ISL 2019: Sougou brace helps 10-man Mumbai bag first home win- As it happened

Modou Sougou scored a brace and nullified Bobo's goal as Mumbai City beat Hyderabad FC 2-1 in match 49 of the Indian Super League in Mumbai on Sunday.

Updated : Dec 29, 2019 21:36 IST

Modou Sougou opened the scoring in the sixth minute to give Mumbai City FC the lead in the first half.
Modou Sougou opened the scoring in the sixth minute to give Mumbai City FC the lead in the first half.

Modou Sougou opened the scoring in the sixth minute to give Mumbai City FC the lead in the first half.

Hello and Welcome to the highlights of the Indian Super League (ISL) match between Mumbai City FC and Hyderabad FC at the Mumbai Football Arena.


That's all we have for you today. Thank you so much for joining us. Wish you all a very happy new year! CIAO!

It's a happy New Year for Mumbai indeed, as it moves into the top-4, displacing Jamshedpur from the fourth spot. Sougou, who hadn't scored all season till now, scored twice on the night. Hyderabad, you have to say, was just a tad late to the party.

Phew, the pulsating encounter comes to an end!  What a fitting way to end the year, on a high!


90+6' ROBIN SINGH MISSES OPEN GOAL!!! Marcelinho's menacing ball into the box is spilled by Amrinder and it falls to Robin Singh. But instead of latching on to the volley, he tries to place it but it flies over. Fifth chance missed since the first goal of Hyderabad.

90+4' OFFSIDE GOALLL!! OH BOY! This is surely not Hyderabad's night, is it! Bobo's shot from six yards out is parried away by Amrinder, but the ball rolls back to Kilgallon. The plays slots into the goal, but he is offside.

90+3' AMRINDER CATCHES IT! Asish Rai, deep in the right flank, delivers a great ball into the box. But Amrinder Singh catches it.

90+3' FOUL! Nikhil brings down Larbi.

Six minutes have been added to the second half

86' AMRINDER WITH THE SAVE! Bobo's header, right outside the goal line is saved by Amrinder, who makes himself big and makes the save.


82' TIPPED OFF BY AMRINDER!  Hyderadad wins the corner and it is taken short to Stankovic, who curls into goal, only to be tipped off Amrinder.

81' BOBO GETS ONE BACK! Asish Rai plays a smart, low ball from the left to Bobo, who takes a first-time crack at goal. The ball deflects off Pratik before going into the back of the net. It's all happening here.


78' SOUGOUUU MKAES IT TWOOOOO!! Brilliant diagonal, lob pass from Bidyananda to Sougou (in the right wing). The striker lets it bounce, while keeping his marker at bay. Kamaljit Singh charge forward to cover but realizes it's bad news. Tries to go back instantly, but gives Sougou enough time to dink the ball over the keeper into the back of the net.

76' THAT COULD HAVE BEEN A PENALTY! Only if the referee had seen it! To start with Carlos does brilliantly to turn on the pass in the midfield and lose his marker. He then charges forward and to the left edge of the box before being brought down by Gurtej. But referee sees that as a hand ball and HE IS AWARDED A YELLOW CARD!

74' WELL DONE BY AMRINDER! Stankovic from the back plays a delightful through ball to Stankovic and Amrinder does well to charge off his line, cover almost 30 yards and clear the ball.


70' SUBSTITUTION FOR MUMBAI: Sauvik Chakrabarti   - IN | SergE Kevyn- OUT

67'RED CARD! Sarthak gets a second yellow after Marcelinho pulls off some theatrics. Referee deems it's a foul and sends Sarthak off.

67'OFF THE POST!! Winner of the Golden Boot in ISL 2013, Marcelinho, is threaded to a lovely ball from Bobo and from the left of the box, Marcelinho takes a shot at goal, but his curler hits the post. Oh, so close!

64' PRATIK, YOU BEAUTY! Nestor plays a peach of a ball to Marcelinho and frees him up in the left flank. Marcelinho bursts forward and takes several more touches as he is looking for help. In the meantime, Pratik closes in the angle by running back in and forcing Marcelinho to bottle the chance.

62' SUBSTITUTION FOR HYDERABAD: Marko Stankovic - IN | Barnes- OUT

61' GURTEJ WITH A VITAL TOUCH! Subhasish Bose drills a low, quick pass into the box from the left before Gurtej sticks his leg out on time and deflects the ball to Kamaljit Singh.

" Jhumka gira de, Bareilley ke bazaar mein." Interesting chants going around the Mumbai Arena.


58' Shankar is down, who had come on as a sub. He has been subbed off. Only last 12 minutes.

