India vs England HIGHLIGHTS 4th Test, Day 5: IND wins by 157 runs at Oval; Kohli's men take 2-1 series lead

India vs England, 4th Test Day 5 HIGHLIGHTS: Get the cricket score updates between Ind vs Eng from The Oval.

Updated : Sep 06, 2021 21:39 IST

India records a historic win at the Oval - its first since 1971.
India records a historic win at the Oval - its first since 1971.

India records a historic win at the Oval - its first since 1971.


9:22PM IST: Let. This. Sink. In.  - On a flat wicket, with all the adversities in the dressing room, India still shunned its critics in style. What a spell from Jasprit Bumrah and Umesh Yadav. Finding that movement off the pitch with the old ball and racking it up with the new cherry. Not to forget, in fact, never forget the inspirational wicket of Joe Root, scalped by the one and only, 'LORD' Shardul Thakur!

What a comeback, take a bow, Team India!


Count them out at your own peril.

ENG 210 all out in 92.2 overs: Umesh to Anderson. OUT! Nicked and IT'S ALL OVER! A 157-run win for INDIA!  A slow bouncer outside and Anderson hangs his bat just about enough for the ball to brush. He goes for a review but the replays suggest a clear spike! History is made as India wins at the venue after 50 years!


ENG 210/9 in 92 overs: Bumrah continues to seep into the blockhole but Robinson produces a dead-bat defense. He finishes with a fiery bouncer and that puts Anderson back on strike against Umesh. Could this be it? 

ENG 209/9 in 91 overs: Umesh fires in another outswinger that straightens towards the off-stump. Robinson taps the ball at the right time to prevent a mess of the stumps.  Robinson follows with a fine straight drive down the ground. A chance, is it? Umesh bowls a bouncer to Robinson's shoulders and looks like it's hit the gloves on its way to Pant. The ball lobs just in front of a diving Pant who reaches the spot but fails to hold on.

ENG 205/9 in 90 overs: Seething pace from Bumrah as he fires one in to Anderson. Swings it in sharply but Anderson again, manages to tuck it towards square. Robinson cops a couple of sharp nip-backers but does well to keep Bumrah off the stumps.

ENG 202/9 in 89 overs: Umesh to Overton. OUT! A jaffa from Umesh to smash the stumps. It hits flush on Overton's elbow and crashes to the wicket. He's in absolute pain as he walks off the pitch. What a delivery from Umesh though. Hits middle stump line and moves in sharply to square Overton's defences. India, one wicket away!  Anderson is greeted with a cracking inswinger that's needled deep to fine leg, somehow, Jimmy survives!

New ball taken.

ENG 202/8 in 88 overs: Jadeja comes up from the rough over the wicket but fails to induce any turn. Robinson prods forward and defends neatly.

ENG 202/8 in 87 overs: Umesh nearly gets Overton! Deft change of pace from Umesh to set up Overton. He slides it in slow and Overton has a tough time attempting and luckily gets a nick on the ball. Umesh follows up with another one, this time a slower bouncer outside off and Overton leans back and dabs it towards slips. Kohli stands a bit wide at first slip but the ball still skims to the fence through his right.

ENG 198/8 in 86 overs: Bumrah is least concern with the tail-enders copping a few bumpers. He dishes a couple of sharp ones to Overton, it sails over the tall man to Pant. Bumrah follows up with a lethal yorker but Overton keeps the bat low and scoops it off the surface. Hanging by a thread.

Bumrah into the attack

ENG 197/8 in 85 overs: Umesh fends wide and Robinson finds the boundary behind point. He finishes with a sharp bouncer as he hits flush on Robinson's arm in a stern reply.

Umesh Yadav up with the ball.

Overton and Robinson at the crease.

Final session of the fourth Test! India on the verge of history - a first win at Oval since 1971 is in the offing.


A rich haul of wickets, in that session, for India. And now it seems it's just a matter of time before India goes 2-1 up, although it's never over until it's over.

The pitch seemed to be excellent for batting, and perhaps the rough created for the spinner to exploit and Bumrah's magic were the two factors that led to the collapse.

Hameed, Root, Pope, and Bairstow were all dismissed bowled. While Hameed was undone by Jadeja's loopy delivery from over the wicket (he played inside the line), Pope and Bairstow failed to negotiate the steaming Bumrah. Root was too early on his stroke off Shardul; perhaps the change of pace (Shardul is slower than Siraj and Bumrah) worked in India's favour.

