside off. On the stump and Pujara defends to end the over.

IND 50/2 in 13 overs : Ngidi replaces Rabada. Maiden over from Ngidi but Pujara looked comfortable for the most part. Once with extra bounce surprised Pujara as it went off the shoulder of his bat.

IND 50/2 in 12 overs: Extra bounce for Jansen from a length and it loops up on the off as it goes off the splice of Kohli's bat. FOUR! Shuffled across as Kohli saw it coming outside off and pounced on it with a sublime drive through covers. 50 up for India.

IND 46/2 in 11 overs: Pujara taps into the off and scampers for a single. No-ball again from Rabada. FOUR! Strays on the pads and Kohli is away with a flick to the fine leg boundary. Flicked behind square this time and wide of short leg for a couple more. Another no-ball as Rabada oversteps. Tucked away off the backfoot by Kohli for a single at deep square leg. Three dots to Pujara to end the over.

IND 36/2 in 10 overs: Jansen continues coming from round the wicket to Kohli. FOUR-BYES! Too much bounce again and the bouncer blazes over Kohli and the keeper and to the boundary. Beaten! Pitched up this time around the off stump and Kohli hangs his bat and misses. Angled into him wide outside off and Kohli shoulders arms. 

IND 32/2 in 9 overs: FOUR! Thick outside edge for Pujara as it shapes away from a middle stump line and boundary at third man. Pujara is solid as he defends and leaves on and around off stump without discomfort.

IND 28/2 in 8 overs: Jansen to continue. Over the wicket to Kohli. Close! Kohli leaves a short of length delivery on leg stump at the last moment and gets a thick inside edge almost onto the stumps. Keeps Kohli under pressure coming across and pitching it outside off on a length. Changes to round the wicket to make Kohli play.

IND 28/2 in 7 overs: Rabada strays on Pujara's legs and is almost rewarded as he flicks it just short and wide of vd Dussen at short leg. FOUR! Pujara deposits an over-pitched gift through covers.

IND 24/2 in 6 overs: Marco Jansen into the attack. Goes across to Rahul from over the wicket. Starts off with an off stump line that Rahul leaves and defends. FOUR-BYES! A bouncer that springs up from the middle of the pitch and goes behind for to the boundary. OUT! Rahul is gone. The ball was pitched on a drive-able length and Rahul edged it to second slip. KL Rahul c Aiden Markram b Marco Jansen 10(22b 2x4 0x6). Jansen greets Kohli with a bouncer and stares back at him.

IND 20/1 in 5 overs: Rabada to Mayank. Three dots to start with. A bouncer on the fourth ball but that is another no-ball for over-stepping. FOUR! A regal straight drive from Mayank that races away. OUT! Mayank edges it to first slip and South Africa draws first blood. Squared him up with one that moved away from a straight-ish line and Mayank jabbed at it and got the edge. Mayank Agarwal c Dean Elgar b Kagiso Rabada 7(15b 1x4 0x6). Pujara is greeted with a short of length delivery in the channel and he hops back and leaves.

IND 15/0 in 4 overs: FOUR! Rahul gets on top of the bounce outside off and opens the face of the bat to steer it behind point off the backfoot. FOUR! Over-pitched and Rahul drives with ease through covers and to the fence. A gentle dab off the backfoot behind point for a couple more.

IND 5/0 in 3 overs: Rabada got it to nip sharply into Mayank, who hopped back to defend and the ball almost rolled onto the stumps. In hindsight, he would have been fine as it is called a no-ball. Mayank survives. That was close. Rabada jagged it back into Mayank and struck him on the pads, above the knee roll, and it was given out. Mayank reviewed and ball-tracking confirmed it was missing top of middle stump. Another no-ball from Rabada for over-stepping and has to load another one. This one nips in to beat Mayank but it is too high up on the thigh.

IND 3/0 in 2 overs: Shot! Short and wide from Olivier and Mayank slashes off the backfoot through covers for three runs. Rahul looks to cut loose with a cut through the off but falls short of Bavuma at cover. Olivier corrects his line to keep Rahul quiet in front of the stumps on a good length.

