Abhidnya Patil had the rare honour of beating former world record holder Heena Sidhu for her maiden women’s air pistol gold in the 18th Kumar Surendra Singh shooting championship at Tughlakabad on Wednesday.

Coached by Tausif Syed in Pune, Abhidnya handled the climax well to beat Heena by 0.8 point, after the latter grappled with unexpected 8s.

Some of the best shooters like the young Manu Bhaker were not in the line-up as the juniors had left for the European circuit, and thus the competition was not that lively, especially in the junior and youth sections which had only four and five shooters respectively.

Yet, it was a good opportunity for the World University champion Harveen Srao to recover some of her winning touch, as she won the women’s bronze. Abhidnya helped herself to the junior gold as well.

In the youth section, Aarju Vaishna was a class act and overwhelmed the small field with a big margin.

In the concurrently held fifth set of national selection trials, Anish Bhanwala topped with 585, ahead of Mahendar Singh and Harpeet Singh.

The results:

Men: 50m free pistol: 1. Om Prakash Mitharval 560; 2. Omkar Singh 559; 3. Gurpal Singh 553.

Junior men: 1. Anmol Jain 552; 2. Surinder Singh 545; 3. Suraj Bhambhani 540.

Women: 10m air pistol: 1. Abhidnya Patil 241.5 (573); 2. Heena Sidhu 240.3 (574); 3. Harveen Srao 216.5 (573).

Junior women: 1. Abhidnya Patil 236.6 (573); 2. Yogita 233.4 (568); 3. Nayani Bhardwaj 208.7 (565).

Youth women: 1. Aarju Vaishna 232.8 (565); 2. Vibhuti Bhatia 229.4 (563); 3. Yashasvi Joshi 208.7 (565).

Trial-5: Men: 25m centre fire pistol: 1. Anish Bhanwala 585; 2. Mahendar Singh 583; 3. Harpreet Singh 582.