Root and Woakes provided some resistance, but with those two gone, there is little hope left for the home side. It will be a miracle if the tailenders survive the next 150 minutes.

Join us, for the post-tea session, in a few minutes.

ENG 193/8 in 84.1 overs: Umesh bowls a full delivery on leg-stump and Woakes is out! He flicks the ball straight to the short mid-wicket fielder stationed exactly for that stroke.

Woakes had looked solid thus far for England, and his dismissal is perhaps the last nail in the coffin. That's tea.

Chris Woakes c Rahul b Umesh 18 (47b)

ENG 193/7 in 84 overs: Bumrah continues. The first ball is short of a length on off-stump; it's defended by Overton.

A short delivery next up; it's defended well.

Then, Bumrah fires one into his pads. A loud shout for lbw, and it's given! The pitched outside the off-stump, the impact was on leg-stump, but it's going down the leg side . The on-field decision has to be overturned. Cheers from the English fans.

Bumrah bowls a couple of full deliveries to Overton, and then a short of a length delivery on middle stump which he nudges to the leg side for two runs.

ENG 191/7 in 83 overs: Woakes gets a delivery on his legs and closes the face of the bat for the flick to pick up two runs through deep midwicket.

He gets a full delivery outside off, and drives, squirting the ball away to third man for two more runs.  On the pads again, and two more picked up.

ENG 185/7 in 82 overs: Bumrah is back in the attack.

He fires in a yorker first up to Overton. It's defended. He shoulders arms to the next delivery, outside the off-stump. He stands tall and defends the next one.

And then a sharp short delivery! It takes the shoulder of the bat and ballooned up to third slip. Rahane can't complete the catch, though; he stretches a bit to pouch it, and does get hold of the ball, before it bounces out of the hands. Two runs.

It's followed up by a yorker, and then a bouncer! It's a testing over for Overton; but he survives.

ENG 183/7 in 81 overs: Shardul Thakur is back to bowl his seventh over.

The new ball is available but hasn't been claimed yet. And a wicket straightaway! It's the big fish. Joe Root tried to guide a short of a length delivery to third man; the ball took the inside edge and was chopped on to the stumps.

Glee for Shardul. India three wickets away.

Craig Overton is the new batsman. Lots of close in fielders for him. Overton blocks the deliveries. He takes a single after defending a short of a length delivery from the crease to keep strike.

Joe Root b Shardul 36 (78b)

ENG 181/6 in 80 overs: Jadeja is back into the attack.

Woakes kicks the deliveries away - it's a negative line from over the stumps - or defends. Maiden over.

ENG 181/6 in 79 overs: Kohli has placed three fielders - square leg, midwicket, and a fielder in between them - to stop Root from picking up runs via his flicks to the leg side.

He can pick up runs when the ball is there to drive, though. He gets a full delivery outside off-stump, Root drives to pick up four runs.

ENG 177/6 in 78 overs: Umesh bowls a full delivery on middle stump. Woakes plays a nice on-drive/flick to pick up four runs through midwicket. Cheers from the English crowd.

Umesh bowls a good length delivery on off-stump; Woakes shapes up to defend it; the ball takes the shoulder of the bat and runs away to third man.

Umesh bowls on the pads; Woakes flicks, the ball takes the toe end of the bat and balloons up to square leg! There's no fielder there to catch it, though. Three fielders converged on it, including the one stationed at fine leg. It was probably the slower ball; Woakes didn't pick it. He smiles. One run.

Root plays his typical stroke for a single through third man.

ENG 169/6 in 77 overs: Siraj drifts onto the pads, and Root flicks the ball to long leg. The fielder in the deep saves the boundary. Three runs.

A huge shout for lbw! It's a good length delivery angling into Woakes from over the wicket. The ball pitched on off-stump and thudded into Woakes' inside thigh. Not given. Kohli has just one review left, and he doesn't opt for it.

Height would have been a factor. Replays show the ball would be clipping the stumps.

ENG 163/6 in 76 overs: Umesh continues.

Root gets one on his pads again and Root flicks again for a single.

Two slips, a leg slip, and a short midwicket in place for Woakes. Woakes nicely defends the good length deliveries to him.

Umesh bowls a full delivery on middle stump, it's driven by Woakes to midwicket - the bat turned in his hands as he played that one. Two more runs.

Woakes lets a short delivery go by.