IND 0/0 in 1 over: A beauty to start with! Shapes away from Rahul's off stump and he back out late from offering a shot. A sensational first over. A probing line and length has Rahul on his feet constantly.

The South Africans are in a huddle as Mayank and Rahul walk out to get India's second innings underway. Rabada with the new ball. A thrilling passage of play coming up.


SA 210/10 in 76.3 overs : Bumrah to Ngidi. Short on the body and Ngidi fends at it and it loops up wide of a leaping mid wicket. OUT! Ngidi gets a leading edge off a length ball on the off and it loops up to Ashwin at mid off. Fifer for Bumrah. Lungi Ngidi c Ravichandran Ashwin b Jasprit Bumrah 3(17b 0x4 0x6). India takes a 13-run lead into its second innings. Back shortly after the innings break. Stay tuned!

SA 209/9 in 76 overs: Ashwin to Olivier. On the stumps straight up but Olivier is up for the challenge. Maiden over and Olivier survives.

SA 209/9 in 75 overs: Beaten! Straightened a bit from an angle on off stump and beat Olivier's outside edge. Beaten again with similar line and length. Ngidi pushes this on the leg side and it falls short of the fielder at mid off. South Africa survives another over. Maiden over for Bumrah.

SA 209/9 in 74 overs: Ngidi amongst the runs with an elegant mid wicket drive for a couple off Thakur. Follows it up with a straight bat defence. A bouncer next up, but sliding down leg. Ngidi gets behind the line of the ball on off stump and defends. Opens the face of the bat and runs one down to third for one more. The tail keeps Thakur at bay. South Africa 14 runs away from India's first innings total.

SA 206/9 in 73 overs: Bumrah is back from the other end. Back of length on off and Olivier leaves. FOUR! Tails in from just outside off and Olivier gets a thick inside edge to the fine leg rope. Handy runs for South Africa as the deficit is now just 19 runs. Too full on off stump and Olivier drives through covers for a couple. Olivier fends off the last ball on the legs.

SA 200/9 in 72 overs: Thakur from the other end. Rabada launches a straight one down the ground for a couple and 200 up for South Africa. OUT! Another uppish drive by KG but it lands straight in the hands of Bumrah at long-off. Kagiso Rabada c Jasprit Bumrah b Shardul Thakur 15(25b 1x4 0x6). Ngidi sees off the over without further incidents with some good defence.

SA 198/8 in 71 overs: Ashwin into the attack. LBW appeal straightaway, a desperate one, but hit Rabada way outside leg stump. A single for Rabada at mid off. Olivier defends well to end the over.

SA 197/8 in 70 overs: Umesh comes over the wicket to Rabada. FOUR! Short on leg and Rabada hops and flicks it behind square for the boundary. That narrow India's lead to 27 runs. Rabada is hit on the helmet as he misses the pull on short ball from Umesh. It loops up and lands at short mid off. The routine concussion check underway. Rabada will resume and swivels and pulls it fine for a single.

SA 191/8 in 69 overs: Rabada takes a single off the first ball with a drive to mid off.  FOUR! First runs for Oliver off his 20th ball. Length ball outside off, leans back and slashes it behind point for a boundary. Brave little innings here by Olivier. Took a few hits on the body but stepped up to the challenge against Bumrah.

SA 186/8 in 68 overs: Back of length down leg from Umesh and Rabada rocks back and misses the flick. A scattered appeal for caught behind but nothing much in it. Rabada takes a single after a no-ball from Umesh. Short leg in for Olivier. A full one on off followed by a short one that bounces lower than anticipated. The next one rises well and Olivier takes a hit on his elbow as he shapes to defend off the backfoot.

SA 184/8 in 67 overs: Bumrah comes round the wicket to Rabada. Angled in on off stump and Rabada almost chops on with an inside edge and steals a single. Stung! Bumrah bangs it in short and angles it into Olivier to sting him on his arm. This one rises higher and gets him on the gloves as he tips toes to defend. Agarwal is brought in at short leg. A wayward bouncer down leg-side; that was a no-ball.

