India vs England 2nd ODI highlights: Topley picks six as England beats India by 100 runs

India vs England 2nd ODI Highlights: Match Updates: Get the score updates, commentary and highlights from the second ODI between India and England.

Updated : Jul 15, 2022 00:53 IST

India’s Virat Kohli walks off the field of play after losing his wicket.
India’s Virat Kohli walks off the field of play after losing his wicket. | Photo Credit: Matt Dunham

India’s Virat Kohli walks off the field of play after losing his wicket. | Photo Credit: Matt Dunham

The Jos Buttler-led English side completed a thumping 100-run victory over India to level the series and take it to the decider on Sunday. The Indian bowlers thought they had shut down the English batting before a rearguard action from Moeen Ali and David Willey helped England set up a respectable total.

The Indian chase never took off as the English bowlers, led by Reece Topley, plucked wickets at regular intervals. Virat Kohli’s horrid form continued as he edged one outside off to the keeper after playing a few elegant drives. Hardik Pandya and Ravindra Jadeja tried to put up a fight but England closed out the game with Topley’s 6/24, which is now the best bowling figures for England in men’s ODIs.

IND 146 all out in 38.4 overs

Topley gets there. A cutter beats Chahal and rattles the timber. This has been an outstanding display of left-arm bowling from the 28-year-old. Can he get one more and seal a comeback win for England. He has Prasidh Krishna in his sights and he nabs his sixth with ease. England has turned the tables on India with a comprehensive win of exactly 100 runs.

IND 141/8 in 37 overs

Topley with the ball again. He would love to get a fifer today at Lord’s. He brings out almost all of his variations but Bumrah and Chahal dig in. But just one run in that over.

IND 140/8 in 36 overs

Buttler throws the ball to Livingstone and he strikes the first ball. Almost yorks Jadeja as the ball crashes onto the stumps. End of the road for India? Chahal gets a taste of his own medicine as Livingstone beats him with some leg breaks.

Ravindra Jadeja b Livingstone 29 (44b) 

IND 140/7 in 35 overs

Topley gets a chance to improve his figures. His variations are too much for Shami. A dipping slow ball ends his enterprising stay as he loops it for Stokes to complete a tough catch.

Mohammed Shami c Stokes b Topley 23 (28b)

IND 138/6 in 34 overs

Jadeja is finding no difficulty in eking out singles, but England won’t mind them. The partnership has climbed to 37, mostly thanks to Shami.

IND 136/6 in 33 overs

Jadeja is biding his time and letting Shami take his chance with the English bowlers. Meanwhile, Willey gets through another over as the required rate climbs closer to seven. Shami skies one, but it falls tamely within the ground and they scamper for a double.

IND 131/6 in 32 overs

Carse is reintroduced. He keeps Shami quiet and almost has his counterpart back in the hut. A sharp return catch evades his grip and Shami is still out there.

IND 128/6 in 31 overs

Willey is back into the attack. Shami’s intent is clear. He is the aggressor in this partnership and if India has any hopes of recovering in this game, he should ideally put a few away.

IND 123/6 in 30 overs

Ali into his fourth. Shami has no intention of just hanging around. Steps out to Ali and lofts it over the long-off fence for a SIX. This game might not just be over yet!

IND 112/6 in 29 overs

Overton gets another go. He manages to extract a top edge from Shami, but it is too far for fine leg as it bounces away for another FOUR.

IND 105/6 in 28 overs

Hardik Pandya tries to after Ali, but only manages to find Livingstone in the deep. Shami gets into the action straight away. Drives Ali off the front foot through the offside for a sparkling four.

 Hardik Pandya c Livingstone b Ali 29 (44b)

IND 101/5 in 27 overs

Overton continues on from the other end. The Indian all-rounders have a chance to show their might with the bat today.

IND 99/5 in 26 overs

Jadeja goes after his CSK teammate, Moeen Ali, who missed the length. Jadeja deposits the loosener in the stands for a SIX. The Indian innings finally to be lifting off.