ENG 160/6 in 75 overs: Root steers the ball late - a stroke typical to him - to pick up two runs through third man.

Finally, something to cheer about for England's fans. They shout 'Rooot' as Root plays a glorious on-drive to pick up four runs through mid-on. The fact that the short mid-on is there makes no difference; it's placed quite well.

Root picks up one more: he gets one on the pads and flicks the ball to deep square leg.

ENG 153/6 in 74 overs: Umesh Yadav replaces Jadeja.

A short mid-on is place for Root. Root gets a couple of good length deliveries and defends. Root guides the ball off the front foot to cover-point and picks up a single.

Woakes gets a delivery on his legs and he tucks the ball to deep square leg for a single.

Umesh fires one down the leg side. Another delivery on the legs; Root runs a leg-bye.

ENG 150/6 in 73 overs: Mohammed Siraj is back into the attack to bowl from the pavilion end.

Root gets one on his pads - on middle-stump - and flicks the ball to deep backward square leg and picks up a single. 150 up for England.

Woakes gets a fullish ball on leg stump and he tries to nudge the ball to the leg side but doesn't get bat to ball. Siraj bowls full, on an off-stump line, and is defended.

A short cover and a short mid-on in place for Woakes. Woakes calmly blocks the deliveries.

ENG 149/6 in 72 overs: Jadeja continues. Four fielders, besides the wicketkeeper, surround Woakes. There's encouragement from them as well as Jadeja darts in his deliveries.

Woakes blocks solidly off the front foot or goes back in his crease to block. Maiden over.

ENG 149/6 in 71 overs: Bumrah and Root continue their duel.

Root gets a two short of a length deliveries from Bumrah. The first offers a bit of width outside the off-stump (just slightly); Root steers the ball to point for no run. The next ball is on off-stump; it's defended from the crease.

Root gets one in the corridor and leaves the ball alone. He, then, gets a full delivery and he defends it. Bumrah tests out Root with a short delivery, but Root swerves away from the line of the delivery well.

Another yorker! Root digs it out.

ENG 149/6 in 70 overs: Jadeja darts in his deliveries to the right handed Chris Woakes from over the wicket. Woakes nicely negotiates them, going back in his crease to defend, or pressing forward well to defend. One of them is a ball that lands outside the leg-stump, it's padded away.

Jadeja switches to around the wicket for the final delivery. It's a full delivery on leg stump: plays softly to midwicket by Woakes.

ENG 149/6 in 69 overs: The wickets have energised the Indian fans in the crowd.

Root defends the first ball of Bumrah's next over off the front foot. And then he defends a short of a length delivery from the crease.

Bumrah bowls two balls in the corridor, Root leaves them alone.

Bumrah unleashes his weapon once again: the inswinging yorker. Root keeps it out. Just about. And it's followed by a full delivery on off-stump, and it's defended off the front foot by Root.

ENG 149/6 in 68 overs: And England loses another! Moeen is the one to go this time.

Jadeja gets one to pitch on the rough and turn into Moeen, who prods forward to smother the ball. Ends up offering a catch to forward short leg. Came off the inside edge of his bat. England six down now.

Chris Woakes, the new batsman, pads away twice, and then leaves a delivery alone outside the leg stump, before driving off the front foot to extra cover for two runs.

Moeen Ali c sub (S. Yadav) b Jadeja 0 (4b)

ENG 146/5 in 67 overs: Bairstow defends a couple of short of a length deliveries from the crease. And then gets a fast yorker, which dismisses him!

Bumrah fired this one in with the angle. Perhaps it moved in the air a little bit to unsettle the batsman. The batsman tried to dig it out, but was too late on it.

Moeen gets a short of a length delivery on his thighs first up. He nudges the next delivery from the crease to point. And then he gets another fast yorker from Bumrah; but this one isn't as accurate as the previous one. It hits Moeen's pads, would be going down the leg side.

Jonny Bairstow b Bumrah 0 (4b)

ENG 146/4 in 66 overs: Jadeja switches to over the wicket for Root.

Root defends the deliveries well off the front foot, or nudges them to the leg side for no run.

A slip, a leg-slip and short leg in place. And a huge shout for lbw, after Jadeja fires in a full delivery on leg-stump. Root goes for sweep, and misses it; the pall pitches outside the leg-stump, and comes in, thudding into the thighs of Root.