SA 182/8 in 66 overs: Rabada takes the aerial route, slicing over cover for a couple. A short one follow and Rabada pulls, taking his eye off the ball, and collects a single behind square. Beaten! Moves away too much from a fuller length outside off and beats Olivier's poke. Length angling on leg and Olivier does well to hop back and defend. A short of length delivery that end the over. It doesn't rise too much and Olivier takes awkwardly.

SA 179/8 in 65 overs: Bumrah keeps it on a length to Petersen, on a line on and around off stump that forces him to play. A fuller one this time and driven straight to cover for no runs. OUT! Petersen edges to first slip. Perfect length and nips into Petersen from an angle; the extra bounce sees him edging it to Pujara's hands. Keegan Petersen c Cheteshwar Pujara b Jasprit Bumrah 72(166b 9x4 0x6). Olivier the new man in and survives a couple of balls to make it a maiden wicket.

SA 179/7 in 64 overs: Umesh from the other end. Petersen takes one with a flick off a low full-toss. Over the wicket to Rabada. He gets off the mark with a single past point. Shami is off the field. Seems to have an issue with his knee. Petersen puts a short one away towards square leg for a single.

SA 176/7 in 63 overs: Back for the final session of play. Team India with its tail up after three quick wickets towards the end of the second session. Bumrah will complete his over. Round the wicket to Rabada. On the stumps first ball with the angle and Rabada defends from the crease. Rabada plays out the over without scoring.


SESSION RECAP: India fighting back brilliantly in that second session through the pace of Shami and Bumrah. Petersen is going strong but he is fast running out of partners. The slide began with the dismissal of vd Dussen off Shami, who then got rid of Verreynne in the same over. That two-wicket over shifted the momentum in India's favour. And Jansen's wicket on the stroke of tea further tilted the scales in the favour of Kohli's men. Petersen is batting on 70. Will be interesting to see his strategy after tea. Be back at 7:00 pm.

Should be last over before tea. Bumrah to Petersen, pulled to fine leg for a single. Jansen on strike. More short stuff or will Bumrah try and slip in a yorker? GONE! Bowled him. Bumrah has the last laugh. That was too good a ball for a No. 8. That's tea.

SA 175/6 in 62 overs: Shami to Petersen, no run. Petersen takes a single next ball, flicked towards midwicket nicley. The deficit is less than 50 now. Bowls length on off stump and beats Jansen's outside edge. Relentless attack from Shami. So good to watch. Three more dots to finish.

SA 174/6 in 61 overs: Bumrah to Jansen, no run, beautiful from Bumrah, length on outside off and beaten on the outside edge again. Jansen leaves the next ball alone. The third ball goes past the outside edge once more and keeps a little low as well. A single to Jansen at last. Now a single to Petersen off the penultimate ball. Jansen collects a couple off the last ball.

SA 170/6 in 60 overs: Shami to Jansen, no run. Three slips waiting for an edge. Another dot later, Jansen collects a single off the third ball. Shami to Petersen, no run. He collects a brace off the penultimate ball, misfield from Thakur. Dot to finish. Bumrah vs Jansen again.

SA 167/6 in 59 overs: Bumrah to Jansen. Another bouncer, this one's down leg side. Next ball's on a length outside off, Jansen looks to defend and is beaten. An appeal for lbw off the third ball but looked high. Goes for the yorker now and Jansen jabs it out. The batters get a leg bye off the last ball. 6:27 PM IST - 10 minutes to tea.

SA 166/6 in 58 overs: Shami to Petersen. Bowls a peach second ball; almost a legbreak beating Petersen's outside edge. An appeal for caught behind off the fourth ball but the ball had gone off the thigh pad. Not reviewed and rightly so. Petersen ends the over with a boundary. This is now Petersen's highest score in Tests - 65.

SA 162/6 in 57 overs: Here's Bumrah. Bumrah to Jansen, no run. A bumper first ball, Jansen ducks under it. Two out of the first three have been bouncers. And another one... Jansen gets a couple off a thick outside edge. Dot to finish.

