Chess Olympiad Day 5 Highlights: India 3 beats Chile; Tania Sachdev wins as India 1 defeats France in women’s

Follow live updates, commentary and news from day 5 of the 44th FIDE Chess Olympiad in Mahabalipuram.

Tania Sachdev scored an important win over Andreea Navrotescu to help the top seed India take a 2-1 lead against France.

Tania Sachdev scored an important win over Andreea Navrotescu to help the top seed India take a 2-1 lead against France. | Photo Credit: VELANKANNI RAJ

Follow live updates, commentary and news from day 5 of the 44th FIDE Chess Olympiad in Mahabalipuram.

DAY 5 Updates

In the women’s section, the top-seeded India defeated France 2.5-1.5. Tania Sachdev was the star, with her win over Andreea Navrotescu on the fourth board. The other games, featuring Koneru Humpy, Dronavalli Harika and R. Vaishali, were drawn.

However, India 2 were blanked 1-3 by Georgia, for which, Lela Javakhishvili and Meri Arabidze posted wins over Soumya Swaminathan and Divya Deshmukh.

The match between India 3 and Brazil ended 2-2. P.V. Nandhidhaa defeated Kathie Goulart Librelato, but Pratyusha Bodda lost to Juliana Sayumi Terao.

DAY 5 Updates

Arjun Erigaisi scored a crucial victory over Mircea-Emilian Parligras to help India defeat Romania 2.5-1.5. All the other three games, featuring Pendyala Harikrishna, Vidit Gujrathi and S.L. Narayanan, were drawn.

India 2 also won 2.5-1.5 against the fourth-seeded Spain. D. Gukesh defeated Alexei Shirov and B. Adhiban beat Eduardo Iturrizaga Bonelli. R. Praggnanandhaa went down to Jaime Santos Latasa, while Nihal Sarin and David Anton Guijar drew.

India 3 defeated Chile 2.5-1.5, thanks to the wins of S.P. Sethuraman and Abhimanyu Puranik.

DAY 5 Updates

India 3 defeated Chile 2.5-1.5, thanks to wins from S.P. Sethuraman and Abhimanyu Puranik, against Fern Morovic and Hugo Lopez Silva. respectively. They made up for the loss of Karthikeyan Murali to Pablo Salinas Herrera. 

India 3 women too is leading 2-1 in the match against Brazil, riding on P.V. Nandhidhaa’s win over Kathie Goulart Librelato.

In the women’s section, Tania Sachdev scored an important win over Andreea Navrotescu to help the top seed India take a 2-1 lead against France. The top two boards, featuring Koneru Humpy and Dronavalli Harika were drawn though. 

DAY 5 Updates

World champion Magnus Carlsen checkmated Gillan Bwalya in 26 moves to give Norway a 1-0 lead against Zambia.

In the women’s event, Koneru Humpy was held to a draw by Marie Sebag on the top board in the match between India and France.

It was a draw on the top board in the match of India 3 too in the women’s section against Brazil. Eesha Karavade split the point with Julia Alboredo. 

India dropped one point collectively from the second and fourth boards in the match against Romania in the open section. Vidit Gujrathi and S.L. Narayanan drew their games against Constantin Lupulescu and Vlad-Cristian Jianu, respectively. 

India 3 is doing well after its disappointment in the fourth round on Monday. It is leading 1.5-0.5 against Chile, thanks to Abhimanyu Puranik’s 40-move win over Hugo Lopez Silva, who had to pay the price for wrongly handling his bishop 10 moves earlier.

On the top board in this match, Surya Shekhar Ganguly was held to a draw by Cristobal Henriquez Villagra.


