WV Raman, the writer, takes centrestage

WV Raman, coach of the Indian women’s cricket team, released his book 'The Winning Sixer' on Friday.

WV Raman and former India cricketer Abhinav Mukund at the launch of the former's book, 'The Winning Sixer', on Friday.   -  S. Dipak Ragav

Former India cricketer and the current coach of the Indian women’s team, WV Raman’s book 'The Winning Sixer' was unveiled by India cricketer Abhinav Mukund at Higginbothams here on Friday.

During a session moderated by cricket journalist V. Balaji, Raman spoke about the leadership potential within every individual. Introspecting his own cricketing life and his interactions with various sportspersons from the yesteryear, the book sees him bring out his perspectives on one’s ability to lead and the importance of leadership.

Raman revealed that in the book he has focused more on his journey to the top rather than just the winning moments from the lives of successful people.

- Limited time-

Talking about the fear of success, he said: “Fear of success can sometimes make you relax and take you away from reality and hamper the performance. It is important in sports that you don’t get things too wrong since we only have a very limited time frame as a sportsperson.”

He added: “The mindset is very important because as sportsmen we go through so many insecurities and challenges mentally and we learn lessons from these aspects more than savouring personal milestones,” said Raman.

When asked about his views on the suggestion of the four-day Tests by the International Cricket Council (ICC), he stated if it’s going to benefit the game, then it makes sense, otherwise, there is no use of hampering by unnecessarily experimenting.

The host V. Balaji recalled the speed at which Raman could write a column of about 1,000 words in less than an hour for Sportstar and always felt a book from the former India Test opener was on the cards. 

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