IND 91/5 in 25 overs

India need 163 runs in 26 overs to seal the game and the series. But unfortunately, India has just five wickets in the bank. Hardik and Jadeja would be looking to take it as deep as possible as they deal with yet another tight over from Overton. Jadeja escapes after he inadvertently flicked an Overton bouncer as he was ducking from it. Gets a four.

IND 84/5 in 24 overs

Moeen Ali comes into the attack. Hardik comes down the track and smashes the fifth ball down the ground for four.

IND 77/5 in 23 overs

Topley’s been brilliant. He has attacked the stumps and varied his lengths to keep the batters guessing. He is not express pace but that extra bounce that he generates has helped him. One run from the over.

IND 76/5 in 22 overs

Overton continues. Another over goes by - just a single from it. The required rate is now just over 6 but the wickets column is a concern for India.

IND 75/5 in 21 overs

WICKET! There’s the breakthrough. Surya chops on. He falls for 27. Topley with the big wicket. Jadeja joins Hardik. Just 2 runs and a wicket from that Topley over. The bowling change works for England.

IND 73/4 in 20 overs

Overton keeping Hardik and Surya quiet. Only three from his third over. The partnership between Hardik and Surya inching towards 50 now.

IND 70/4 in 19 overs

Carse continues. Surya swivels a pull over fine leg for six; similar to the shot he played to get off the mark on his T20I debut against the same team last year. Short ball from Carse and he pays the price.

IND 60/4 in 18 overs

Overton into his second over. Just a single. The pressure mounting on India and these two batters.

IND 59/4 in 17 overs

Carse into the attack. Loud appeal for lbw against Surya off the fifth ball. Not given. Buttler reviews. Sailing over the stumps and England lose a review. 2 runs from the over.


IND 57/4 in 16 overs

Here comes Overton into the attack. Tidy start. Three singles from it. If India bat out 50 overs, they should win this. England need to keep chipping away.

IND 54/4 in 15 overs

Carse into his third. The onus will be on this pair to bat deep. Both batters have played some glorious shots for just singles. Meanwhile, the 50 comes up with a single. Hardik ends the over with an on drive for four.

IND 46/4 in 14 overs

Willey continues to keep a lid on the scoring rate. Just four from his seventh over as Hardik and Surya continue rebuilding.

IND 42/4 in 13 overs

Carse continues. Hardik and Surya have been in sublime touch of late, so all hope not lost for India yet. Four from that Carse over.

IND 38/4 in 12 overs

GONE! There’s the big wicket England were searching for. Kohli is caught behind and Willey gets a breakthrough. That was on middle and off and angled away from Kohli, who couldn’t resist the urge to poke and got an outside edge. Hardik Pandya joins Surya, whose first scoring shot is a drive down the ground for four. SKY picks 2 off the last ball.

IND 31/3 in 11 overs

GONE! Pant has hit a Brydon Carse full toss to mid-on. Soft dismissal and India in real trouble. Suryakumar Yadav joins Kohli. 3 runs and a wicket.

IND 28/2 in 10 overs

Willey with another economical over. Just one off it in the end. Pant is leaving balls outside off stump, being watchful. Kohli’s left well so far.

IND 27/2 in 9 overs

WICKET! Dhawan has been stranded down leg side. Topley celebrates. Tame dismissal. Rishabh Pant is in at 4. Dot to finish.

IND 23/1 in 8 overs

Loud lbw appeal against Dhawan as he is beaten on the inside edge and hit on the pad. That was too high. Three from that Willey over.

IND 20/1 in 7 overs

Kohli hits two back-to-back boundaries off Topley; one an on drive and the other; a drive wide of mid-off.

IND 12/1 in 6 overs

Willey. He is yet to concede a run off the bat. But he concedes two this over. Watchful from Dhawan and Kohli.

IND 10/1 in 5 overs

Here’s Topley. Two slips for Dhawan, who comes down the pitch and pinches a quick single off the third ball. Kohli’s off the mark with a glorious drive down the ground for four.

