Apr 17, 2018

Athletes need to plan their food

Every player needs to carry a tiffin box to practice. Every player needs to pack emergency foods for travel. Which food, and how much is dependent on what activities a player has for the day and for how long.


Last Word

Dealing with hecklers

A screaming crowd may be great for a footballer, but terrible for an archer. Or golfer.


Cobwebs and a website!

The BCCI fights to this day the sweeping reforms suggested by the Lodha Committee. More than a year has passed since the Committee of Administrators was constituted but its resolve and bite are rather weak now. It is all down to the Supreme Court. Until a new constitution is framed, the status quo is likely to persist.

Vantage Point

Rating the Universal Tennis Ratings

Whatever the merits or demerits of the UTR for the pro game, one cannot gainsay that this fast-growing, innovative rating system has become a godsend for amateur players around the world.

Star Struck

‘I couldn’t trust my eyes’

Incredibly friendly, despite the ordeal of a stabbing by a deranged German only three years before, that crippled her career irreparably, Monica Seles had no qualms about sharing her phone number.


Mike Brearley and his art of captaincy

“Psychoanalysis and cricket or captaincy are more closely related than one could imagine. Each can be a means of developing the self,” says the former England captain, Mike Brearley.

Short Takes

A ‘creative’ gymnast

The 22-year-old from Hyderabad scripted history recently, becoming the first-ever gymnast from India to win a medal in a World Cup when she clinched the bronze in the vault event in Melbourne. She is now gunning for bigger glory in the coming Commonwealth Games.


Bhuvi’s feat!

6The number of bowlers to claim five-wicket hauls in all three international formats. Bhuvneshwar Kumar who became the first Indian paceman to claim a ...

For The Love of Sport

A ride to remember with Gavaskar!

I remember we left the hotel around midnight and went all over the city, to all the iconic places. By the time we returned, it was early morning and all through the ride, his favourite song — Yeh raat bhigi bhigi — played over the car stereo.

On The Write Line

Let the bat do the talking

David Warner is a terrific talent and he would have been captain of Australia if his reputation for engaging in skirmishes did not precede him.


Secondary in status, but primary in unearthing talent

Minerva Punjab FC, a team of greenhorns and rejected seniors, bests some of the top sides in the country. The success largely reflects the investments the club has made in its grassroots development programme.


Four seasons of ISL: A few gains, but more to be done

National coach Stephen Constantine has chosen more or less a fixed national squad since 2016; so many talented Indian players have not emerged from the ISL. Overall it is a mixed report card for the four seasons of the ISL.


Chennaiyin FC rises like a phoenix from the ashes

The significance of Chennaiyin FC’s triumph this season lay in the fact that it has come on the back of a disastrous campaign in 2016. Besides, the victory also marks Chennayin as one of the most successful teams in the ISL.