SA 160/6 in 56 overs: FOUR! Shot from Bavuma, leaning into the drive and collecting four more. GONE! Shami has the last laugh. Bavuma holes out at slip. Very good catch by Kohli. Bavuma out for 28. Kyle Verreynne is in next. Three slips in place. Verreynne defends the length ball. OUT! 1 brings 2. SHAMI, YOU BEAUTY! Verreynne is caught behind, good grab by Pant. Marco Jansen is the new man in. Jansen off the mark with a single. Dot to finish.

SA 155/4 in 55 overs: Ashwin to Petersen. Two dot balls later, Petersen collects two, length on the pads and nudged away to fine leg. Three dots to finish. Very disciplined from Ashwin, holding one end up.

SA 153/4 in 54 overs: Shami into the attack. Bavuma on strike. Defends the first ball off the front foot. Defends the next ball to covers. Shoulders arms to the third ball.  Three slips and point in place for Bavuma, who loves playing the cut shot. He duly leaves the next ball, which is length on the fifth stump line. Beautiful from Shami, invites Bavuma to drive, the batter gets an inside edge onto the pads. Dot to finish.

SA 153/4 in 53 overs: Ashwin to Petersen. Six dot balls and it's a maiden. The partnership between the two batters is 36. Extremely crucial stand this for the Proteas.

SA 153/4 in 52 overs: FOUR! Bavuma takes SA past 150 with a cracking cut shot for four. He gets a couple off the next ball. Runs coming nice and easy for these two batters at the moment. That drop of Bavuma will hurt India more with each boundary. Tidy comeback from Thakur, who bowls four successive dots to end the over.

SA 147/4 in 51 overs: Ashwin to Petersen, steps out and collects a single towards square leg. A 6-3 leg side field for Bavuma, who flicks the fifth ball to deep midwicket for a single. Petersen collects two off the last ball.

SA 143/4 in 50 overs: Thakur to Bavuma, one run. Petersen plays two dot balls before trying to flick a length ball but fails to connect. They run a bye. DROPPED ! Pujara drops Bavuma at slip. What's worse? The ball hits the helmet, so that's five. Thakur has bowled beautifully. Dot to finish.


SA 136/4 in 49 overs: Bowling change. Ashwin into the attack. Slip and short leg in place for Petersen, who plays out six dot balls.

SA 136/4 in 48 overs: Thakur begins with a peach. Landing on a fifth stump, angling into off, Bavuma plays at it and misses. Maiden from Shardul - superb bowling, probing spell.

SA 136/4 in 47 overs: Shami to Petersen, no run. This partnership is worth 20 now but Kohli wouldn't want another SA pair to flourish at this stage. Three dot balls. Petersen plays a lovely flick for three. Petersen's batting has been serene - timing, elegance and good game sense. Single to Bavuma to end the over, keeps strike.

SA 132/4 in 46 overs: Shardul Thakur replaces Umes Yadav. Thakur to Bavuma, no run. Three slips. Bavuma gets a single next ball, off an edge to gully. Petersen flays a short ball to deep backward point for just one run. Bavuma collects a couple off the fifth ball. Dot to finish.

SA 128/4 in 45 overs: Shami to Bavuma, no run.  Bavuma drives loosely for a single. Shami to Petersen, four dot balls. Shami has bowled beautifully today for no rewards, so far.

SA 127/4 in 44 overs: Umesh. After 12 dot balls, two runs for South Africa as Bavuma taps an inside edge past square leg. Next ball, Bavuma drives wonderfully down the ground for four. SA now less than 100 away from India's first-innings score. Three dots and a single to end the over. Bavuma retains strike.

SA 120/4 in 43 overs: Change of bowling. Shami replaces Bumrah. Petersen on strike. Shami starts with a maiden. Petersen rock solid in defence.

SA 120/4 in 42 overs: Umesh Yadav to Bavuma, no run. Three slips in place. Three dots up front, Bavuma solid in defence and his leaves. Maiden fro Umesh - good lines and lengths but Bavuma measured in defence. Good cricket all around.