IND 5/1 in 4 overs

Willey. Lone slip in place. Testing times these for Virat. Still no run off the bat for Kohli as Willey bowls a maiden.

IND 5/1 in 3 overs

Topley continues. Strays in line and India earn four byes. Rohit has been given out lbw! Rohit reviews. That looked plumb and is plumb. Rohit has to go. What a start this from England. Rohit goes for a duck. Kohli joins Dhawan. Dot to finish.

IND 0/0 in 2 overs

David Willey from the other end. Two slips for Dhawan. Another maiden. Very good start. There was a shout for lbw off the last ball but not given. England don’t review.

IND 0/0 in 1 over

Reece Topley has got the new ball. A slip in place. Rohit is on strike. Topley starts with a maiden. Good start from the hosts.

Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan will begin the chase shortly. The two had an unbeaten century stand in the last game and would like to carry that momentum into today’s chase.

ENG 246 all out in 49 overs

Bumrah to bowl the penultimate over of the innings. He oversteps, the third ball of the over. But dishes an inch-perfect yorker in the resultant freehit. He hits the unhittable mark again the next ball but doesn’t get a wicket. He does eventually though. Last ball of the over and he shoots a yorker which zooms into the stumps past Overton’s flashing bat. That is the end of the innings for England. A much better outing for them, but would it be enough against India?

Reece Topley b Bumrah 3 (5m)

ENG 242/9 in 48 overs

Prasidh Krishna with the 48th. He strikes Carse on the leg/thigh/box. Was there an appeal? Seems like it. Prasidh is finally rewarded with a wicket. England is one away from being bowled out, again.

Carse lbw b Prasidh Krishna 2 (4b)

ENG 237/8 in 47 overs

Willey has grown into confidence and it was in full display as he pulls Bumrah out of the ground for a SIX. Willey is farming the strike from Overton, as he looks to put the English total at a respectable level. But Bumrah gets his man. Pitches one up to Willey. It was a slower one and Willey couldn’t time it as well as he wanted. Shreyas Iyer completes the catch in the second go.

David Willey c SS Iyer b Bumrah 41 (49b) 

ENG 227/7 in 46 overs

We are into the last five overs as Hardik Pandya is reintroduced. He beats the Overton twice and a few dot balls but concedes a double in the last over. Not a bad over from the all-rounder.

ENG 222/7 in 45 overs

Shami keeps it going from the other end. He has bowled his heart today, just like always, but has just a wicket to show for all his efforts. But what a wicket was that. 1-48 for Shami from his 10 overs.

ENG 215/7 in 44 overs

Last chance for Chahal to complete his fifer and become the first Indian to do so in Lord’s in ODIs. Unfortunately for him Willey and Overton see out the over. Nevertheless a potentially game-winning effort from the leggie. The best figures by an Indian in ODIs at the Lord’s.

ENG 213/7 in 43 overs

India looks to close this innings as Shami gets a chance at Willey and the new man, Craig Overton. Willey had to jam his bat in to stay safe against a Shami’s in-swinging yorker.

ENG 210/7 in 42 overs

Chahal with this penultimate over. Rohit Sharma would be hoping this move would do the trick and it does. Ali holes out in the deep, where Jadeja takes a clean catch. A crucial wicket for both sides. Four-wicket haul for Chahal. He keeps on delivering.

Moeen Ali c Jadeja b Chahal 47 (64b)

ENG 208/6 in 41 overs

Now it is the turn of Bumrah to be at the receiving end of a Moeen Ali special. Short of good length and Ali thrashes it beyond the leg-side boundary for a SIX. This partnership has revived this England after it looked like the Indian bowling had run over it again.

ENG 201/6 in 40 overs

Shami too gets a crack. He has had a good game so far and he almost breaks the partnership. Willey mistimes a pull and Hardik nearly manages to hold on to it after putting in an almighty dive.