Kohli opts for the review, but loses it. Huge cheers from the Indian section of the crowd when the ball was shown not to have touched the bat. And it was followed by huge cheers from the English fans when the ball was shown to have pitched outside the leg stump.

Root survives.

ENG 146/4 in 65 overs: Bumrah bowls with the angle, back of a length, getting the ball to pitch on off-stump and going in with the angle, and Root defends from the crease.

He continues to bowl back of a length. Root defends, and then nudges the ball on the off-side to pick up a single.

Pope defends, too. And then his defence falls apart! Bumrah gets the ball to pitch on off-stump, on a good length, and come in with the angle. It goes through Pope, smashing the stumps. England loses its fourth. Perhaps the ball came in a bit too sharply for Pope after pitching. It touches his pads and the ball ricochets on to the stumps.

Bairstow gets a full delivery on off-stump, first up, and defends.

Ollie Pope b Bumrah 2 (11b)

ENG 145/3 in 64 overs: Root tries to play the conventional sweep first up, in Jadeja's 23rd over, and misses. He goes back in his crease to defend the next delivery, which is short. Then he kicks the ball out when it's a little fuller, before defending from the crease again.

A full toss is dished up, and it's swept for a single.

Pope defends a full delivery on off-stump.

ENG 144/3 in 63 overs: Bumrah's first delivery yields a single for Root as he steers the good length delivery to third man.

Pope defends the next one, and then drives to extra cover for no run. He gets one on his pads and he flicks it to short midwicket for no run. Full, on off-stump, from Bumrah: defended by Pope.

The batsman gets some width and it's a half-volley too: he square drives well to pick up two runs.

ENG 141/3 in 62 overs: Root plays the reverse-sweep again. This time, it's not a full toss. The ball pitches on the leg-stump or outside, and duly reverse-sweeps to get a single through cover-point.

Hameed's vigil comes to an end. He takes a giant stride out to smother a delivery turning sharply into him. The ball evades his bat and he's bowled.

Ollie Pope is the new batsman. He plays his first delivery - short, coming into him from outside the leg-stump - to leg slip. He thrusts his pad out to the next delivery from Jadeja, and then awkwardly negotiates another similar delivery (slightly shorter this time).

Haseeb Hameed b Jadeja 63 (193b)

ENG 140/2 in 61 overs: Bumrah has been introduced in the attack. He will bowl his 12th over. A reminder: he needs one more wicket to get to 100 Test wickets.

Bumrah starts off with a full delivery on off-stump, Hameed duly defends off the front foot. He gets some width on the next delivery, and he steers it to backward point for a single.

Root lets a delivery go by outside the off-stump. He gets one on the pads, and he's not going to miss out on those. He flicks the ball to collect a single, since there are fielders in the deep for that stroke.

Hameed defends solidly, and then gets beaten outside the off-stump as he hang his bat out. Wicketkeeper fumbles and two runs (byes) are taken.

ENG 136/2 in 60 overs: Jadeja will start proceedings in the post-lunch session. A slip, leg slip and short leg in place.

Oh, an interesting start. Jadeja fires in a full toss and is reverse-swept by Joe Root to the point boundary. Jadeja corrects himself, gets the ball to pitch on the leg-stump line and Root defends. He's overstepped again: it's a no-ball.

Root digs out a yorker to leg slip, then defends the next two deliveries. Then he thrusts his pad out to a delivery outside the leg stump. And he tucks the ball to square leg for no run.

A reminder: no team has ever chased down more than 263 at the Oval in the fourth innings to win a Test match. England will make history if it chases this target down.


Nicely poised still, this Test match. India will be happy to have taken two wickets; the run out was a bonus.

Rory Burns played well for his 50 and then was squared up by an excellent delivery from Shardul Thakur. It moved away slightly after pitching on a good length, and took the edge of Burns' bat. It means the seamers can manage some swing through their own effort and beat the bat even in these conditions.

Plus, the added threat of spin, with Ravindra Jadeja targeting the rough patches on the pitch, will make India the more buoyant team at this point.

All four results are still possible.


ENG 131/2 in 59 overs: And we head to Lunch! Still even-stevens in this one as India could manage (only) two wickets in the first session. So the equation is, England needs 237 in about 63 overs. India, eight wickets away.


ENG 130/2 in 58 overs: Root's beaten by Umesh. So close to that outside edge! Pretty unlike Root as he taps at a ball that's very thin on the fourth stump line. The ball nearly brushes the under-edge of the bat on its way to Pant. Seems like Umesh has managed to assert some dominance over Joe after that first innings pearler.  Well, wouldn't have mattered much as the umpire calls a no-ball.