SA 120/4 in 41 overs: Bumrah to Petersen, a couple to get to his second Test fifty. Well played. Two dots later, two more to Petersen; Shardul with a dive at cover to save a certai boundary. Couple of dots to finish.

SA 116/4 in 40 overs: Umesh Yadav to vd Dussen, no run. GONE! There's the breakthrough. vd Dussen looks to drive on the up, gets an outside edge and Kohli takes a good catch at second slip. That ball from Umesh swung away late, vd Dussen had to play at it. Here's Temba Bavuma. Umesh to Bavuma, dot ball. Bavuma off the mark with a wristy flick through midwicket for four. Couple of dots to finish a successful over for Umesh.

SA 112/3 in 39 overs: Bumrah to Petersen, no run, bottom edge, doesn't carry to Pant behind the stumps. The batters cross over for a single. vd Dussen takes another risky single, direct hit from Rahane at the non-striker's end and vd Dussen was gone.  Two close brushes for vs Dussen after the break. Petersen plays four dot balls.

SA 110/3 in 38 overs: Umesh Yadav to vd Dussen, quick single. No need for those. A direct hit at the non-striker's end and Rassie was gone. Next ball, Petersen plays a glorious drive off the backfoot for four. KP oozing class. He collects a brace off the next ball. A single to Petersen off the fourth ball. vd Dussen collects two off the last ball. 10 off the over. Umesh needs to tighten his lines.

SA 100/3 in 37 overs: Bumrah from the other end. Petersen on strike with three slips in place. Petersen solidly defends the first three deliveries. Kohli will hope Bumrah can break the partnership in this spell. Petersen plays six dot balls. Maiden from Bumrah.

SA 100/3 in 36 overs: vd Dussen to take strike. Umesh steaming in after the break. Two slips and a gully. Umesh Yadav to van der Dussen, no run. Shouldered arms without any fuss. Two more dots follow. Big shout for lbw against vd Dussen. Not given. Kohli reviews. "Yeh upar nahi hai bhai," Kohli can be heard saying on the stump mic. Wickets missing! India have lost a second review. Cracking ball. Rassie is squared up, beaten on the leading edge but survives.

Welcome back for the second session. A crucial hour for both teams. South Africa will look to consolidate and India will eye inroads and fast.


SESSION RECAP: The host has its nose a little bit ahead in the match after a grafting 55-run unbeaten stand between Keegan Petersen and Rassie van der Dussen. Jasprit Bumrah got India off to a flyer, cleaning up Aiden Markram on the second ball of the day. Night-watchman Keshav Maharaj looked fluent for his 45-ball 25 before Umesh Yadav castled him with one that nipped in a bit. Petersen led South Africa's fightback, not hesitating from putting away the loose balls while treading cautiously in and around the off stump area. vd Dussen held up the other end with tenacity, accumulating 17 runs in 42 balls without a boundary.

SA 100/3 in 35 overs: Last over before Lunch. Shami to vd Dussen. First three balls are in the channel and vd Dussen leaves them alone. Nips back in a bit from outside off and well defended on off side. Fended back to the bowler with a forward stride. Strays on the pads and vd Dussen flicks it away to fine leg for a single and 100 up for South Africa. Players will take Lunch.

SA 99/3 in 34 overs: Bumrah has vd Dussen in trouble with one that straightens from a length just outside off. A stifled appeal and Kohli doesn't review. A single for him next ball at covers and 50 partnership up, off 80 balls. FOUR! Petersen punches this one through point and to the boundary. Agarwal seemed to parry it back in but replay showed his foot was in contact with the rope as he held on to the ball.

SA 94/3 in 33 overs: Three runs coming from the Ashwin over. Both Petersen and vd Dussen have looked at ease against Ashwin. Pressing forward to defend, sneaking in the singles through the gaps.

SA 91/3 in 32 overs: Bumrah back into the attack before Lunch. Starts off with a full one outside off and easily driven to mid off by vd Dussen for a dot. Wide outside off, some movement inwards, but vd Dussen leaves. Comes into vd Dussen from a fuller length outside off and pushed by vd Dussen to point for a single. A couple for Petersen at third man as he dabs with an open face into the gap.