ENG 194/6 in 39 overs

Jasprit Bumrah is back. India would love to nip this partnership sooner rather than later. India continue their short-ball experiment but Willey gets this one away for a four.

ENG 189/6 in 38 overs

Ali decides to attack Chahal too. Goes for a sweep and nails it. FOUR. The England innings finally get a sense of momentum. Just a single of the next five balls though.

ENG 184/6 in 37 overs

Ali has settled in well and he is showing signs of taking the attack to India. He picks a Prasidh Krishna short of a good length ball and dumps into the stands for a SIX. Willey joins in on the act as he hooks a short one beyond the fine leg boundary for another SIX.

ENG 169/6 in 356overs

Chahal brought back into the attack. Uneventful over as the English duo manages just a couple of singles.

ENG 167/6 in 35 overs

Prasidh goes short and Ali goes bang. Smacked that for a FOUR. Much needed one for England. Prasidh reels in the over with no further damages.

ENG 161/6 in 34 overs

Jadeja continues to hold the other end up. The English duo unable to put Jadeja away. Just two singles of the over.

ENG 159/6 in 33 overs

Prasidh Krishna gets an immediate chance to redeem himself for that drooped catch. He bowls a decent over, but no wickets to soothe his ego.

ENG 156/6 in 32 overs

Jadeja continues from the other end. England would need to bat out the 50 overs if they need to put up a fight in this game.

ENG 153/6 in 31 overs

Hardik’s return to bowling has helped the Indian side tremendously. He forces a false shot off Willey, but Prasidh couldn’t latch on to the chance. Missed opportunity to get further into the English tail.

ENG 151/6 in 30 overs

Jadeja has another go. David Willey is the new batter. Jadeja finishes off that over even before Willey realised he is down in the middle at Lords.

ENG 148/6 in 29 overs

Hardik continues. The game has softened out a little. Livingstone chips one over mid-on for a couple. Hardik bowls a short one and an advancing Livingstone somehow manages to pull it for a SIX. He follows that with another pull shot and looked much more in control. FOUR this time. Livingstone goes for it again but only manages to find Shreyas Iyer in the deep. Hardik gets his revenge.

 Liam Livingstone c SS Iyer (sub) b Pandya 33 (33b) 

ENG 133/5 in 28 overs

Jadeja into his second over. Rohit Sharma might have a hurt himself after he stops a Livingstone drive. Jadeja races through the rest of the over.

ENG 128/5 in 27 overs

Hardik Pandya is reintroduced. He has had a good afternoon so far and keeps it going with a tight over. Just two singles and wide in that over.

ENG 126/5 in 26 overs

Ravindra Jadeja gets his chance with the ball. Dhawan chases down a Moeen Ali drive that seemed destined to reach the boundary and saves his side two runs. Jadeja carves through the rest of the over quickly and safely.

ENG 121/5 in 25 overs

Bumrah. Livingstone plays a gorgeous straight drive for four. A stifled appeal for caught behind down leg side. Not given. Must have grazed the pad on the way to the keeper. Livingstone’s fine.

ENG 116/5 in 24 overs

Chahal into his sixth. Livingstone comes down the wicket and smacks a flighted ball for a maximum. That was a 90-metre long hit. Good comeback from Chahal. 5 from the remaining balls including a wide.

ENG 105/5 in 23 overs

Bumrah replaces Shami. India clearly searching for wickets now. Bumrah’s turn now to test Livingstone with extra bounce from a length. The onus is on Moeen and Livingstone, two natural strokemakers, to rebuild. 2 from the over.

ENG 103/5 in 22 overs

Stokes has been adjudged lbw! He reviews. Looks plumb. Three reds and Chahal has his third! It was a straight ball from Chahal, Stokes went for the reverse sweep and missed. Moeen Ali is the new man in. Just two runs and a wicket.

ENG 101/4 in 21 overs

Shami is into his 7th over. Slip in place for Livingstone, who keeps getting tested by the Shami short ball. Shami bowls a yorker, dug out to long leg by Livingstone for a single. Ends with a dot.