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One main thing that might happen here in the Olympiad is change in a player’s ratings. The Elo system which is used can be a bit tricky to understand for those who are new to this game. Here’s some help:

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Here’s the complete breakdown of Indian players in the fray today. You can track their progress here:

Harikrishna PentalaDeac Bogdan-Daniel
Vidit GujrathiLupulescu Constantin
Arjun ErigaisiParligras Mircea-Emilian
Narayanan S.L Jianu Vlad-Cristian
D GukeshShirov Alexei
Nihal Sarin Anton Guijarro David
Praggnanandhaa R.Santos Latasa Jaime
Adhiban BIturrizaga Bonelli Eduardo
Surya Shekhar GangulyHenriquez Villagra Cristobal
Sethuraman S.P.Morovic Fernandez Ivan
Karthikeyan MuraliSalinas Herrera Pablo
Abhimanyu PuranikLopez Silva Hugo
Koneru HumpySebag Marie
Harika Dronavalli Milliet Sophie
Vaishali RSavina Anastasia
Tania SachdevNavrotescu Andreea
Vantika AgrawalDzagnidze Nana
Padmini RoutBatsiashvili Nino
Soumya SwaminathanJavakhishvili Lela
Divya DeshmukhArabidze Meri
Eesha Karavade Alboredo Julia
Nandhidhaa P VLibrelato Kathie Goulart
Vishwa VasnawalaGazola Vanessa Ramos
Pratyusha BoddaTerao Juliana Sayumi

After a depleted French team held India 1 on all boards, Uzbekistan made the host feel a lot better by holding top seed USA 2-2 on what turned out to be a day of the underdogs in the Chess Olympiad here.

Not surprisingly, Monday witnessed some close encounters involving some leading teams with three of the top four matches producing 2-2 deadlocks. Surprisingly, Israel upstaged favourite Netherlands 2.5-1.5.

Notwithstanding a defeat to higher-ranked nations in each section, Indian teams found more reasons to rejoice at the Chess Olympiad on Monday.

If Tania Sachdev and Vantika Agarwal provided the winning margins for India 1 and India 2, D. Gukesh and Nihal Sarin scored dominating victories to keep India 2 among the leaders of the Open section at eight match-points.

When the dust settled following protracted battles on several boards, there were five leading teams, including India 2, in the Open section and eight in the women’s category.

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Overwhelming favourite USA escaped serious embarrassment when Uzbekistan’s Jakhongir Vakhidov erred on the 52nd move in a completely winning position and eventually let Sam Shankland get away with a 60-move draw. A victory for Vakhidov could have given this young Uzbekistan team a memorable victory since Nodirbek Abdusattorov had Fabiano Caruana suffering on the top board.

Before that, second seed India could not progress past 15th seeded French team. Without Alireza Firouzja and Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, ranked fourth and 11th in the world, France still managed to come up with a gritty performance to slow down the march of India’s strongest combination.

D. Gukesh and Nihal Sarin sparkled on the top two boards as India 2 brought down Italy 3-1. A day after upstaging third seed Norway, an upbeat Italy found the all-teen Indian combination too hot to handle.

After Raunak Sadhwani drew on the fourth board, Gukesh caught Daniele Vocaturo in a checkmating net. Remember, less than 24 hours ago, Vocaturo held World No. 1 Magnus Carlsen. Praggnanandhaa drew and Nihal won to give India another remarkable win.

India 3, however, ran into fourth seed Spain and lost by the narrowest of margins. The third board defeat of Abhijeet Gupta to David Anton separated the teams.

For Norway, there was no respite as 45th seed Mongolia forced a 2-2 draw after Carlsen won on the top board.


The  Chess Olympiad is being held in India for the first time since the inaugural tournament in 1927 with the honour coming to Chennai, considered the chess capital of the country. This is also the first time in 30 years that the Olympiad is coming to Asia.

If you’ve missed the Olympiad hype train, we have you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about the biggest event in the game in brief:

  • ⦿ The event will see the highest number of countries participating in an Olympiad
  • ⦿ Nearly 350 teams in the Open and women’s sections from 187 countries will be in fray. Of these, 188 teams are in the Open section and 162 in the women’s.
  • ⦿ Previously, the Batumi Olympiad in 2018 had set the record with 184 and 150 teams in the Open and women’s sections, respectively, from 179 countries. 
  • ⦿ India’s 30-member squad will be their biggest squad ever. 
  • ⦿ Given Russia and China’s non-participation, India Team A is seeded second while the USA tops the ranking list.

Live streaming of the Chess Olympiad will be available on the official YouTube channel of FIDE Chess Olympiad. The event will be telecast live on the Doordarshan TV channel in India. You can follow the boards and all the analysis from matches on each day on Sportstar too.

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