Imagine being at the wheel of a cricket team's bus. Waheed Ahmed Khan has lived that life, driving officials of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and the Green Brigade, to and from the hotel, airport and stadium venues since 2007.

In a video posted by the board, Khan shares his experiences with the national team over the years.

Ever wondered who the punctual ones in the squad are, who calls shotgun every time the team heads out into the city? The 52-year-old has the answers.

“Hasan Ali and Fakhar Zaman are the two cricketers who arrive in the bus before the rest of the squad. Shoaib Malik and Wahab Riaz always sit at the front seat of the bus while travelling to ground while others prefer the window seat to glance around while travelling,” he said.

Match days might get tense in the bus but Khan says there's entertainment available through the ride. Mohammad Amir is the designated singer with a melodious voice who is always available to get the team on its feet.

Khan's current responsibility is a childhood dream-come-true story of sorts.

On television, I would see these players - from Mudassar to Javed Miandad and Ramiz Raja. Back then, the only thing on my mind was that I hope I get to meet them at some point in my life. I am here now," he says, breaking into a smile.

Having spent over a decade in the job, Khan is a familiar face for players who spend quite a lot of time during home tours on the road. "Shahid Afridi and Younis Khan used to call me chacha while Amir used to call me baba ," he recalls.

His duty takes him through the lengths and breadths of Pakistan - from Rawalpindi and Lahore to Karachi. Being in the capital also gives him the opportunity to take International cricketers to their destinations. 

"When in Karachi, I get to take the international teams between venues, from West Indies to Sri Lanka, most recently."

“During the Pakistan Super League (PSL), the international players usually flock in and occupy the window seats to soak in Karachi's culture as we go along," he recalls.

When asked if he has a favourite trip or a favourite player to travel with, the response is instant. "Driving Shoaib Malik to Sialkot is always one of the memorable trips of my life. Generally too, I have found all the national cricketers to be very polite and friendly,” he explains.

Driving was always the profession of choice for Waheed. That he gets to ferry the people he idolises is an added bonus.

“I not only feel proud but honoured to work with PCB. I have passed 52 years of my life, if I get another 60 years, I would prefer to spend these with our national players,” he add.