ENG 99/4 in 20 overs

Stokes has played three reverse sweeps off Chahal and two have earned him boundaries. Livingstone off the mark with a single off the last ball. 12 off the over.

ENG 87/4 in 19 overs

Shami continues. GONE! Buttler’s struggle continues as he inside edges on to the stumps. It was full on middle and off. Livingstone joins Stokes. Shami greets Livingstone with a well-directed bouncer that hits Livingstone on his helmet. The physician does a quick check. He is fine. Livingstone gives him the charge on the last ball and is beaten by another bouncer.

ENG 83/3 in 18 overs

Chahal’s got a change of ends. Root has been given out lbw. He has reviewed. THREE REDS! The ball would’ve crashed into the middle stump and Chahal’s got another big scalp. England lose a review. Jos Buttler joins Stokes. Buttler’s off the mark with a couple.

ENG 81/2 in 17 overs

Shami replaces Chahal. Proactive captaincy from Rohit. Sees there’s a new man at the crease and straightaway goes back to one of his main bowlers. Axar and Shreyas were on the field for Pandya and Dhawan. But the substitutes are off the field now. Stokes went for the heave on the fourth ball but had to settle for two. Next ball, Kohli at cover saves a certain boundary off Stokes’s bat.

ENG 78/2 in 16 overs

Prasidh continues. Stokes comes down the wicket and slaps the third ball through covers for four. Six from that Krishna over.

ENG 72/2 in 15 overs

Chahal continues.  WICKET! Bairstow is clean bowled trying to slog sweep. Big wicket. He goes for a run-a-ball 38. Ben Stokes joins Joe Root. Chahal to Stokes with a slip in place. He plays out two dots.

ENG 70/1 in 14 overs

Prasidh comes and bowls a short ball. Bairstow pulls disdainfully for four more. He gives another example of the prime form he is in with yet another pull shot for four. Prasidh bowling short and wide and paying the price. 11 from the over.

ENG 59/1 in 13 overs

Spin for the first time this match. Chahal into the attack. He has got a slip in place. He didn’t have much to do at The Oval the other day. Chahal gives the ball a bit of air and Bairstow drives on the rise over cover for four.

ENG 52/1 in 12 overs

Prasidh nearly gets Root caught at point. The right-hander goes for a flashy drive and the ball just falls short of Jadeja. Next ball, there’s a run-out appeal from Kohli at the striker’s end but Root was safe.

ENG 50/1 in 11 overs

Pandya continues. Just a lone slip now. Bairstow and Root collect four singles from the over. Scratchy start from England. The 50 has come up.

ENG 46/1 in 10 overs

Prasidh Krishna comes into the attack. Tidy start. Only five from it. Bairstow wanted to smash the fifth ball through midwicket but failed to connect.

ENG 41/1 in 9 overs

Hardik Pandya replaces Mohammed Shami. Bairstow needed some medical attention after being hit on the body off the second ball. He went for the pull and missed. WICKET. Roy holes out at deep backward square-leg, soft dismissal. Just flicked a half volley from Hardik straight into SKY’s hands. 1 run and a wicket from that Hardik over.

ENG 40/0 in 8 overs

DROPPED! Roy gets a reprieve on 23 as Bumrah drops a tough caught-and-bowled chance. Those boundaries notwithstanding, Roy’s really struggling here. Bumrah with his first maiden of the game.

ENG 40/0 in 7 overs

Bairstow slashed hard at a Shami length ball and it flew through the empty second slip region for four. Dhawan, at first slip, tried to get his hands to it but to no avail. Rohit had taken himself off from the second slip on the previous ball!

ENG 35/0 in 6 overs

Bairstow’s turn to up the ante as he pulls a short of a length ball from Bumrah for four. Still only five from the over.