56' SUBSTITUTION FOR MUMBAI: Bidhyananda - IN | Raynier Fernandes- OUT

52' UNBELIEVABLE MISS FROM HYDERABAD! It looks like the players almost do not want to score. The free-kick form the left flank is a loopy one and Adil Khan us free for space right in front of goal. He slides and hits the ball into the post. The ball ricochets back to Bobo, who smashes the ball into his own player from three yards out.

51' YELLOW CARD FOR PRATIK as he brings down Marcelinho in the left flank.

Stankovic warming up on the sidelines. He injured his calf on December 8, but looks like he will be coming on, Good news for the Hyderabad fans.

49' FREE KICK WASTED! Giles Barnes' delivery lands into the box before being cleared away for a corner. Nothing comes off the corner.

47' MARCELINHO DIVES! Well, his poor night continues. He gets into a tussle with Sarthak near the goal line and then a slight touch from Sarthak is enough for him to go down. But the referee spots it and goal kick for Mumbai.

Half-time SUBSTITUTION FOR HYDERABAD: Shankar -IN | Rohit Kumar - OUT

We are back with the second half as Mumbai gets us underway! For the last 45 minutes in 2019, let's get going!

Will Hyderabad bag its first point on the road this season or will Mumbai bag its first win at home?

You have to say Mumbai should have scored at least 3-4 goals. Host of chances missed ny

45+2' Referee blows the half time whistle and brings an entertaining opening 45 minutes to an end.

Two minutes have been added to the first half.

41' ASISH RAI CLEARS OFF THE LINE TWICE!! Incredible moment from Rai!  Larbi takes the corner.  The first shot is cleared off the line by Asish and the ball scrambles to Sougou right across the face of goal. He then takes a shot and Asish does well to shuffle across to the middle and block the ball again.

40' CORNER! Nikhil Poojary with the faintest, yet the most important one! Cross from Diego Carlos almost meets Sougou but Nikhil gets the header to concede a corner

36' KAMALJIT SAVESSS!! Lovely ball played for  Serge Kevyn into the box, who takes a couple of touches before trying to score through the legs of Kamaljit Singh. But the ball is saved by the latter.

33' HOW DID THAT NOT GO IN? Free-kick for Hyderabad and a lovely ball drilled in by Giles Barnes from the right flank. The ball falls to a stumbling Rohit Kumar right in front of goal, but since he is not in control, the ball rolls just past the post. Another poor decision from the referee as he gives a corner.

32' FOUL! Pratik Chaudhari commits a foul on Bobo while trying to win a header against him.

28' Free-kick for Mumbai from the right flank! Larbi whips it in, but the soft cross is headed away. The ball falls to Carlos, who plays it to Larbi in the right flank. The cross in is intercepted by Kamaljit, who fails to catch the ball twice before slicing it out for Mumbai throw-in.

24' YELLOW CARD FOR SARTHAK! He will miss the next game against ATK! A bit naughty from Sarthak, you can say. He has been getting the better of Nestor so far, but this time, Sarthak charges at him and  brings him down with an elbow to his face. Ouch!

22' CORNER FOR HYDERABAD AND A BAD MISS FROM BOBO!!!! Marcelinho's shot from outside the box was deflected off by a Mumbai defender. The corner taken is headed away to Gurtej Singh, who then passes it to Asish Rai. He chips the ball back into the box, at the far post, from the right side. Bobo towers over his defender and generates a power header, but fails to keep it down.

19' FREE-KICK FOR MUMBAI! Carlos' speed draws a foul as his break into the box from left flank is brought to a halt by a foul from Adil Khan at the edge of the box. Larbi with a smart free-kick as he taps it right to Carlos, who is in acres of space. The left-winger takes a crack at it, but curls it up and over from goal.

16' SOURAV OFF TARGET! Once again, it's Diego Carlos' pace which is too hot to handle for Hyderabad FC. He frees up Serge Kevyn in the left flank. Who then plays it square to Sougou inside the box. The Mumbai striker rolls it outwards to an incoming Sourav, who whips it way over the crossbar.

14' BOBO MISSES! Asish Rai with an excellent ball in from the right flank and finds Bobo, who scored great heades in the last match. But this time, Bobo generates power off his head but not direction as the ball is hit wide of the left post.

11' OVERR! Lovely chip pass from Adil Khan in the right flank to Asish Ray in the box. Who then drills a low cross into the box which isn't cleared comprehensively as the ball falls to nestor just outside the box. He tries to whip the ball into goal, but it deflects off his own player Rohit Kumar and fleis over the ball for a goal kick.