SA 88/3 in 31 overs: Ashwin from the other end. Pitched up outside off and Petersen presses forward to defend. Goes back in his crease to defend the next one that comes from a length. FOUR! Length outside off and Petersen slaps it past the slips with an ingenious reverse-sweep. Steps down the pitch this time but flicks it to mid wicket for a dot.

SA 84/1 in 30 overs: Thakur continues. Beaten! Thakur draws the edge with a fuller length outside off but the wobble seam shapes it away from Petersen, who misses the drive. FOUR! This one is sliding down leg and Petersen rolls his wrists and puts it away to the mid wicket boundary. Petersen pulls away to deep square leg for a single and keeps strike.

SA 79/3 in 29 overs: Ashwin to introduce spin for India. First one comes in from an off stump line and vd Dussen shuffles and defends on the on side. Attacking start from Ashwin, keeping it on the stump and forcing vd Dussen to play. Maiden over!

SA 79/3 in 28 overs: FOUR! Petersen getting a move on here. Short and wide from Thakur and he opens his arms and slashes it in the air behind point and to the boundary. He moves to 24 with that boundary. Beaten! Shapes away from outside off and beats Petersen's hanging bat.

SA 74/3 in 27 overs: vd Dussen takes one more with a tuck to fine leg. Umesh veers down leg and Petersen misses the flick. Straighter this one and Petersen defends it back with a straight bat. FOUR! Petersen stands tall and a punches square of the wicket with a late flourish of the bat. A couple of singles to end the over. A good partnership building here.

SA 67/3 in 26 overs: Thakur keeps it in the channel on a good length. vd Dussen clips one behind for a single. Beaten! Petersen is beaten as the ball shapes away from a length outside off. Thakur is interested and shouts loud but that sound was of bat hitting pad probably.

SA 66/3 in 25 overs: Umesh pegs vd Dussen back with a probing line on the stumps that comes from a good length. A thick inside edge for vd Dussen and he gets off strike with a single to fine leg. Petersen is beaten for one that nips in and gets him on the upper thigh. FOUR! Wide outside off and Petersen slashes it behind point, a little too uppishly though.

SA 61/3 in 24 overs: Edged again and short of slips again! Thakur finds Petersen's edge with some away movement from an off stump line. Petersen comes forward to defend this one on the off. Good bounce for Thakur outside off. He rises on Petersen, who withdraws from a shot in the nick of time. Petersen hops back in his crease to defend the following three length balls on and outside off stump.

SA 61/3 in 23 overs: Petersen whips one that is going down leg for a single at fine leg. vd Duseen leaves the next couple of balls in the channel. Taps a straight one to mid on for a quick single. On the legs again and Petersen clips it behind for one more. A couple for vd Dussen as he works a straight one to mid wicket.

SA 56/4 in 22 overs: FOUR! Short and wide from Thakur and Petersen latches onto it with a power-packed punch with a hop back. Fifty up for South Africa. Loud LBW shot and Kohli reviews. Pitched on middle and moved away a touch to hit Petersen on the back thigh. Ball-tracking confirms that it was missing top of off stump. India loses a review. Loose one on the legs and Petersen flicks it behind square for one. A couple for vd Dussen with a thick outside edge that trickles to third man. Edge and just short of Kohli in the slips. vd Dussen poked outside the line of off stump as it went off his outside edge, courtesy extra bounce.

SA 49/3 in 21 overs: Umesh continues. OUT! Bowled him! On middle and off, a bit of inward movement and Maharaj's middle stump is disturbed. Keshav Maharaj b Umesh Yadav 25(45b 4x4 0x6). Rassie van der Dussen is the new man in. Yorker on middle stump first up and vd Dussen gets a thick outside edge to point for a single. Petersen pokes outside off and falls short of gully for a single. One more for Petersen with a tuck to mid-on. Petersen nudges to point for a single and keeps the strike.