ENG 124/2 in 57 overs:Siraj beats the inside edge with another nip-backer. Hameed is caught halfway in the crease as the ball moves in late and sharp. He survives as the ball hits high on the pads.

ENG 123/2 in 56 overs: Hameed lobs one up off the handle and Jadeja's taken off the short leg fielder. Talk about fortunes. Jadeja takes the fielder finer behind Hameed and he has a hard push at a ball that floats in. It lobs up straight towards the spot in front and a nice chance goes begging. Hameed has stood well and handsome but the lack of fluent runs could hamper England's plans.

ENG 123/2 in 55 overs: Root's beaten by the nip-backer. Siraj gets some pronounced movement off the length as it tails in sharply to whiff the outside edge of Root's blade. A bit of usual tentativeness in his game first-up. Can India hook the big fish right here?

ENG 120/2 in 54 overs: Jadeja to Hameed. OUT! Run out! Malan's short as Hameed sets out on a silly run. Jadeja comes from round the wicket and fires it in. Hameed does well to get beside the line of the ball and push it towards short cover. What he does wrong, however, is to set out on a bizarre run that puts his partner in complete danger. Mayank, the sub fielder, is on the ball in a flash and he darts it to Pant. Pant flicks the bails and Malan's well short of the crease. Dawid Malan run out (sub [MA Agarwal]/†Pant) 5 (33b)

Thrills and spills.

ENG 120/1 in 53 overs: Siraj begins with a full toss low onto the pads. Hameed fails to get hold of it. Neat and straight from Siraj as he attacks the stumps. Hameed's solid defense continues to keep the seamers away from the stumps.

Siraj replaces Thakur

ENG 119/1 in 52 overs: Malan escapes! Jadeja floats one in and gets massive turn towards the off-stump. Malan takes a big stride forward with his front pad but the ball's trajectory ensure it hits behind his thigh. India goes up for a review after umpire Illingworth keeps an uninterested look. Seems pretty close, folks. The ball does well to turn in a fair bit and the umpire's call on wickets helps Malan to extend his stay at the crease. Lots of ooos and aahs follow and skipper Kohli cannot believe it.

ENG 119/1 in 51 overs: Thakur hits the length and pins Hameed deep into the crease. The runs seemed to have slowly begun to creep in but the bowlers are maintaining the pressure on the batters here. Maiden for Shardul.

ENG 118/1 in 50 overs: Four men around the bat for Jadeja. He whips it in to Hameed who does well to push it straight back. Hameed drives to long on and finds a single. Malan steps down to sneak in a single but decides against it as Jadeja collides with Hameed at the non-striker's. The mid-on fielder, Bumrah, does well to force Malan back quickly into the crease as he hits the stumps with a direct hit.

ENG 116/1 in 49 overs: Thakur keeps it simple and maintains a wicket to wicket line. Hameed clips one fine and finds two runs. The runs are slowly ticking away. Wonder if Kohli's keeping a tab on it.

ENG 114/1 in 48 overs: DROPPED AT MID-ON! Jadeja floats it into Hameed who slogs it straight to Siraj to mid-on. He runs to his left and fumbles and drops an absolute sitter. Goodness me, what a moment in the game. Jadeja is absolutely fuming.

ENG 111/1 in 47 overs: Thakur beats the edge! Gentle late swing for Thakur as he pushes the ball further up to Malan. Malan wafts at it away from his body and nearly brushes the ball. So close!

ENG 109/1 in 46 overs: Turn from the rough for Jaddu! Lands it on the spot and the ball sharply spins into find a deflection of Malan's bat. The ball lobs right past the silly point fielder. Lucky break for Malan there. Now, the game's on from India's perspective. Kohli would hope Jadeja can extract more from that patch on a consistent basis.  DRINKS.


ENG 109/1 in 45 overs: Thakur off radar and offers width to both Hameed and Malan. They rotate strike freely with singles. Nothing intimidating for the new batter as is evident from the ease with which Malan's leaning into the shots.

ENG 105/1 in 44 overs: Jadeja balls from over the wicket away from the rough to Hameed. He tosses it up and bowls to Hameed's pads and there's minimal drift on offer from that angle.

ENG 104/1 in 43 overs: Thakur eyes Hameed's pads and goes full. Hameed continues to play solidly off his feet. He tucks one fine again and retains strike with a single.