9' CARLOSSSSS AND KAMALJIT SAVES AGAIN! A lovely  ball played into the box to Carlos, who takes a touch too many, allowing three yellow shirts to accumulate in the box. He then takes a shot which is hit straight to Kamaljit Singh.

7' Free-kick for Hyderabad! Marcelinho at the mark. He drills the balls in, but the ball is cleared away.

6' GOALLLLLLLLL!!! MODOU SOUGOU OPENS THE SCORING!! Great ball by Subhasish Bose  from the back for Carlos, who is freed up in the left flank. Carlos, once again, charges forward and this time, cuts in and takes the ball into the box himself. He plays it square to Sougou, who taps it in to score his first goal of the season.

2' SIDE-NETTING! Marcelinho with a lovely through ball to Bobo, who takes a shot at goal from inside the box. But the Mumbai defender with an important block as the ball hits the side netting. But why was the corner not given? Poor call from the referee.

1' CARLOS ON TARGET STRAIGHTAWAY! Diego Carlos, who is starting in place of Amine Chermiti today, forces Kamaljit Singh, goalkeeper of Hyderabad, to pull off an early save. Sougou's header frees Carlos in the left flank, who bursts forward. Then, he cuts back and runs into the box before whipping the shot on goal. Kamaljit parries it away from danger.

Hyderabad to get us going! Let's football!

The players have made their out in the middle. They have lined up for the national anthem.

Right then, we are less than five minutes away from the beginning of the last ISL match in 2019. Who you got? Tweet to us as at @ sportstarweb and let us know.



While everything has been well for Mumbai on the road, things have looked lean at home. It is the only team which is yet to win a game at home.

On the other hand, nothing has gone right Hyderabad. Bobo's brace could have fetched Phil Brown's men three points against ATK in its last match had it not been for Kamaljit Singh's error.

  • Hyderabad is the only team which is yet to keep a clean sheet this season.
  • Hyderabad is the only team this season which is yet to win a point away from home.


Team News:

Mumbai has made a host of changes for this match:

In- Sourav Das, Raynier Fernandes, Diego Carlos,  Mohamed Larbi, Serge Kevyn

Out- Bipin Singh, Rowllin Borges, Paulo Machado, Amine Chermiti, Mohamed Larbi


Hyderabad remains unchanged.


Starting XIs of the night:

Mumbai City FC:(4-3-3) Amrinder Singh (GK/C), Pratik Chaudhari, Mato Grgic, Subhasish Bose, Sarthak Golui, Sourav Das, Raynier Fernandes, Diego Carlos, Mohamed Larbi, Serge Kevyn, Modou Sougou.

Coach: Jorge Costa


Hyderabad FC: (4-3-3) Kamaljit Singh (GK), Matthew Kilgallon, Gurtej Singh, Asish Rai, Adil Khan, Nestor, Jesus Benitez, Rohit Kumar, Nikhil Poojary, Marcelo Pereira, Giles Barnes, Bobo.

Coach: Phil Brown



Current Position in table:

Mumbai: Fifth ( P-9, W-3, D-4, L-2)- Points 13

Hyderabad: Tenth ( P-9, W-1, D-2, L-6)- Points 5


While you wait for the match to begin, you can listen to the podcasts of 'The Full Time Show'.

Last ISL match of 2019 between Mumbai and Hyderabad. Are you ready for one last hoorah this year?


Mumbai Ciy FC (MCFC) is on a five-match unbeaten streak, with many goal-scorers in the ranks. Tunisian striker Amine Chermiti tops the list with four goals, making him one of the 12 different goal-scorers in the team in the Indian Super League (ISL) season.

As the home team, coached by  Jorge Costa,  gears up to host Hyderabad FC at the Mumbai Football Arena, the absence of two key players -- Paulo Machado and Rowllin Borges -- due to injury will be felt. Playmaker Machado is in recovery phase and while box-to-box midfielder Borges is suspended for the clash after accumulating four bookings.

Costa observed: “We have to be much stronger at home and have to change this.” The MCFC coach referred to the difficult times faced by his squad at MFA. The host lost two matches in front of home fans and drew one game. Hyderabad FC has the weakest defence, conceding 19 goals from nine matches, this season.

Coach Phil Brown commented: “It is a big challenge to play against Mumbai as they are a big football club. The bigger the challenge, the bigger we have to be. You can't shy away from that. We have to be at our best if we want to beat them.”

The visitor is yet to take a point away from home.


While you wait for the match to begin, you can listen to the podcasts of 'The Full Time Show'.


Match details

Mumbai City FC vs Hyderabad FC will telecast LIVE on the Star Sports network and can also be streamed live on Hotstar. Kick-off is scheduled for 7:30 PM IST.

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