In its endeavour to protect the integrity of cricket and protecting the players from corrupt elements, the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association (TNCA) has engaged the services of Mr. Ravi Sawani. sSawani, who headed the BCCI's anti-corruption unit, will be incharge of providing strong measures during the tournament.

The Anti-Corruption Team has dealt with the two approaches in a proper manner. Three participants reported alleged inappropriate approaches. On investigation, one was found to be a harmless misinterpretation of words while the other two (approaches) were made with the intent to fix matches.

“The heartening development is that now the players are so much more aware of the dangers surrounding them and have immediate access to the Anti-Corruption Unit to report attempts to corrupt the game. If players have developed this confidence and are freely reporting approaches, it’s a clear sign that the anti-corruption measures adopted by TNCA are working. Be that as it may, TNCA cannot afford to lower its guard and must continue to enforce all preventive vigilance measures”, Sawani said.

Some of the measures includes:

1. A very stringent Anti-Corruption Code, with severe penal provisions, that covers the conduct of all players, player support personnel, match officials, tournament operations staff as also the owners and team managements of all the franchises.

2. Special protocols have been put in place at the dressing rooms, restricting access and preventing use of all communication devices including data services while the match is being played.

3. New regulations which includes that players and player support personnel may not be allowed to participate in the Tournament unless they receive compulsory Anti-Corruption Education Program.

4. Certain restrictions have been put in place relating to receipt of gifts etc and has set certain do's and Don’ts for participants while staying at team hotels.

5. All the eight participating teams received a special Anti-Corruption Education Program (ACEP) delivered by Mr. Ravi Sawani in which he mainly highlighted the risks from frequent attacks by corruptors from the illegal betting markets and explained to the participants how these extremely dangerous criminals trapped young innocent players using innovative traps in which the participant once trapped is unable to wriggle out.