ENG 103/1 in 42 overs: Fifty for Hameed! The crowd stands up to applaud the youngster. Much poise and maturity on display and the solidity has done well to frustrate the Indian seamers. Jadeja attempts to hit the rough to Malan but he rules out the line with his pads.

Jadeja into the attack

ENG 100/1 in 41 overs: Shardul to Burns. OUT! Seams it in and finds the edge! Indians in delirium! Burns' excitement of reaching fifty gets the better off him. He wafts at the ball away from his body and Thakur can do no wrong. He strikes in his first over and boy, India has got the wicket right when it needed one. Rory Burns c †Pant b Thakur 50 (125b 5x4)

Shardul Thakur into the attack

ENG 94/0 in 40 overs: Bumrah peppers Hameed with the short stuff again. He's up on his toes this time but finds a single. Bumrah's giving it his all but with nothing on offer from the pitch, England's openers are having it easy at the moment. Meanwhile, Jadeja is warming up for his spell - could be a long one this.

ENG 92/0 in 39 overs: Umesh strays to the hips and Burns finds the boundary. Short and angled in but Burns rocks back and slides the ball down leg for four.

ENG 86/0 in 38 overs: Bumrah brings up the bouncer, a sharp one and it forces Pant to spring up to gobble it. Bumrah follows up with a sharp fuller delivery onto the stumps but Hameed skips low and defends with a solid blade.

ENG 85/0 in 37 overs: Swing for Umesh as he tails the ball into Hameed. He gets the ball to move sharply in the air and move closely past the blade down leg. Hameed has a feel for it and the Indians go up in a stifled appeal. Umesh suggests he isn't sure about a nick and Kohli decides against the review.

ENG 84/0 in 36 overs: Bumrah continues to attack the stumps and Hameed's up for it. Sturdy defence and he does well to meet the ball forward on the length.

Talk about timing!


ENG 82/0 in 35 overs:  First boundary of the day. Umesh fends one short and wide and Hameed eases his arms past the slips. The ball trickles down to third man for a boundary and the batters begin to slowly play their shots on this track.

ENG 78/0 in 34 overs: Bumrah begins with a yorker! Hameed does well to drill it off his leg to the short square leg in place. Bumrah continues to attack sharply and keeps it pretty full onto the pads. Hameed clears his front leg to scoop the ball off the surface and defend. A maiden to finish.

Bumrah into the attack

ENG 78/0 in 33 overs: Umesh keeps it wicket to wicket and aims to attack the stumps. He has a short midwicket and mid-on in place for the flick from Hameed. Hameed tucks one towards square and finds a single.

Burns and Hameed at the middle. Umesh Yadav up with the ball.

All set for Day Five! 90 overs. 291 runs. 10 wickets!


3:15PM IST: All eyes will be on Joe Root, who's been on a sensational run this year in Test cricket.Our correspondent, Ayan Acharya caught up with Root's childhood coach:


3:14PM IST: Packed house at the Oval. Can India script its first win at the venue in 50 years?

It's a full house at the Oval.

DAY 4 review

An exhilarating Test match will get its deserved ending at the Oval, for the lead up to it has been perfect. Perhaps you could say the surface has not favoured all, particularly the seamers, but India and England brewed the perfect script for Day Five.

India was all set to sail past a hefty total, however, it set itself to a 367-run lead with the aid of its lower-order who has time and again stood up to adversities. While skipper Kohli missed out on a half-century, Jadeja's move to no.5 faltered once again. Rahane followed a similar tide, failing to open the scoring once again.


With a mature Rishabh Pant soaking in the pressure, the 'Lord' Thakur once again met the English seamers with disdain - driving and smacking them with ease down the ground. Cameos from Umesh and Bumrah with the stick helped too as India set a 368-run target, one that has never been chased at the Oval, for the host.


However, hopes of an early breakthrough was shunned by England's openers Burns and Hameed who not only bid time and saw off the day, but also kept the runs ticking towards the end of play. With 291 runs remaining in its chase and 90 overs at its disposal, England has done well to stay in the hunt. India's hopes will be pinned particularly on Ravindra Jadeja who went misfiring in his late spell last evening. With turn on offer from the rough patches, the left-armer is the only bowler in India's ranks to avail some assistance from the pitch. We're all set for a riveting fifth day finish. Brace yourselves to enjoy the ride.

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