ENG 30/0 in 5 overs

Roy gave Shami the charge on the penultimate ball and smashed him over deep midwicket for six. Just the previous ball, Roy was beaten by one that moved away after pitching. Before that, Roy had inside-edged a length ball for four. 13 from the Shami over.

ENG 17/0 in 4 overs

Bumrah continues. Bairstow collects two off the first ball. He collects two more off the fourth ball. Bairstow plays a wristy shot through square leg for four. Dot to finish.

ENG 9/0 in 3 overs

Shami continues. Roy on strike. He flicks the second ball in front of square for his first four of the match. Shami then beats Roy’s outside edge with an away going ball. And again - Shami beats Roy’s outside edge with a length ball that shapes away. Ends with a dot.

ENG 5/0 in 2 overs

Bumrah to share the attack. Two slips for Roy, who is beaten by the nipbacker. Roy is struck on the glove. Roy is beaten again on the third ball - came down and was beaten on the chip. Appeal for caught behind/lbw but the ball had grazed the pad on the way. Roy flicks off the pads on the last ball and collects three.

ENG 2/0 in 1 over

Jonny Bairstow and Jason Roy walk out to the middle. Shami has the new ball. Two slips in place. Shami starts with a wide. Roy is off the mark with a single off the second ball. Bairstow plays out two dot balls. Bairstow is beaten on the drive on the fifth ball. Shami ends with a dot.

TOSS UPDATE: Rohit Sharma has won the toss and India will bowl first. Virat Kohli replaces Shreyas Iyer in the XI.

England (Playing XI): Jason Roy, Jonny Bairstow, Joe Root, Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler(w/c), Liam Livingstone, Moeen Ali, Craig Overton, David Willey, Brydon Carse, Reece Topley
India (Playing XI): Rohit Sharma(c), Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli, Suryakumar Yadav, Rishabh Pant(w), Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, Mohammed Shami, Jasprit Bumrah, Yuzvendra Chahal, Prasidh Krishna

16:45: The first ODI saw Jasprit Bumrah take 6 for 19, while Mohammed Shami got to 150 ODI wickets in record time. Ca the duo continue their form today or will the English batters show more spine?

Virat Kohli is likely to play at Lord’s. He had a 10-minute batting session. We are just 20 minutes away from the toss and finding out the playing XIs of both teams.


A confident Indian team looks set to overpower England with yet another dominant show in the second ODI at the Lord's on Thursday despite Virat Kohli's dodgy groin and dismal form.

The former India captain, who is enduring a prolonged bad patch, missed the first game due to groin strain and it is still not clear if he is fit for the second game.

Kohli's poor show, however, hasn't affected the team much as it is playing extremely well in the white-ball games. After clinching the T20 series 2-1, it cantered to a convincing 10-wicket victory in the opening ODI.

While the negative aspect of Kohli's absence is not getting a solid show from country's premier batter in pressure games, on the flip side, his poor form is an opportunity for others to show that they can win games on their own or at least own the big stage like Suryakumar Yadav did in final T20 International at Nottingham.

Read the full preview - here

Where will IND vs ENG 2nd ODI be played?

The IND vs ENG 1st ODI will be played at the Lord’s in London, England.

Which TV channels will broadcast IND vs ENG 2nd ODI in India?

The IND vs ENG 1st ODI will be shown on Sony Six and Sony Six HD.

Where can you watch the live streaming of IND vs ENG 1st ODI in India?

The live streaming of the IND vs ENG 1st ODI match will be available on OTT Play, Sony Liv app and website.

England (Predicted Playing XI): Jason Roy, Jonny Bairstow, Joe Root, Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler (c),Liam Livingstone,Moeen Ali,David Willey, Craig Overton, Brydon Carse, Reece Topley
India (Predicted Playing XI): Rohit Sharma (capt), Shikhar Dhawan, Shreyas Iyer, Suryakumar Yadav, Rishabh Pant (wk), Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja,Mohammed Shami Jasprit Bumrah, Prasidh Krishna,Yuzvendra Chahal
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