ISSF Junior World Cup: Anish Bhanwala clinches gold

Indian shooter Anish Bhanwala topped qualification with a score of 584 and shot 29 in the final to win the gold medal in the 25m rapid pistol competition at the ISSF Junior World Cup on Wednesday.

Anish Bhanwala shot 29 in the final to bag the gold medal at the ISSF Junior World Cup on Wednesday. (file photo)   -  AFP

Commonwealth Games gold medallist Anish Bhanwala overwhelmed Egor Ismakov of Russia 29-23 to clinch the gold in 25-metre rapid fire pistol in the Junior World Cup in Suhl, Germany, on Wednesday.

It was a superlative performance by Anish as he had earlier topped qualification with 584. However, the Indian team could not clinch a medal, as the third member of the team Harshwardhan Yadav had problems in the 4-second series in the second stage, leading to a below par total of 550.

The Indian team, with Adarsh Singh (574) as the second member, thus missed the gold by five points.

The second string Indian team of Agneya Kaushik, Rajkanwar Sandhu and Udhayveer Sidhu won the bronze, one point ahead of the main Indian team. In fact, it missed the silver by one point to China.

In mixed air rifle, Shreya Agrawal and Yash Vardhan topped qualification, but were beaten to the gold by Iran 17-11.

India stayed on top of the medals table with eight gold, eight silver and four bronze medals. China was in the second place, comfortably ahead of Russia, with six gold, four silver and five bronze.

The results:

Junior men:

25m rapid fire pistol: 1. Anish Bhanwala 29 (584); 2. Egor Ismakov (Rus) 23 (575); 3. Florian Peter (Ger) 19 (580); 4. Adarsh Singh 17 (574); 6. Agneya Kaushik 9 (575); 11. Rajkanwar Singh Sandhu 571; 26. Udhayveer Sidhu 563; 35. Harshwardhan Yadav 550.

Team: 1. Germany 1713; 2. China 1710; 3. India-A (Agneya Kaushik, Rajkanwar Singh Sandhu, Udhayveer Sidhu) 1709; 4. India (Anish Bhanwala, Adarsh Singh, Harshwardhan Yadav) 1708.

Mixed air rifle: 1. Iran (Armina Sadeghian, Amirsiyavash Zolfagharia) 17 (418.3); 2. India-A (Shreya Agrawal, Yash Vardhan) 11 (420.3); 3. India (Mehuli Ghosh, Hriday Hazarika) (418.1); 4. US (Macey Aleah Way, Matthew Xavier Sanchez)  (415.6).

Mixed trap:  1. China (Zhang Ting, Li Siwei) 35 (141); 2. Italy-A (Sofia Littame, Lorenzo Ferrari) 33 (143); 3. USA-A (Carey Jeane Garrison, Roe Reynolds) 37 (139); 4. Britain (Lucy Charlotte Hall, Theo Andrew Ling) 35 (140); 6. India-A (Preeti Rajak, Vivaan Kapoor) 136; 8. India (Kirti Gupta, Vishwa Kundu) 136.

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