SA 45/2 in 20 overs: Thakur from the other end. Strays down leg to Maharaj, who flicks it to mid wicket for two. Full and straight and Maharaj defends off the middle of the willow. Punched off the backfoot and a misfield at cover will allow a single. Three dots to end the over. Thakur gets the last one to nip into Petersen who gets a leading edge trying to drive on the on-side.

SA 42/2 in 19 overs: Umesh replaces Bumrah. Darts the first one on a length outside off and Petersen leaves. Closer to off stump on a similar length and Petersen is forced to defend off the backfoot. Loud appeal for LBW but turned down! Kohli doesn't review. Nipped back from middle and off and hit Petersen high on the thigh pad. Probably angling away from leg stump too. Good maiden over for Umesh to start the day.

SA 42/2 in 18 overs: FOUR! Full on fifth stump line and Maharaj unleashes a sublime cover drive. Maharaj defends well and moves to 22.

SA 38/2 in 17 overs: Another inside edge for Maharaj as the ball trickles to fine leg for a single. Bumrah keeps it straight in the channel and Petersen leaves with ease. This one is angled into him from back of a length and Petersen defends off the backfoot.

SA 37/2 in 16 overs: Shami beats Petersen as the latter goes for an exuberant drive outside off. Edged and safe! Extra bounce and it went off Petersen's shoulder of the bat and just short of third slip. Shami gets another edge which is low and wide of gully and Rahane dives well to save a boundary. Shami beats Petersen again with away movement just outside off stump.

SA 37/2 in 15 overs: Bumrah darts one on the stumps to Maharaj, who taps it on the leg for a single. Petersen defends a couple of balls in the channel. Pushes one off the backfoot to cover for a single.

SA 35/2 in 14 overs: Shami draws a thick edge from Petersen and it goes to slip on the bounce. Beaten! Shapes away sharply from a crack outside off stump and misses Petersen's push on the off. Petersen gets behind the line of the ball in the next couple of deliveries and defends well.

SA 35/2 in 13 overs: A single and a no-ball from the Bumrah over.

SA 33/2 in 12 overs: Shami to Maharaj. A beauty! Shaped away from a fuller length on off stump and does too much to beat Maharaj's outside edge. Tailed into him from middle stump this line and Maharaj gets his bat down in time to edge it to point. FOUR! Perfectly timed backfoot punch through covers that would make one doubt that he is the night-watchman.

SA 29/2 in 11 overs: Bumrah continues. Tailing in with the angle and Maharaj leaves it close to off stump. FOUR-BYES! A jaffa! Bumrah jagged it back sharply from outside off, beat Maharaj's inside edge and Pant's full-stretch to his left. Maharaj collects a single at fine leg, inside edging it. A couple of dots to end the over.

SA 24/2 in 10 overs: FOUR! Lucky boundary. Shami went full and straight with some away movement and Maharaj got a thick outside edge on it as it raced away between third slip and gully. Solid defence from Maharaj, off the middle of the bat. Beaten! Moves away off the seam and Maharaj misses trying to follow the ball on the off. Length sliding down leg and Maharaj flicks to fine leg for a single. Petersen leaves one wide outside off to end the over.

SA 19/2 in 9 overs: Bumrah to Markram. Three slips and a gully. Angled into him and a thick outside edge to the slips. OUT! Bowled him. A horrible error in judgement as Markram shoulders arms to one that nips quite a bit from a fourth stump line and rattles top of off stump. Aiden Markram b Jasprit Bumrah 8(22b 1x4 0x6). Petersen is off the mark with a couple behind point. Three dots to end the over.

13:57 IST: Live action coming up shortly from Cape Town. How many do you think India will get in that first session of play? A bright and sunny day in Newlands with a spotless blue sky painting a perfect tapestry for what is a historic Test.



Batting was challenging. There was a cloud cover, the pitch sported grass, and the surface offered seam movement and bounce.

In these conditions, Virat Kohli reserved his best. His 79 of character sparkled in India’s total of 223 after the side elected to bat.

India hit back with Jasprit Bumrah, who moved the ball across the left-handed Dean Elgar to have him caught at first slip. FULL REPORT


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